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LOL only they ain't cheap

exactly cause and effect hmu
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I usually say something like "You want me to fuck you from behind like a real slut" she usually responds "hell yeah, Im your dirty little whore" then we have sex. Verbal consent always.

smooth af honestly
you kinda made a broad rude statement for no reason. arby didn't say anything that challenged you even remotely. furthermore, everyone, everywhere is guilty of voting fraud. let's not act superior when everyone is guilty of bullshit.
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Sadly, I'm not as good at election rigging as the Republicans have proven to be.

suns out, guns out.
Thats a shame, Churchill was a good dude.
can't stump the trump
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This election cycle's been pretty meh. Sanders isn't realistic, Clinton's insanely duplicitous and still has an FBI investigation going on, Trump's a nutcase, Cruz is somehow even more of a nutcase, and Kasich is almost as slimy and untrustworthy as Clinton, though at least he's not under federal investigation.

Then again, maybe we need a shitty president nobody likes. We've gotten so used to these big divisive presidents that half of the country hates with a passion, maybe someone nobody gives a shit about, or who we all hate equally, would be a good thing. Get us to focus more on local politics and issues instead of personalities.

it's settled then, Trump it is
Trump will destroy Hillary lol, unless corruption messes with the polls and the electoral college bones everything, he definitely wins.
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pit wars episode 2 : the repetition of sexist jokes in hopes that someone find carnivean funny

the dialogue is just as bad in this series guys, many apologies

you can block him, you know. if he really is sexist, why bother pointing it out? do you think you are going to instill some great epiphany or something?
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"He sound churchy and shit I don't like it not one bit"--Rossenrot

do you have like a thing for rossesrot? i always see you quoting him and imagine you have a hidden shine of his avatar in your room like helga from hey arnold.
i think we need to ask something fundamental, his issue maybe the daw he is using. what program do you use to record(ex: protools, ableton, cubase, reason, audacity, ect...). do you have any experience with midi? I use guitar pro 5 to make drum tracks i can record too since i don't have a drummer or a kit to mic up all the time.

Having a proper daw and mapping out your song before you record it will solve the metronome problem. It's screwing you up because you really don't understand the song you've written. Using a midi drum track in guitar pro can help you map out your song and drop it into your daw allowing you to record over some generic sounds while you build up the track, piece, by piece.

By no means am i an expert, ive only been recording for 9 months, but if you have any questions you can ask me if you need anything.
I see zero reason to give my passwords out. if i leave something open and they view it(facebook, ect) without my consent, that's some really sneaky shit and i'd break up with her immediately. anyone can get into my phone, same policy as above. often times i let people use my stuff when im around, so it's not like i have anything to hide. going through peoples stuff is extremely invasive and sneaky behavior in my opinion, and i will never tolerate it.
im pretty invested into playing and recording music, so it's pretty important.
nuclear energy is fine, you just need qualified professionals to run them. there are plenty of nuclear plants everywhere. there's one in plymouth not far from me. never once came close to melting down ever.
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chernobyl and fukushima were wonders of nuclear energy

nice quality banter
Definitely. I mean shit, im not smart enough to not only break multiple laws, but make corrupt amounts of money, lie about recorded events, and avoid jail time. That kind of talent clearly is deserving of the most powerful position in the world, not to mention she's a woman. Not that it matters, but it totally does.

Law abiding candidates like Trump and Bernie are for losers.
you clearly like her, just either get over the bad or don't. over thinking it is making you think like a total loser. life isn't this complicated.
i agree, she should go to court. she won't though, because she's above the law.
I think we should let the courts decide and assume he's innocent until proven guilty. basic american values folks, nice and simple.
so pretty much to sum up this thread: we're calling professional singers awful because the human voice has a hard time recovering after the immense workload it undergoes on the road. awesome thread 10/10.
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Gary Johson seems like a good choice if it is hillary vs trump/cruz.

lol come on now, we all know cruz isn't going get anywhere near trump.
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Trump paid him to make this video LOL


edit: I'm finding nothing that supports that claim AT all. In fact it pretty much lines up with the recorded rally at Tuscon. Not that it's outside the realm of probability he could have been paid to make the video, of course.

Tuscon rally speech:
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Trumps doing a town hall in Green Bay on Wednesday for MSNBC, going to protest there.

Just gonna make a couple of signs and then stand there quietly and peacefully, don't know what to expect from the Trump supporters but hey if I get punched that just helps my cause in exposing their true colors.

Don't have the right to vote because for whatever reason an AP student set to graduate a year early with a semester of college credits already can't vote, but a 18 year old high school dropout can. That doesn't mean I have no voice however, so I guess this is my chance.

this video might just be anecdotal, but i think its worth viewing:
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this is so dumb

"it's too easy"
everyone that says this and means it can't actually play music

fuck, my life is a lie
I thought trump was a total joke at first before i started to look into everyone more. although on the big stage under the lights, he's a buffoon, outside of that he's pretty pragmatic. I like his 'i want to win mindset', and i think his heart is in the right place. his abrasive attitude doesn't rub me the wrong way at all, and i think out of the three contenders left, he is the best leader. doesn't mean im right, but that's why im going to vote for him.
to be fair, the punk forum wasn't very active lol. pretty much like adding 1+0 there haha
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GG&A isn't mentally taxing, and that's exactly why I don't go there. It's literally one of these few things:
  • NGD/NAD or something,
  • some shmuck asking about amps and Cathbard suggesting the Randall RM100, and the rest suggesting a Peavey 6505/5150, or a Jet City,
  • "tone is all in yr fingers~."

true everyone knows the a boosted jcm 800 2204 is the best amp ever. why even suggest anything else?
no i finished before posting that, i like to enjoy it you know?
im excited for trump to win, i think he's going to do a lot of good for the usa.
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You betcha. The content of your posts have a lot to do with that, though.

i bet if you keep pointing it out you'll show him wrong, though. it's been working so far right?
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This topic is more shit than awesome to be honest.

Now this on the other hand is awesome, even though it's a tad slow.

wow that was cool, what a thug.
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what about international mens day though

came here to say this
id get positive grid bias. first song on my band camp is all di guitars. sounds so real.
song writer in a band. currently working on that, and its going good! dreams can come true if you work hard.
id rather trump than hillary, but like in the end it doesn't matter who wins.
im ak2 or whatever, ive played a lot. it gets boring though.
there wouldve been if there was any amount of people still here. to be fair though, im too busy to be a regular on a forum
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I've gotta say that Hillary would probably get a lot more states then that. Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Maryland, and then prob Virginia, North Carolina, Massachusetts, New Jersey as well.

everyone i know here in mass HATES her, zero support. trump owns mass vs hillary.
there's a lot i can't deal with. girls who in any combination have the traits/habits/whatever of tattoos, smoking pot or cigs, piercings, bad attitude, lack of humor, control freak, and im sure there is more. every girl ive dated with these qualities has been an awful experience. i pretty much don't date now because every girl ive met recently is like this. oh well