hey thanks for the crit

and where do i begin on your piece...
first, amazing quality
second, beautiful guitar arrangements
third, i wanna here it with lyrics
very nice
pretty sweet stuff man
hey thanks for the crit.

This is great.
i wrote this song. i'm the one in the middle with the acoustic guitar.
please comment and rate.

leave a link and i'd be happy to comment your songs.
Badass. I'm digging the strat.
found a video that sort of meets the requirements
What is a Ruca?
Or a Ramona?
Or even a Heina?
Hey everybody.
I figured I'd post a link to my band's Just Like You cover.

Tell me what you think.
On the full band version, it's your bassist. That guy is amazing.
These are great. I like your guitar.
Check out my cover?
I liked the blink182 one
You are amazing for playing 8 months. Very nice job.

Here is my bands cover of an old AFI song, who said you could touch me.
Please leave nice comments.

I only listened to Frozen Rainbow. You are good.
This is our cover of peanut butter jelly time. I am the one singing. I am 11. Leave a comment if you want.

EDIT: I have noticed a lot of people on here are leaving rude comments. Please don't be so mean. Were you in a band when you were 11?
ive never kissed anyone but im only 12
red hot chili peppers flippen rules
the coolest guitar video i've seen on YOUTube was this one kid who was playingthe Simpsons theme song on to guitars at the same time.It was freaken sweet
the best punk band is the Ramones
I personelly think their good when their not speaking a complete different.
I personelly think their not speaking a complete different.
dude skate a halfpipe. its way funner then doing your little flippy tricks.