Sup guys. Basically the problem is, my amplifier isn't giving any sound from the jack, but the speaker is working like a charm.
When I turn the amp on, I can hear the distortion going through the speaker if I stick my ear next to it, but, even at max volume and max gain, there is no signal going through the jack.
I already opened the box and checked if any cable needed to be soldered, but everything is fine, and what ****s me up the most is that this shit happened overnight, by itself. No one did anything to the amp, I just try to play the guitar the next day and I ****ing notice this. I already tried playing with other guitars and jack-to-jack cables, with no success.
Should I just replace the jacks and see if that's the problem? Thanks in advance.
So I uploaded my very first youtube cover, and I would like YOU to judge and criticize my guitar tone and shit. Vocals are shit, yeah, since I can't equalize them properly, but I'm still learning to do it. But I'd like some real feedback on my guitar tone. Thanks in advance.
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I would like to note that this is incredibly rare, as I've done something like 60 or 70 covers on Youtube, and despite have the original audio directly on top of my playing nothing has ever been blocked.

Alright, I just needed some clarifications, since the music industry is a bitch nowadays... Thanks for all the help guise
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You can upload covers. You just can't use the adsense feature for making money. Also, Youtube will identify what song is being played and give the owner ad revenue, as well as block the video from playing in countries where the song can't be legally streamed through Youtube. I think they might also give the owner the right to have your video removed if they'd like, but it's never happened to any of my covers.

EDIT: This all still applies to you playing on top of all or part of the original track.

Alright man, thanks!
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Please tell me you're recording yourself doing acoustic covers on your webcam

is actually recording guitars with a shure sm57

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This, and as long as you don't just make a muted video of you pretending to play, put the song over it, and put it up as a serious cover there's no problem lol

Well, vocals and guitars will be played by me, but the drums and basslines are actually the song's original ones, some guy on youtube managed to separate the tracks and I just felt like using them, since I can't record neither drums nor bass, and the .wav from GP are shit. Is it still cool?
Finally I've decided to record some covers and put them on youtube, but I don't know if I need to get an authorization from the original owners of the song, because of copyright claims and shit.
Do I need the authorization, or can I just put the cover if I feel like it? It's my first time doing this sort of shit, so yeah....
I anchor. I play better when anchoring. It's just a matter of taste, really. People say when you anchor that your right hand motion gets reduced, yet I find these statements to be false, at least for me.

It's just a matter of taste, really...
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I'll be the one to throw this out there - why in the world are modes being brought into this?

TS, if you're new to theory, forget about them. Simple as that.

How do you expect him to harmonize a progression without knowing how to work with a progression?
If it is in the key of Cmaj, then yes. What I talked about earlier were the tetrads (4note chord - 1/3/5/7 degrees of the scale)) of Cmaj, Ifm you arrange it in triads (3note chord - 1/3/5 degrees of the scale), the chord progresion in the key of Cmaj would be C-Dm-Em-F-G-Am-Bdim - > C ionian.

Also, you shouldn't see modes as scales, but as a way to harmonize scales.
A progression for Cmaj would be Cmaj7, Dmin7, Emin7, Fmaj7, Gmaj7min, Amin7, Bdim7min. Build me the scales for each chord, and i'll tell you in which key to play
D doryan would be in the key of C ionian, (C major7). If you were to play in D ionian, you would be in Dmajor7 (D ionian).
Blackstar is the easiest composition he ever made, apart from Echo Etude. Try that one first.

Also, there are no easy YJM songs, just mind blowing galactic orgasm universal cataclysmic stormy interior crocodile alligator amazing true masterpieces songs
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Export as a pdf file and then print it out?

Thanks man.
Need to print some stuff from gp6, the problem is they come in small size, like, in a quarter of a page.
I've tried changing the printing size from letter to A4, and it still doesn't work. Any suggestions?

PS: I've made my searches before posting the thread.
Don't learn the pentatonic from it's positions... learn the theory behind the scale, learn where the notes fit
Ernie ball's wear fater than d'addario, in my case, because I have sweaty hands... I'd tell you to keep buying d'addario, and keep away from ernie ball, but since you have different hands than mine..
Stop playin, go to your garden, pick grass, mix with vodka, put grass on hoven, smash grass, put on wood pipe, smoke it, get a coma for 2 days.

When in a coma, you will not play guitar

On a more serious attitude, whenever I feel like guitar playing is getting boring, I stop playing for like 1 or 2 days. Maybe you should try that
Try both, use the one that feels better to you. I mean, the one that doesn't make you build up tension in the area
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-GASing for a ton of different guitars but being a 16 year-old without a job (yet).

