thanks, I don't really care as long as It doesn't mess with the sound.
My uncle gave me one of his guitars and it has rust on the pickups. He has the guitar in his basement alongside many others. He's almost always on the road with just his strat.

There's rust on the guitar so can I clean it and will it affect the sound?

The guitar is an Ibanez rg270.

I didn't know he made one either until I was listening at school and I said it was by Chris Impellitteri and like 5 people said Steve Vai made one.
First off, I want to apologise if this is the wrong place to ask this question but.

Who was the first to remake the song "Somewhere over the rainbow?"

I collect shoes. If you collect shoes too add me!

I'm curious to see peoples collection. Mines consist of Adidas, Reebok , Nike, and Vans.
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I was also thinking of going to spencers and buying my brother gag gifts like the chippendales calendars and the fake wieners.

LOL. Great idea, too bad I'm the oldest and my little bro is 6 or I woulda done the same.
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Well guy's as apposed to starting a new thread, i have come here for your wisdom/ or lack there-of.

My mum has basically done everything for me and i realized that it's time i show my appreciation.

What should i get her??

Ps I'm 13 so only appropriate responses will be taken seriously

When I was 13 I got my mom a teddy bear, card, and a bag of my favorite chips. lol. Guess who ate the chips :P
I got like 3 people calling me for the last 2 hours telling me that i'm getting pringles in turn they expect $100 gift cards, shoes, and my xbox 360. I'm getting them those limited edition reeses cup that cost 79cents lmao
I cant really say who's gonna win cause pacman is filipino and I was born in the philippines. But de la hoya is a beastt and so is pac. Idk. I'm definitely gonna make my parents pay so I can see it tho lol
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heavyweight sucks nowadays, not welterweight.

What about Brock Lesnar? He's dominating in mma
I'm getting my little brother: wwe toys, curious george toys, and some shoes.
My dad: some shoes, and a zippo.
My mom: money. (she said don't waste my time with gift just give me money lol)
My gf: A bag and ugg boots.

I'm a shoe collector so I'll be getting myself a pair of supras and some shirts to match my shoes. I'm also getting some vinyls from my local record store, I'm a dj. and my uncle is getting me a new amp, pretty sure its peavey because he loves peavey.

What are you getting? And what are you getting for your family?
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Fallen makes the best skate shoes ever, most durable and comfortable i have ever had.


Wow those are pretty dope. Might cop them myself.
I have these Iron Maiden Vans that my friend gave me. You should consider these.

If it was that easy i'd done it by now lol

I'm watching the show House and its the episode when Dr. House is playing the flying V. He said the name of whatever he was playing but i didnt hear it all. I heard one part when he said "is helping a patient more important than learning Eddie Van Halen's 2 handed arppegio." I'm not sure what either is. So if you have watched this episode of House. Please either tab this for me or tell me what the name of what he's playing.


P.S. i dont kno if UG lets me post a youtube url but i'll do it till any issues arise.
This is the episode that i was refering to above.
Because you ride storms
Because you ARE Rick Allen

Because your still using ultimate-guitar after joining in Nov 2007
^^ i said that. :P so it makes you gay twice.
But i think you are =P

Because you made me LOL
Cause you WISH you looked like Johnny Bravo
Because sperm is coming out of your avatar's mouth

O.o o.O i cant be subject for ban for that comment lol
Because you dont have an avatar
They only contribute to a part of it but it still takes the Tab Mod to finally approve. I dont know if you understand me but the approvals are like a vote to tell the mod that the tab is good but it still needs the mod's final review.

I may be wrong but im 99% right lol
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[color="Red"]|   C  | |  D7  | |  G7  | |  C  |
| C | | D7 | | G7 | | C |
| C | | E7 | | Am | | E7 |
| C A7 | | D7 | | G7 | | C |

-Chord Guide-
C: D7: G7: E7: Am: A7:
E| 0 | E| 3 | E| 1 | E| 0 | E| 0 | E| 0 |
B| 1 | B| 1 | B| 0 | B| 0 | B| 1 | B| 3 |
G| 0 | G| 2 | G| 0 | G| 1 | G| 3 | G| 0 |
D| 2 | D| 0 | D| 0 | D| 0 | D| 2 | D| 1 |
A| 3 | A| X | A| 2 | A| 2 | A| 0 | A| 0 |
E| X | E| X | E| 3 | E| 0 | E| X | E| X |[/COLOR]

I wonder what kinda tab is this Follow our templates for making tabs.

And for "When The Saints Go Marchin' In" tab,look at this page! .We don't need another short tab for this song.

I see what your getting at.. o.o
The tab is read left to right and |.....| represents measure. Ill try to change it and get back to you.
But for "when the saints go marchin' in" theres no chord tab for that so if i changed my tab into all chords would that work?
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^Attach your tabs to your post.
Song name
Band name

Song Name: Aura Lee
Band Name: Misc Traditional

Song Name: When The Saints Go Marchin' In
Band Name: Misc Traditional

P.S. I couldn't upload the document using microsoft word, so I substitute it with notepad. Sorry if thats not the ideal type.
Correct.. you dont. BUT if u play on fingerpicking real fast then licking without a pick.. i suggest index fingernail

I dont know if you understand what im saying but it sounds about right in my head lol
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July 24th anyone?

My Brother's birthday is July 24!! lol
Its funny cuz i get my paycheck on friday the 25th so i cant get him anything on his birthday
I posted a Chord tab for Aura Lee, and it got rejected. I followed the format above and it still got denied and there wasn't any of the same tab for chord. Also i posted a tab on When the saints go marchin' in and that got rejected as well. It was notes and chords which, like aura lee, didn't have similar tab. Any ideas? Thanks
Anyone? O.o
APRIL 20!!!

- National Weed Day too.. lol
I did a bit of research of other tabs for this song and i didn't see one that has the chords for it. So i submitted my chord tab and it got denied.. And theres only like 4 other tab for it none with chords. So anyone with any idea on why it got denied?

Thank you, It makes more sense now lol i thought there needs to be a certain amount of approvals.. :] Thanks again