not you
lol this guy
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You're gonna really wish you hadn't said that.

talk dirty to me
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There is no god, but there is a Goddess.

It's me in case you are wondering.

so the world was created by a woman... explains why it's so shit
this place is for trolling and the few unfortunate souls who post seriously. try a different sub forum
each one of us is an evil part of god in hell(earth) living to purify ourselves before becoming one with god again
theyre ok, i liked one of their eps. they never really stuck with me though

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what if when you die you start seeing black tunnels right before your brain shuts (like a dmt trip)

then you find yourself at the end of the tunnel, coming out of a vagina hole, being born into a human again.

it's like "fuk i gotta do this chit all over again"

but this could be just a dream


real talk: reincarnation by k.lainad
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Being a furry doesn't mean someone is insane dude.

i woulda went being a feminist is equal, if not worse, if this was me tbh.
this is all a dream. we're just waiting to wake up.
how insensitive of you.
im triggered by your insult, apologize.
get gun then lol
id rather see candidates do something more interesting than talk about their ideals in a debate. everyone know all that stuff goes out the window when they get in office. id rather see them run an obstacle course, or something. im open to ideas.
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Sun Tzu says this is a bad idea

his teachings are triggering to the weak tho. why can't we all get along
you could make another bellend thread about it.
with threads and posters like these its amazing people still post here. this place is truly shit now, what a shame.
did you try lower gain with double or triple tracking the part(as in 2 or 3 unique takes in tandem with eachother)?
imagine if everyone carried concealed handguns
If you are into Prog/Hardcore/i don't even know how to classify this lol.
Circle take the Square:
i find with an sm57 i need to high pass at 175hz or 200hz because of the rumble, im also using a 4x12. off topic though. everything above is still 100% right.

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Thank's kid, being useless is what i'm all about.

>member since 2015
>says something dumb

ok kiddo
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In all seriousness the shitposters are actually the ones keeping this place alive.

i agree, before all the random threads, it was only threads. boring.
i want to do a documentary on you and your work place. transparent natgeo style tho
^useless comment imo, if he wanted/could do that im sure he would lol.
blame the patriarchy
above is a song i made using only DI guitars and bass.
i used positive grid's bias on there, but originally i used amplitude 3(no difference in sound just messing around).

for the rhythm i recorded the guitar part 3 times, on low gain.

for the lead i did slightly higher gain, i can't remember if i overdubbed another guitar with the leads or not.

for DI guitars, less gain is more. you aren't going to get a very big metal tone unless you layer the guitars like i have. jimi page(i know, not metal) used to overdub his guitar parts sometimes 5 times to get that sound.

for amps on amplitude i was using the fake 5150 and the Thunderverb models. i used what ever cab it defaults to for each amp, and 2 sm57s, one on the cone and one midway between the cone and the edge of the speaker. for the rack stuff i used that tube compressor thing that adds a bit of overdrive.

i hope that helps.
that's my subjective opinion, duh.
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How do you know you actually feel like "your own" gender right now?

i feel like me, not a man, or a girl, or anything else. i just exist, i have better things to do than contemplate such a trivial issue.
New Song idea, completely written, recorded, and performed by Me.

Drums are midi using EZdrummer 2.


Edit: the ending will be re-done, i have blisters on my tapping fingers right now
i want to know how someone feels like a gender. how do you know you feel like a gender other than your own?
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You should move Thrice to melodic hardcore. There early stuff is that. Their later stuff is post-hardcore though

only identity crisis and first impressions, and even the id still label it post hardcore tbh.
ice, cold^

i was at a bar and pulled a dude and there ended up being a vag
ya. make up sex is great for releasing that sexual pressure.
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I'm empowering something, if you know what I'm saying.

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Til straight guys are whiny bitches for not wanting to have sex with someone who has a penis.

Jesus you're such a joke lmao

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Dude, you're the whiniest thing on UG. it's not even close. and nah im not transphobic or anything, before you try and play that card on me. Im not even talking about post-op vagina-having folks im talking about the ones still rockin the cock, that's the whole premise of this thread

so much internalized trans-phobia, how could you guys be so offensive.

jk, I completely agree with these posts.
funny how kensai still pops up on here so long after he stopped posting
seeing blakes name makes me miss the good old days of the hardcore forum