this guy on my facebook runs his page as if it were a sadboys meme page, its impressive that he has so much free time to post it all day. that said it's weird and gets annoying.
bandcamp master race
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And not many people would fuck a baby, but Ian Watkins did.

more than once
this isn't funny
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Totally relevant

thats hilarious and amazing
so is it ok to ask a chick out who is working, provided i don't just like interrupt her? she's a cashier at my local super market. i'm mostly likely going to do it anyways but ill be bored at work later and opinions might be fun. thanks.
if you get guitar pro you can pick any song and tune the guitars in the tab to the tuning of your guitar and try to work with that.
i don't really date anyone with 3 years above or below my age. only did once and it was horrible, so never again.
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I'm all about that. You can philosophy all you want after work with some beers too.

i always thought thats why people drank lol. im not a drinker myself though.
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Home schooling is becoming more popular these days for this reason. I haven't been in a classroom in a long time, but from what I hear, the social setting in school is not exactly ideal for what a lot of parents want their kids around too.

that might be true and is well and good, but that's not what i'm aiming at though. what about trades, entrepreneurship, and other methods of acquiring person success? following the academic path isn't the only way to provide for yourself or a family.
maybe the real issue is academic life isn't the path for success for every person/child. putting EVERY child through school is going to create overflow the ultimately bares down on teachers.
lol jeb got alpha'd by a gay couple, what a pussy
either is fine, you'll want to upgrade the pick-ups in a cheaper guitar like this anyways. get it a nice set-up and that small upgrade down the line and it will do you good.
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Yeah the Scottish are fucking dreadful. Posh English people are the best race, people are just too bitter to accept this. Working class brits are just a bunch of cunts. They should do us all a favour and die. The Welsh are ok though.

uhmmmm.... Ian. Watkins.
people are going to like things you don't, if you can't accept that, it's your problem. (not op specifically)
you guys are such impatient children when it comes to equality politics. just because the equality everyone deserves will not be seen in your lifetime does not mean that it will never happen. things are getting better everyday and still you feel the need to whine and stomp your feet.
hilarious, do you talk to people outside of your own house at all?
Honestly didn't like anything that was released this year, BTBAM was ok at best.
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Stop being such a warmonger. We don't have to go to war over every mistake. Aren't.those anti aircraft systems automated anyway? Doubt they went like: let's shoot this Dutch plane down. Responding like idiots to such an event leads to Afghanistan, Iraq and IS. I am sorry that we have people in charge that look further then muscle flexing when it comes to complex foreign policy.

it was only a plane filled with living people, no big deal.
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Haven't you ever listened to djent bands? No low end. They practically dime everything on their HPFs. And 6 string guitars in standard tuning just barely even get below 100 Hz anyway and guitar amp speakers struggle to produce those frequencies as it is. It's kind of silly to add extra notes that your speakers won't really do and you're just going to filter out anyway.

yeah if you want the guitars to sound like trash. i mean i have trash gear and my mixes sound just fine hfp at 100 lol. it only adds a ton of noise if you fucking suck at mic'ing cabs, not because noise just "happens" lol. like pls. i use standard tuning, 6 strings for reference.
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How can playing it on a 7 or 8 string be effective in the first place when they completely cut like everything under 300 Htz? You lose the fundamental of half the notes on the instrument. Why tune an instrument lower if you don't want to be able to hear most of all those low notes? Guitar amps have enough trouble in the sub-110 range as it is. It doesn't need any help. CAFO also has the worst guitar tone I have ever heard on a professional recording.

I don't know. A lot of people I know that listen to interesting music (ie not dad rock) listen to completely different music than their parents.

wtf are you talking about? you cut at 100 hz for a six string guitar for like every mic except the sm57(which is 200).
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Chaos cannot be chaos when it's controlled.

You like musical slavery.

lol opposed to musical freedom? you have to be trolling
Id rather obama than the next crop of candidates, that said obama is retarded.
I don't want kids, so everyday I live is pointless. I'm the walking end to my genes. My death would be meaningless, and a casket would be cheaper than to continue to use my car, eat food, create waste, ect... That's what I have to add
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Just do it.
All that matters is if you find it funny.

Fuck all these losers with sticks up their asses on here.

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This thread certainly needed a poll.

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Too many dicks on the dance floor.

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I'd honestly quite like Trump to be president just because it would be hilarious (apart from for Americans and muslims and the world in general obviously)
If I was American I would vote for him for the #Bantz and then leave the country if he actually won

thats what im saying. the next president is going to be awful, but at least the humor doesn't have to be.
the part of the board for stuff OTHER than guitar related topics. lol
these are the real questions we need answers too
their newer music feels forced, i dunno man lol. maybe if this board wasn't dead af you might find some conversation about them here. i'm not your guy unfortunately
it's ok my bandcamp songs are fake im not ashamed, though.
my fists have proven good enough for me, so far. i'm not against anything more than that, just no reason as i don't frequent the city anymore. i live in a pretty upper class area, so i never worry about being hurt where i am.
well this is the off topic board for this forum