yeah vocals are in the works! my group is very young! I appreciate the compliment on the mixing, although I think I can still do better.
nice job on the mixing! the sound you have is definitely unique! I'm a die hard hardcore guy so I can't say for certain I'd listen to this all the time(rigid taste on my part). From a composition stand point your track are well done!
don't flatter him
how many people have to die from drunk driving before people realize alcohol is bad? what about other alcohol related deaths? makes me sick.
yeah its headed that way, we just got a vocalist. changes will be made and we'll see! thanks for checking it out!
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for best band for core, i choose thrice. for best album i choose thrice's illusion of safety. i'll add more when i have time...

im just going to do this because im lazy. by core i mean post-hardcore, both times.
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I'm not going off my definition of racism, I'm going off the definition of racism, as I do with all words. Words have meanings, and heavy accusations should be exacting.

As for the new accusation, the modifier "cultural" in front of the word "racism" changes the word entirely. Every person alive or dead is guilty of cultural racism. When Jon Stewart affects a southern accent to mock Republicans, he's doing it. Every time someone says, "lol 'muricans," they're doing it. It's not an extraordinary indictment of one's character.

Funny how this started with an assertion of explicit racism, but still nobody has provided evidence of even implicit racism. Already several concessions have been made to preserve the mythology of a racist candidate. Reminds me of four years ago when the conversation was about Mitt Romney's apparently rampant sexism.

I still love the fake sound of progress and start something by lost prophets even though Ian Watkins is into little kids and now serving time. So yeah I guess I can look past it, doesn't mean I agree with the awful things he's done.
for best band for core, i choose thrice. for best album i choose thrice's illusion of safety. i'll add more when i have time...
ill see what i can do to help the cause friend! you don't have to listen to it, im just bored lol.
Original Song all written and preformed by Me. It's a Demo/Alpha version of a track for my current group. Some sections are intentionally long for future tweaking.

Drums are Midi, I used EzDrummer 2 for the tone/sound/samples.

Song in either link down in my Sig below.


Alternate version with a lot of parts are halved since it doesn't change the flow of the song, named P-1 short.
I made more music if anyone is interested, first song in either link in my sig. the bandcamp one is the newest tho.
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is this supposed to be impressive?

someone posts a bunch of hateful shit about muslims and women on the internet, someone else alerts the employer of the hateful person about the shit he has published on the internet, and then the hateful person ruins the lives of everyone who works for her and her husband. and you're excited about it.

this is like when someone is beat by the police and people respond by saying "yeah well they shouldn't have talked back to the officers, what a dumbass"

so much wrong in here that it hurts.
true, do i think theres a bit of jealously mixed in though.
people hate success they don't have themselves lol, thats probably why.
I fail to see how thunderfoot is stupid. the lady who made the letters, boosted about getting him fired when he never got fired, boosted about sending the letter showing her real name, and on yelp using her screen name to make fake positive reviews. all TF did was prove it by using the info SHE provided. Sucks to suck.
i find the physics of space more interesting than space itself tbh
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I'm sure that somehow makes you less of a bigot (at least in Vintage's eyes).

look man, fighting bigotry with bigotry will end bigotry. i don't see how it could fail. lol

edit: can you quote some of this harassment and post it in this thread, might be fun. or maybe he can do it.
or we could just live our lives and judge each person on character instead of lumping the experiences of a whole group into a large vat. "LISTEN AND BELIEVE"
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no, wanting all people to be equal means you aren't a shit head. feminism has gone become spoiled, and i will not be lumped in the with psychos that sit under that banner.
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Because to some people using contraception is "progressive"

and to others that's just a normal thing to do

lol, you have no idea what being progressive is.
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Progressivism is relative

how so
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I created this thread to discuss bigoted opinions on trans people that those across the political spectrum hold.

Greer is just like a standard conservative lady now.

LOL "if you don't link with the hive mind you aren't... ONE OF USSSSSSSS"

get fucking real, she's still very progressive.
A song my band and I are working on. First time recording actual drums with more than 1 mic(used 5). Bassist is new to playing the bass, forgive his play
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Someone should just make a law banning murder

also tax payer funded mandatory "how not to murder" courses.
diet soda actually statistically has a higher chance of making obese lol
tattoos, like honestly its gross.
i would've submitted a track knowing this was a thing
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That's what the fuck is, cities plan their budget with the money from traffic/parking violations before they even get it.

while im sure that happens in some places, thats not the reason for traffic laws. if there wasn't traffic laws i wouldn't drive lol
no sport really interested me like early starcraft 2 before the expansions. that said im still one of the best players at that game even though i barely play it.
its my name, exciting huh?
honestly best thing you can do too meet a partner is to make new friends. whatever it takes be it a class or event, something. online dating is so dodgy, there's like no chance the person you are talking to likes anything you like.

worst case you make some awesome new friends
For a while then she became dependent on me and i had to let her go. Now she's a drug addict who gave up school and works at a petting zoo/farm thing. dopeeee
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No, you can't. But if he'd only been carrying his fists, noone would be dead.

how much freedom should we strip from people to ensure the most dangerous thing on a person is their fists?
here comes a stupid thread where we ignore the fact that we can't regulate people's actions.