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Currently reading:

The Green Mile by Stephen King


But finding it hard to sit down and read Green Mile, I have about a billion books to read for Uni....
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Serious post?

Well yeah that's the way I saw it. To make everything clear, we were in the library and so couldn't really talk (you get kicked out if you do), so we just exchanged messages on scraps of paper for the most part. The coffee thing started with me saying "I am so braindead. Keen on coffee?" to which she replied "I probably don't have the time sorry, leaving in 50 minutes and so behind on everything...I know the feeling! But I'll probably be around for the rest of the week so may see you if you are too ". That was basically the end of it till she left, but we still kept catching eyes and smiling, proper smiles also.

When she left she wrote me another message saying "Bye! Nice to see you...might see you around soon? " and as she was leaving she looked back at me twice.

Yes I notice these gory details and yes I overthink them. I can't help myself. That's why I'm here I suppose. Thoughts on it all?

Yep, sounds like she's kinda interested.
No need on writing another note to say 'bye' and 'see you again' when your convo stopped already unless she wasn't interested.
Lookign back is also a good sign.

Keep at it bro.
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Now I have a problem guys. I can't get my jizz to shoot more than a few feet. So I'm looking for people to come give me handjobs so I can practice. Guys, girls, monkeys, doesn't matter to me.

I almost met David Cameron several weeks ago.

It's a bit of a long story but basically I do a lot of volunteering work for this company who specialises in creating volunteering oppurtunities for young people.
It won a BIG SOCIETY award last year and we were originally invited down to meet the PM at Downing Street. However, I never heard anything more on that.
We were then told (the week before it happened) that a few MPs would be visiting our offices and we need to be there at 11 if possible. I had an English exam that day however, which finished at 11 so I wouldn't have gotten there in time.
I did get there by 11:30 and asked the reception what I was meant to be doing as I entered a room full of suit clad business men. She said 'Nothing at the moment, we're waiting for the Prime Minister to arrive'.

I could not believe my ears, and next thing I know, David Cameron appears from the door behind me and strolls to the front, giving a speech for a good 30 minutes.
I remained where I was the entire time and when he finished, he left the way he came and smiled at me on the way out.

It turns out the MPs I was meant to meet at 11 included the Prime Minister but no one was told of his arrival until that day due to security reasons and they didn't want to text me to tell me because they knew I was in an exam.

So yes, a brief, almost run in with the Prime Minister.
Might be moth larvae. A few of my hoodies have holes in random places, like the side and the sleeves and I don't own pets so I reckon it's bugs... ):
My mum's cousin (second aunt????) and her husband are the judges for Olympics Ping Pong matches. I don't know if they will be judging the 2012 Olympics, but they were at Beijing and Athens from what I know.
Because let's face it, there's always one group in society which people all band together to hate.
A few years ago it was the scene kids, before that the emos.

It's nice in a way isn't it? The way that we can all agree that hipsters, or whatever social group is going to be blamed next, are pricks even when they're getting prejudiced for a the actions of a minority.
I used to feel really awkward, so decide to get drunk/high really early on and just sit there monging out for an hour.
But I haven't been drunk since New Years, I only have like one drink per party now and I just chill by myself because I'm pretty shy with new people.
AS Results

Psychology - A
Geography - A
Art and Design B
English Literature B

Really happy with all those, except English Literature. Massively underperformed, got half the marks in the exam but got full marks in the coursework which saved me fortunately.
Thought I failed Geography, got almost full marks. PLEASED AS.
Did my General Studies A2 early and got a C rofl.
But I have no idea, he makes me happy when I'm with him.
But I hardly see or talk to him more than once a week and after being together almost a year, it's pretty ridiculous.
Potentially breaking up with my boyfriend tonight, I don't know will have to see how our conversation goes.
Basically we've been together nearly a year now but I haven't been happy with things for a while, forever hoping that he'll change but I've just been stupid and I've just told him I am unhappy with things.
I feel really uncomfortable and basically just sitting here crying.
Hope it will go alright...
I'm in need of something to make me happier I guess.
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This post needs more FFFFFFFFFFs. I'm just not feeling the anger.

What if I made the text bigger, bolded it and had it in red?
I read about the possibility of Joseph Gordon-Lewitt as Riddler a few weeks ago on wiki and i would love it to happen but I would also love if Harley was in it.
Also, I would bawl my eyes out because seeing Gordon-Lewitt would remind me of Heath Ledger too much ;____;
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Froslass is Ice/Ghost and is faster.

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Haha. Way to kill the dreams.

Well, I'll get grade 8 guitar and piano. And theory....
And then see what happens!

If not. I'll busk for the rest of my life.


Wow dream big man.
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Depending on the level it should be ok, but not for his Charizard or Gyarados.

Ah I'm not playing HG/SS
i'm replaying Platinum but I don't think I had an ice pokemon on my team when I first played it so I'm trying it out now

Glalie is alright, but Froslass would be even better.

