i mean that makes sense. as a teacher that's where(music academy) i would go, if i thought i was decent.
only time i feel like its weird to talk to people is on the morning train in here in boston. the people are so cranky and rude.
do you want a free one or paid?
the issue is finding one though, well, at least around here they are awful.
practice some scales SLOWLY to a metronome for a bit each day. learn the notes on the board, one string at a time, until you know it solid. from there i suggest learn how a major/minor scale is formed, then learn the circle of fifths. finally if you can record yourself playing as often as you can. you will find things to work on endlessly if you do that. good luck
once you go black, you don't go back. ya feel me?
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Taylor is the 3rd most attractive person in that photo.

i was at court in june, it was boring sat there all day and my charges were dropped.
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I'd recommend a brief glance at Wikipedia as to what the patriarchy is. Cuz it's not a faceless boogeyman (since it's not an individual or group) and it's not ill-defined. You're just making assumptions about my beliefs because I used a term you've come to understand through indirect sources.

I'm also reasonably certain that nothing in my posts warrants condescension or sarcasm, and suggest you take your own advice for keeping discussion constructive.

i know a dude who got raped in prison. he needed his anus to be surgically re-built. so thats a thing
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hopefully you don't know about the "nu-metalcore" bands(example below). basically a bunch of scene noobs joined and pissed off the regs at the time making non-stop threads about these bands.

i think its a had to be there thing, but since you asked lol, there you go.
do solo work, maybe an acoustic and play songs that way. open for gigs/show/bands. you gatta show up and show people you are worth their time as a musician.
At least you had your fancy aviators on, making the guy playing the music look like a loser.
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not really. a lot of us were genuinely sympathetic and he either didn't listen or we just sort of took a neutral stance. even mint was like 'alright we're cool now not trying to hate on you let's chill okay' and then blode is still 'fuck you lol'. and let's not forget how he treated ostrich.

I can relate to the simultaneous intense depression combined with massive ego though.

ahh nvm then, i guess im ignorant lol

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Damn man, im glad i dont have any friends on here to lose yet.

Hell man i was at work the other day and i was thinking to myself, hell why not join this forum....maybe i can learn some shit and maybe help others learn a little in the process? I was wrong about the atmosphere entirely. The first time you post anything at all, you have a bunch of vultures just waiting to pick apart whatever you said and maliciously use it against you. Fortunately im teflon coated. And i like a good battle! Even if i lose i still win.

its honestly not bad, some are just salty for whatever reason. in general this is an enjoyable place.
listen to better music, or find some that moves you. something you'd want to play and listen to, or quit

can you blame him lol, people criticize him he listens and he still receives shit. not exactly encouraging a good demeanor out of him.


i mean yeah i used to stay away from the pit, but the Band and artist regulars(besides metal) are gone so its like i guess im posting here...
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Exactly, but the lead guitarist is actually mega-talented.

This solo:

he needs to chill out with that trem flutter lol.
thanks man, i appreciate it! btw, for anyone viewing this: i recorded this song with fake amps using guitar DIs. you can hear it in either link in my sig.
lol the contortionist being pop-djent. have you even heard their new cd. 0/10 TS
were nice people when we aren't 2 stepping, honestly!
uhh mods can we remove the spam threads in here, thanks!
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man white people are the fvcking worst.

thats what im saying
i actually think he does have a multi, but its not TS. he only posted a couple times in the hardcore forum and i haven't seen him since.
i got intj on every test until i learned actually looked into what the functions mean. then i was getting infj, lol. i swear they are rigged so people looking at the tests results feel unique.
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Stop analyzing me, that's my job.

shoulda asked for a knive so you coulda cut the tension for them, ya feel me?
I woulda just said i wanted an extra straw, i mean it just a stupid straw... why chew the kid out for it. so senseless lol.
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Neo becoming a ruthless capitalist. So proud :')

this is amazing lol
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Did you really bother typing that?

i mean this is the pit, i wouldn't exactly be expecting quality answers.
i don't know if im ready for this display of power.
tell him how you really feel lol
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accepted requests are still trickling in. 24 left me hanging

so cold of them, what friends they'd be!
digital hardcore is triggering bad memories from long before you joined