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I need this because i need to do guitar matching to create same guitar tone.

ok first of all, you DEFINITELY do not want to be using a recording found on youtube for that. youtube compresses the shit out of the sound and completely ruins it. Secondly you have no idea how processed that tone is before it made it to your ears in that video. this reminds me of when people look up videos of their favorite guitarists tone on youtube and get upset when the result of the video doesn't meet their expectation. they have no idea how recording really works and why it sounds off to them. raw waves in a mixing situation sound nothing like the end result.

sorry you weren't really specific on why you needed it, so i went with the most intuitive guess.
its a type of taco
guitar forum man, but it can take a day. its all dependent on the wood of the neck in my experience.
i talking specifically to non-registered users viewing it though, hence the register and post plea lol.
what for if you can figure out the song by ear this way, can't you do it with the rest of the instruments?
ok so ive been noticing that like an average of 8 people view this forum daily, yet this chat thread has been inactive for longer than a week... join ug and chat about hardcore, come on now.
aren't they all
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I was listening to Under a Killing Moon

great song my man
i woulda told them they can find theyre own way back after caught banging in my car. not sorry.
they could probably just close this forum, no one uses it anyways.
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... it was... clearly a joke, man.

lighten up, man
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It wouldn't suck if you only had the songs you liked in the library instead of full albums

or maybe his music isn't so shit that you can only stand one song? can't put words in his mouth though.
you guys are so lame now. technicolor's post was great, made the thread worth it.
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cartoon horse guys

sure you can feel that way. its not going to change anything though and its pointless to focus on it.
i have one because why pay for a cell phone when facebook does everything a phone does for free.
almost 1 decade later...
drugs are bad mmk?
the pear was bannable in 2006-07 as i remember it. it was a thing when i lurked.

yo dudes check out my song if you want. its a post-hardcore jam thing.
yeah, will be adding more stuff like that too it. will show my "students" this so they can learn. thanks for the listen.
New song after a 2 or 3 years of silence. Structure is simple because two of my band members are new to song writing. check it out.
ABR got boring after thrill seeker. Thrill seeker is like the epitome of "nu-metalcore" though.
np. if i think of any else ill post them here.

cave-in is another, also *shels. theres tons more ofc.
mfw its ok for blacks to say nigga too
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southern flag is a symbol of rebellion

i bet they'll hear you all the way from this dying forum
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That was 150 years ago. Lincoln was also the leader of the union that fought against the southern recession. He may be a republican in name, but he would hardly belong to today's republican party.

yeah but he really didn't give a fu ck if the slaves were free. he just wanted to keep the union together, so there's that.
we should ban hands because hands can choke people, thoughts?
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Isn't that referring to this flag?

thank you for having a brain.
only person i remember was Kensai. ****ing legend at de-railing/hi-jacking threads just because. lol
not for me i guess. the guitar tone ruins it for me, and im by no means a tone freak or anything like that
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and people say old ug was better

yeah because "only" threads and sjw bait threads are so much better
does this count as punk. sounds like a start up garage rock band. that guitar tone hurts my ears.
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one might say it is an eager beaver

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You can tell if it's eager, because you put your hand down her pants and it feels like a horse eating oats.

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Just to make sure we're on the same page here, she wants you to eat her out right? As in mouth/tongue to eager vagina and not chopping her up with a cleaver and feasting on her flesh.

its sad that it takes a million dollars to get an education of an value.