Froslass?How come?
Is Glalie a good enough ice pokemon to have on your team? I'm training it right now before I get to Elite Four because I'm assuming there will be shoot loads of dragons with the Champion.
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I think I'm going to go with Gengar then. I'm going to have to trade someone back and forth once I get Ghastly to evolve to Haunter, though

This is going to take forever, training a lvl. 16 Ghastly and a lvl. 25 Lucario to lvl. 60

if you just give them exp. share and then have them in the back of the team and keep going back and forth through the elite four, wouldn't take too long
Absolutely disgusting.
everyone's probably going to hate me, but pretty much every Skins episode of the last season has made me cry
plus most episodes in the last season of Lost

although I pretty much cry at everything on telly. <_<
oh I was sitting in ug2
I've realised I have nothing going for me at the moment, nothing to keep me sane.
My relationship with my boyfriend is virtually non-existent, we see each other once a week and I do try and make it work but it always seem lost on his end but I can't find it in my heart to break up with him.
I've become hateful towards everyone recently, finding it irritating being around my friends or even speaking to them. Don't even want to socialise with them at times.
My distant relationship with my family is forever the same, cold and only speaking to each other when we want something but it can't be changed.
I do okay at school but I am terrified of not getting the grades I want to go to uni; which is the place I can go to to get away from just about everything, my release, my freedom if you will. I am not confident about my results which I will get near the end of August.
I have no job, I have nothing to do for six weeks until school starts. I have gone back to gaming everyday to get rid of the time...
I'll just sit on there alone twiddling my thumbs, tweedle deeee
i'm guessing you're in the password protected room -__-
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So anyone wanna help me out with the final spot for my team?

I'm trying to decide between Gengar, Leafeon or Glaceon. Leafeon's OVERALL stats seem to be the best, however Glaceon's spec. attack and spec. defense are the best. Even though Gengar has probably the worst stats of the 3, he is resistant to and unaffected by a lot more types than Leafeon and Glaceon. I can't decide what would help my team out more: High spec. attack and defense, good overall, or resistance.

Well tbh, having had a Gengar on my team is only good if you have a high accuracy with Hypnosis, Dream Eater and Dark Pulse, because otherwise it dies very quickly if you encounter any psychic or dark type.
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No, I am poor?

Also Asians don't celebrate birthdays?

Also I'm from Europe.

erm yeah I'm Chinese, but I'm interested to know if all asians don't really celebrate events with presents or if it's just my family >_<

Really it's only annoying that someone lives better then you when the guy/girl/whatever is an asshole/douchebag. Then it's a bit frustrating, but I deal with it. I always think it could be worse tho.

To be fair, the people I know getting cars for their birthday are massive douchecanoes anyway
can we get people to get on?
is anyone on right now?
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I don't know how that's possible.

it was the mindless drone and hopelessness of that story. I'm sure that's how it's meant to be, to make the reader empathise with how desperate the entire situation is but aeitjgjkgjfkhgjfgk it just really irritated me.
The Road is essentially
'Dad- blablablabla
Kid- Okay
Dad-Are you going to speak to me today?

probably about a 2 mile radius...I'm not very good with unfamiliar places me, although I love exploring.
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No, I am poor?

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I'm in the same boat. I haven't had birthday presents for like ever, Christmas presents aswell. I just stopped celebrating my birthday at all, cause it's just a normal day.

Ah are you a Jehovah's witness or is it more like family traditions?
Oh wait, or are you azn? (I'm just judging based on your username )
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I've just finished reading All the Pretty Horses by Cormac Mcarthy and The Commitments.

All the Pretty Horses was great so i bought the 2nd book in the trilogy, The Crossing. If you are even remotely interested in westerns, get Pretty horses.

And The Commitments was a short but great book about an Irish soul band. Both were great reads.

Ah see I was tempted to read All The Pretty Horses but I was massively turned off by The Road which almost destroyed my love for reading...
dammit McCarthy
I don't really understand it. I've grown up in a household where we don't get christmas presents or birthday presents that cost more than 20 pounds, or maybe not even a present at all.
I just remember at like 12 years old, the kids I knew were getting PS2s for their birthday and stuff like that and I don't think I got anything for my birthday and had to make it up when people asked me.
Even now at nearly 18, I still don't get presents over the price of 40 pounds and there are people I know who get given cars for their 17th birthday.
I don't understand it at all.
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Yup, an Atomic bomb had never been used before so they didn't know exactly what to expect.

It is precisely this point that makes me think that it is pointless to argue about whether the bomb should have been dropped or not.
No one would have known the future implications of the A-Bomb so it just seemed like the best solution to an ending at the time.

Yes, civillians shouldn't ever be harmed in war and this is in fact one of the rules of a Just War but take a look at Iraq. I really think it is inevitable in harming civillians if you're in a war unless the battle is confined to the sea, strictly.
It's not as bad as everyone makes out, I mean come on it's not meant to be some thriller/drama. It's a good comedy and entertains well if you give it a try.
Bro-tassium Cyanide
Bro-nas Brothers
I had no hopes for this new series after hearing they changed the screwdriver and in the inside of the TARDIS and the new Doctor looked like a posh twat on Jonathan Ross, however each episode has been really good so far, quite gripping and now I'm really liking it, hehehe.
That is really cool mang, however I am a half-believer in fate and say if the Earth did become devastated, I don't think we should go forward and repopulate it.
Rather, wouldn't it be more interesting to go forward and watch the next species evolve? I heard it was octopi...