^thats so annoying, ill be sticking to W7 until thats fixed lol.
best part of the show was the cat and mouse game as someone mentioned before me. everything else was in the plot to set that up in my opinion.
oh sorry Fat Lard, i didn't mean you i ment, that for jake. thanks for the heads up though!
you are most likely neither tbh, and it doesn't mean anything anyways.
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How you know youre a real INFJ: You took offense to that comment

lol, infj don't get upset, thats infp. just so were clear here. also he wan't offended by my comment lol.
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I bet Dick Savage's real name is actually Drew Peacock.

you think he lives on 15 pen lane, springfield?
I grew up with a girl with the last name of Head. I learned later her dads first name was Richard. So there's that.
great addition been using this for a few months and i really like it. thanks for making it!
OP listen, these people are here too troll you because they are bored. stop listening and replying to them, its what they want. the more you do it, the worse it gets for you.
reminds me of when i first started to write, thanks for the trip to the past!
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Ooh, I forgot to post this as I do in everything MBTI thread:

basically this, the only way to really know how you fit in this system is too look at the functions, see how they apply to you, and how strongly you identify with them. otherwise you could get INTJ or INFJ(most sought after types) and be like "im rare" when you are really some esfj or something normal.
funny how the correlation between infps and how people debate on here is related lol
but hawaii is hot, lol.

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or ESTJ lel
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I call bullshit.
Without spotty nerds you are just going to get ---->
Kardashians: The Video Game

that's what we need though
New Song I wrote yesterday.

edit: I'm leaving it this way.
He believes in tone wood for electric guitars LOL.
Their original metalcore cd was their best work, and i really didn't like it that much. they are just an average band, and people dislike the guy because hes weird.
"He sounds like the kinda person who'd say "I'm not racist, in fact I have a lot of respect for the blacks."

Well how can I truly foster my hate unless I help them succeed in life
lol maybe it would be better if this site goes down after all. i guess there's not much here to be lost.
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You make it sound like going on safari.

Because helping people is a vacation right?
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Hey Skully, you know what has even less value than you? I don't either, and I know about malignant tumors.


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What, that black people kill black people because they're black, and therefore mentally subnormal?

Because that's what Skullivan's posts here are saying.

so let me ask you something, besides reading headlines and bias'd info, have you ever tried to go out to talk to and learn from minorities(in this case blacks)?
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He didn't put good work in; he put 5 minutes into google and came up with a bunch of stuff that doesn't support his conclusions; only stuff that fails to contradict a small proportion of the claims he made.

ive put years of REAL life work into helping minorities, and nothing ive seen contradicts what hes saying. so where does that leave us?

that's fair then.

Quote by slapsymcdougal at #33542141
Nope, it's really not.
And yes, he really did.

don't take what im saying out of context. he put good work into looking up stuff and thats why its fine, not because the situation is fine. if you think thats where i come from then you missed my other post here.

ITT: people hating other people, because if we spread the hate, everyone is more equal. genius.

also LOL at hating one person for their opinion is different from hating someone for their race. its fine to hate people for some reasons, but not others lol. its like he personally went out of his way to wrong you LOL
sjw love right here people, its fine to hate others you disagree with. great society you are fighting for, truly. i know how to get people to listen to my opinions! insult them, now after they are mad, they are in the perfect mindset to clearly hear you out and understand your point of view. i can't believe i didn't think of this sooner!
wow. thats something.
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No, he's bringing this on himself.
so that makes it ok?
lol can we go back to the old pit where people aren't fighting for social justice because its the in thing right now. if you guys really cared about this get up and do something about it. calling someone human trash is just as bad as him being racist. its hate.

Quote by Skullivan at #33542077
West Virginia (93.8% white, 3.6% black, 18.5% of total population in poverty and 10th poorest in the nation) is ranked 39th in violent crime rate among all other states.

So there isn't data to support that low income directly correlates to an increase in violent crime.

South Dakota (consistently ranked as one of, if not the worst state for education, 85.9% white, 1.9% black) is ranked 46th in violent crime.

So there isn't data to support that poor education directly correlates to an increase in violent crime. For the sake of argument that the combined forces you mentioned lead to crime, West Virginia again ranks significantly low in education (49th usually).

I don't see how high incarceration rates influence crime statistics, since they're, you know, in jail. Don't commit crime, it's pretty easy to do. For the sake of the argument of a disproportionate number of arrests, blacks also have a disproportionate rate of recidivism. If you're arrested multiple times then it's not because of your skin.

While this may be a thing, it's certainly not as profound as people make it out to be. I'll gladly entertain reputable sources that confirm your assertion, though.

Again, they can stop fighting themselves.

I don't know where to approach statistics for this since "racism" is a very blanket term. But isn't every other country essentially racist, manifested in a sense of ethnic, religious, or nationalist beliefs?

Japan's strict immigration laws to maintain a strong homogeneity
Sunni-Shi'a conflict in various middle east states
South African apartheid
France in general

I believe a host of inherent character traits, most notably measured by the mean IQ of races.

Again, if you want to actually contribute instead of calling me and the facts "racist", then feel free.

ok, thats racist. everything else is fine, but please, im really hoping, you didn't just like look all that up to confirm some bias you have
I've help tons of black people in my life out of my own generosity and free will. Blacks are definitely one of the issues hurting Blacks, ignore it or not, it's the truth. One of the wealthiest families I know is a Black couple and I am blessed to be friends with their Kid. One Works for Yamaha and the wife is a Singer by profession. Both from the "hood". How do you think they got there?
You know maybe if they put effort into improving themselves as well as trying to improve awareness to their issues the black/african-american community would see some results. causing a public scene is cool too though, i mean totally helping.
what a killer post^
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Dude it's cool if you don't support abortions but don't impose all this bullshit on women. They don't go into abortions UNAWARE of the implications and ya know, are able to deal with it.

I know a few women who have had miscarriages, comparing it to abortion like you did... you suck man

Here is a random study found online that supports what I'm saying: 95% of women don't regret removing an unwanted parasite from their bodies

Please post your random study that supports what you're saying
reminds me of old transit!
Steven Tyler used to live down the street from Me until the carpenter nailed his wife(lel) and Joe Perry lives on the border of the next town over from Me as well. Met both and I still see Tyler around, he is... out there lol. Oh and Steve Carell bought general store across town, never met him though.
lol i think we found the threads bassist
this thread is turning out better than average