I know that feeling bro...
It's time you get more creative.

Play other music styles, force your creativity. Learn your favorite guitarist's masterpieces, and figure out how they accomplished to create a lick, or steal it. Train harder techniques, like sweep picking, and incorporate it in your soloing. LEARN MUSIC THEORY, so you can understand where the tonic, 3rd and 5th stay at, so you can easily make inverted arpeggios, and study scales, major and minor modes first, then you can go to the harmonized modes.
This was an idea by Zack Uidl, one of which I liked, and advise it.

What you should do is force your creativity - restrict your improvising -
How to restrict? It's like, improvising on one string only, or doing pedal points, or just sweeps, or doing that intense half step bend with the most amazing vibrato, etc... Get it? PM me if not

Now, my suggestion: play slowly first, with intense vibratos and bends, and with few notes. Gradually, start adding more notes, and you'll start getting comfortable with improvising. Trust me.
You don't have your guitar in tune.
You lift your fingers from the strings more than you should. Practice 1-2-3-4 exercises slowly, lifting your fingers as little as possible.
You are too tense. Lightnen up, and relax, we can all reach the top of the stairway, and we all will. Some will faster than others, but we all will.

You just have to practice everything, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER at first! You should repeat this until you can't get it out of your head.
the original one, which is played in Eb tuning. On other words, it's played half step down standard tuning. So, instead of playing an open low E with your 6th string, you would be playing a low Eb on your 6th string.

On other words, the tuning on that GPfile is wrong, but you can train it in any tuning, and then record it on the original tuning.
Improvise, all the time. Makes your creativity a lot better, while creating new riffs and licks, and improving tecnique, ear, tempo.
Both. If you can't play standing up, get used to it. In fact, get used to all the playing positions.
1- The correct technique for bending is to put your thumb over the neck. Don't worry about it, you're doing it correctly.

2-those xxx on the tab mean you play dead notes, like you're doing. Palm muting is done with the palm of your picking hand, and it's represented on tabs as a PM|------------- over the tab, meaning that when that symbology is present, you mute the strings, until it is over.
Chromatic exercises to let the rust get off. Do this applying various techniques like sweeping, legato, tapping, alternate and economy picking. It's the best, in my opinion.
You should try explaining the theory behind the song, that's when things get delicious...
Effort is my secret weapon.
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Thanks for the reply!

What if by some chance my index finger is the one doing the bend though? I could only mute the strings that are below my index finger which would be the ones below it.
When thats the case do I just use my palm in my right hand to mute the strings above the string?

Only the tip of the finger should be touching the string on which you apply the vibrato.
With that, you can mute the higher strings (counting E as higher, e as lower) with your index finger, doing a sort of arc with it, muting them. For the lower strings, you'd better mute them with the palm of your hand. You could try muting them with your thumb, but I'd guess it's harder.
I would like to purcharse a laptop, which has to be suited for gaming and working. At least 4gb ram, 512mb graphics. HD can have any capacity. Which one would be best? I'm currently thinking on buying an Asus a52FX3, but I'd like to have you people's opinion. Thanks in advance.
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If you aren't pressing into the guitar at all, it's all cool. Having something touching strings for muting is essential, but fixing the hand to a single point or pressing in isn't.


actually, IMO, resting your hand in the FR will allow you to have a better control on your picking motion. I do it, and I don't regret doing it.
I would like to have this information as well.
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have you ever adjusted the truss rod?

Haven't adjusted it in years, heh... At least for this guitar
Oh, i forgot to tell this isn't my guitar, just one I found on the interwebz... Anyways, what I mean is the chromed part shown in this truss rod
3 years ago, when I still couldn't set up my guitar, I took it to a guitar shop. Left it, and 30mins later went to pick it up. This happened 500km (700 miles?) away from where I am now.

The next set up was made by my old teacher, and that was when he told me that the truss rod of my guitar's neck had the screw missing. He said it was fine I could just get a new one. This has never bothered me, but now, I changed the string gauge (to a lighter one), so my strings are buzzing... tried solving the problem by raising the action on the bridge (LFR, btw), but it didn't work.

I'm not going to the store and have them give me back the screw, so, I would like to ask you people, how does one install a screw on the truss rod? If I wasn't clear, here's a pic explaining what I mean.

That screw...
Thanks in advance.