well it's clearly not good enough to use then. if it can't be explained simply and clearly, it's not very good.
things happen here, but at a snail crawl. when i finally have the time to be a regular, the forum dies. lol my luck
sell other guitars except one, get les paul pick ups, put them in guitar you kept?
throw a 50cc engine on it. i suggest a 4 stroke. its a great lil thing honestly.
I use the MW too heat up the water for tea too, boiling is better though.
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even that

that sucks
i have the white one, its super nice
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I don't think that I have ever seen a Schecter that didn't look bad.

even this?
then use that? lol... i personally don't like the compression actives give to my sound. more power to you if thats what you want though. any of your guitars, if set up right, will do right in my opinion.
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Certain thick Southern US ones turn my dick to mush.

Probably the Boston accent too cuz I just cant imagine a hot girl when I think of that accent

wow rude

im not a girl
the freedoms and equality of modern culture has negatives, some people are willing to accept that and live. you can't please everyone, liberate everyone, and save everyone from bad things.
Id hold onto the RG unless you really dislike it or something. probably has the best features for what you are looking for
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guns are expensive as fvck on the black market, especially if you make them illegal and harder to obtain. Supply and demand, plus risk factors

Arby, i get that you can trace them back to certain dealers that are doing the right thing, but whoever is buying it for criminal purposes is hardly likely to give their real ID

Have you seen the black market on the internet? lol
->Let's make guns Illegal.
->Black Market

pretty much anything with humbuckers lol. imo you really need just humbuckers and a peavey 5150 for a good hardcore sound. anything else is pretty weak compared
The news should aim to show as much good as bad, instead of showing awful stuff just for ratings. its about the news and local stories, not ad revenue.
I'm voting for Trump just because it would be funny. i mean obama got two terms for being black, so fuck it, everything is a joke now.
swearing is fun. it allows you to say nothing all the time why just be obnoxious when you can also be offensive at the same time?
I threw some jams up of a new song idea on my bandcamp below. check it.
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it would be more artistic and edgy if he was trying to use his own cum imo.
i hope you and your boyfriend have better luck next time with the anal stuff
It would either destroy the government completely, do nothing, or completely change the people who hold power inside government. i dunno, every government is full of corrupt liars, they'd find a way to play it off.
axe fx with a power tube rack into some v30s would be the best bang for your buck. you'd just have to get really good with it because it has so many amps and effects.

that would run you like $5k+ though lol
lol what a discovery. politicians doing what suits them best, not the people. shocking really.
first thing that comes to mind thinking of what that would sound like is pop-punk lol. not as a bad thing though, pop-punk is amazing.
welcome to the degeneration of the B&A section lol
lol this is still a thread?

^lying is what makes the world turn
youtube it, i bet you'll find a solution there if you look hard enough.
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You didn't give much of a description. If it's all about that attraction, then you can't really force it. Don't invest too much time into it.

yeah sorry, not much to really say i suppose. just weird, felt like sharing it. thanks for the response!
So I have an awkward situation. My friends former boss(woman 30), said friend(22), and I(24) have been hanging out lately. Now my friend has ZERO interest in her, but I think I have. #lovetriangle #kinda.

It gets weirder because she likes live music and so do I, but my friend does not. Life is fun

edit: I don't believe she likes me much. I have held her hand a few times jokingly and had my arm around her waist a few times as well. I don't think she thinks I'm interested though lol. She REALLY likes my buddy though, like a real lot.
Can we like bring this to the B&A hardcore forum, that would be awesome, since no-one goes there
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I don't want to be accused of being an evil rape culture misogynist

dude, ignore that stuff, its unhealthy to worry about crazy sjw/feminist bullshit. if that girl calls you a sexist for approaching her, then you don't want to spend time with her.
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Dude has been spamming his video evertywhere. Question is... is he spamming his video to show off the fact that he can hack a moderately difficult song that only a million people on YouTube have covered, or is he trying to show off had bad his tone is?

what he needs a new amp
ikr, except the shoop my friends and i talked to a girl today. let's not.
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That what I thought I don't want to be racist POS rape culture #scum

well if you are white there's no hope for you... im sorry.