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I'm not lying. She is thin and stuff, but for some reason she just doesn't do anything for me.

just curious, how did you think this thread was going to play out before you made it?
You are going to have to learn to sing and play at the same time or if you can accept that you might have to do that to get things going.
the bickering in the thread is solid lol
New thing I made. I didn't include one of the riffs because I was lazy, you can hear it below(Links in my sig).

Edit: Made a newer version, changed some things I disliked. Added the riff I left out, and new lead part for the ending.
New song I finally finished with some part I laying around.

Drums and Bass are Midi, drums voiced via EZdrummer2.

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maybe she doesn't sound good so it's super autotuned and pushed to the back so that nobody can hear it

this is the important issue of our day
imagine if he had a pistol on him. i hope the cops catch him.
ok a lot of this stuff is ok, but really all you need is a vocalist who sounds good. you can do whatever you want if the vocalist sounds good.
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First things first is getting clothes that fit well. Getting a few smart shirts and jumpers / cardigans with a nice coat and some stylish shoes can do wonders for making you look more mature

Bear in mind I dress like a recovering emo half the time

then she finds out you are a loser "recovering emo" and dumps you
wow people exaggerating problems, how new.
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Hahaha. I don't know why the sass of this made me crack up. I'm sure those things work for some people and maybe they'd work for me but I was a lot more comfortable how I was. Also she made it super easy by being super easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable instead of making me feel figgity and nervous like I felt beforehand.

good shit man, stay confident.

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Tbh this is how it goes for most things. Learn from other people but ultimately trust yourself. It's what going your own way is all about

yeah its a good thing you didn't listen to these idiots. being you is the best thing you can do. if you fake it like these virgins you'll never get laid.
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a speed limit is a speed limit not a "you have to go this fast to enter"

requirement i think is the word you are looking for lol
feminism is stupid, sex changes are pointless, and sjw's in general are racist/incite racism.
he's literally taking every chance he can to stir the pot, i'd say his plan is to troll all the way to office. just have a laugh at it. even if he gets office, its not like he'd do anything he championed anyways. same with every other recent president.
he's not going to do any of it, i don't why people still think he's serious lol.
its not law to need to have an id in public where i live
get more friends outside your normal friend group. enjoy talking to new people, learning and listening to thing they share. thats how i go about it. theres other ways too ofc
plenty of targets, all not good enough for me. a shame.
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i mean, i know that you're legitimately retarded, so you shouldn't make me irritated, but you do anyway

i think he does it on purpose. after all the years of lurking he's a very convincing troll lol
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We have courses here especially in computer sciences and maths where it is 100 guys on 0 to 2 girls though.

having choice is so oppressing.
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Since when do companies have hiring quotas for race or gender?

LOL are you serious? I didn't get into the Electrical Union because of this. I scored 3rd in both hand eye, and written test to join. they only accept 8 people out of the 50 there. on the site they accepted #1 and #2, both white males(patriarchy ), a black woman and man, 2 white women, and 2 mexican applicants. this happened twice. results about the same both times except i was #4 the second time. no shame in my scores either, the guys who did better than me have been in the trade for 10+ years. I don't care if you think my story is just one bad example. It's real, and this is happening everywhere. Where's the equality and justice in hand outs to those who don't deserve it?
be ignorance is surprising lol
all music is bad, everything sucks. nerd
get inspired. i know that seems idiotic to say, but hear me out. there's so much good music to love and awesome life experiences to have. maybe learn a new technique on the guitar or mess around with another instrument. all it takes is a tiny spark.
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thats a question?
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Imagine you, laying on the floor. Me, sitting over you, my big belly holding you down. Your eyes fixed on my lips, slightly parted, saliva dripping out onto your chest, my hot breath, wafting over you...

I'm gonna swallow down every little bit of you until you're completely inside of me. I'm a ravenous bitch and you're nothing more than my next meal. You're already as good as gobbled so you might as well just climb right into my mouth, crawl down my throat, and curl up inside of my belly. From there, there's nothing to it but to jack off until I digest you alive.

Told you that you would regret it.

you can do better, im less hard now than i was. don't disappoint me like this again. women can't do anything right.
it hasn't even gotten fun yet tho
can we draw a circle with lamb blood before we begin?
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I have a serious question. Do you watch Fox News because that's the political bias you have, or do you just watch it because it's got 'fox' in the name?

I'm sorry I know I shouldn't be indulging this but I can't help it

Apparently the police caught, questioned, and released the guy they're currently looking for hours after the massacre, so God only knows what kind of mix-up happened there.

you've gone and done it now
thx, i'm hard now.