doubletrack the guitars, just record all guitar parts twice, and play them at the same time. thats basically done with every studio metal record of today. it makes the sound more "powerful" and "wide" and improves the attack
stairway to heaven by led zep and fear of the dark by maiden. imo you cant get more powerful

and yeah persuader kicks big ass too, my favourite is the hunter
Thanks for the information!
By the way, I never said that Ibanez, Kramer, Dean... are the only guitars to be played by Metal bands!
I often wonder why most Metal guitarists don't play Gibson or maybe Fender guitars but mostly Ibanez, Kramer, Dean...
Could somebody tell me what the advantages of this guitars are, when you play metal?
Rammstein-Stripped (Depeche Mode-cover!!!)
Van Halen-Spanish Fly (100x better than Eruption!)
Thanks to everyone who has posted a comment here, except to the one who said that he doesn't like metal !!!
I think I've made my decision now.
Of course I'd like to here more statements about keyboards and synth sounds in Heavy Metal-music.

Metal rules the world and it will rule the world forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Organ is the epitome of metal.

Everybody knows Bach was the original metalhead.

Yeah, you're right! Classical music is the most important influence for heavy metal!!
(Did you know that W. A. Mozart once wrote a composition called "Leck mich im Arsch" ? In English it means "lick my ass"!!! This is a fact!
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depends what type of metal

power metal, sure

thrash metal, **** no

Well, I think that's, what my problem is!
I want do do a kind of mix of Power/True Metal and Trash Metal (Power Metal melodys and Trash Metal guitar riffs)

But thanks for your reply although. Thanks everyone!!!
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Check out my band's song Waging War, and listen to the keyboard in the verse (on my profile)


Thanks for your reply! Your song is great (except for the lyrics, I don't really like that way of singing, but that's only my opinion)! What tuning is it? Sounds like drop-B! very dark!
Thank you all!
I didn't know that there would be so many answers in so little time.
(Please excuse me if there are some mistakes in my language)
I'd say, two very, very fast singers are Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) and Axl Rose (Guns'n'Roses).
They can not only sing amazing fast and high, they also can make really funny sounds with their mouth; like Tyler's "GaGaGaGaGaGaGaGaGaauu!!!"
(e.g. Dude Looks Like A Lady...)
and Axl's "NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaKnees..." (from Welcome To The Jungle).

Good examples for their fast singing are:
Aerosmith: Walk This Way (WITHOUT Run-DMC )
Guns'n'Roses: Mr. Brownstone
I'm going to found a new band the next days and I wonder if I should get a keyboarder, too.
I think it's also a chance for general discussion about this issue.

Metal rules!

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i'll add to the list....

Beginner: AC/DC- Rock and Roll Aint Noise Pollution
Intermediate: Muse- Knights of Cydonia
Advanced: Ozzy Osbourne- Crazy Train
Expert: Scorpions- No One Like You

Really, I don't think Crazy Train should be added to advanced. I think it should be added to Intermediate
The greatest solos of all times are Mr Crowley (Rhandy Rhoads) by Ozzy Osbourne and Painkiller (KK Dowing and Glenn Tipton) by Judas Priest!
Has anybody mentioned Nirvana yet??
They are the worst and most overrated band in this galaxy!

Metal rules
Nightwish used drop d tuning very well on the older albums.
Drop tunings are good for fast octave jumps or powerchord riffs.

Metal rules!
I think metal is popular because it has very, very many different influences, aspects .... Also it's, as many members already said, fun to play. And you need a very accurate guitar technique to play the lightning-fast stuff really well and make it also sound good.
Another aspect is, that the main influence of metal is CLASSICAL music. (did you know that e.g. Randy Rhoads was teaching classical guitar before rocking out with Quiet Riot and Ozzy?)

Metal rules!