I logged in just to post that I would love some tabs!
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New current listening aka what are you listening to aka what is some interesting things you can share about what you're listening or just to flex your metal muscles. Talk about metal exclusively.

I'm on a huge classic rock/proto-metal/whatever phase right now so it's been:

Uriah Heep - Demons & Wizards

Uriah Heep are pretty awesome/weird man. You have killer tunes like Salisbury, and Gypsy and then songs like Seven Stars where they sing the alphabet haha.
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  1. Summer's Rain - Savatage (everything about that song is ...uhh... is.... )

Man what a tune.
I may have become the ultimate false but I can't stop listening to this tune man.

Fvck I am feeling old, I couldnt figure out how to do a youtube link. Each time I tried it said invalid video, haha.

EDIT: Shit haha, literally just copy pasting the link worked. Cool.
Just bought tickets to Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and Edgar Winter group this September. Already super pumped to see Deep Purple, even tho it's a good 8 months away, lol.
can confirm ^
Yeah I've got to say, I don't have the drive to find new bands and search for new metal music. Even new albums from bands I like (save a few such as Atlantean Kodex, WHW, etc) I don't even listen to. Last Helloween album I heard was 7 Sinners lol. Compare that to synthwave, which I can't stop searching for new groups. I still love listening to Blind Guardian and the like, but I don't really go out of my way to find new bands.
I can't tell the difference between a 320 MP3 and FLAC either. The thing is that most albums released nowadays (past 15 years or so) are mastered for CD and then just converted for vinyl so no one would actually be able to hear a difference. Anyone who says they can is lying. If the album is mastered specifically for a vinyl release, and then converted for CD you would hear a difference.
If the album is mastered specifically for vinyl it makes a world of difference. Listen to any 'The Who' CD that isn't a remaster and then listen to the same vinyl that isn't a remaster and it is so much better. Goes for pretty much any band in the 60s, 70s, and some of the 80s.

Another example would be Nokturnal Mortum's The Voice of Steel. The choir and symphonies so to speak are much more pronounced, and the mastering levels are different, in a much better way.
Yeah it was really awesome Kyto!

Nice man! Yeah, I've gotta say that Troy in that scenario is a good comparable to me. I wanted to say that if I knew he would be singing that night I would have brought my Edge of Thorns vinyl sleeve, but I could barely get "Hey man, I'm a huge fan. Do you mind if we grab a quick picture?" and then "Thanks man, I really appreciate it" after we took the pic.

Although I guess in a meet & greet line like that you can't really say too much. I was still antsy when I got home after taking the subway for about 40 minutes and then a 15 minute drive too, hahah.
Sol Invictus is my fav song on that album. The whole section that you're talking about is just perfect; the heavy as fukk guitars, the awesome vocals, pounding double bass drums, etc. just works out too well.

AK always leave me wanting more, even when I listen to both albums and the Pnakotic demos, they are too good.
Met Zak Stevens from Savatage and Circle II Circle last night after the Trans Siberian Orchestra show, and what an awesome guy. He was sitting in the meet and greet table line sort of thing, and shook my hand and even held up the line to take a picture with me!

I don't usually get star struck but I kinda was then. Such an nice guy.
I don't really agree with you beadhangingone.

I think Kavinsky is just as class as Carpenter Brut.

Not to mention that there are definitely NRW groups that sound exactly like they were from the 80s, or at least have that feel to them.

Now there are groups that are exactly as you described, but you can say that about pretty much every genre.
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Someone want to get me started on synthwave? Been listening to Perturbator and Night Runner (preferred the Night Runner)

Best place to start IMO is New Retro Wave. They post a few songs a day, all of which are synthwave. Whether you want the 80s revival or stuff that sounds like a soundtrack (a la Night Runner) You'll find tons of both there. It might seem slightly intimidating since there are so many videos, but I started like that and picked ones with cool thumbnail pictures lmao.
Yeah no I totally agree man, there's no guilt on my end about the New Retro Wave and such, as there shouldn't be on yours! I am unashamed to state that I listen to and enjoy it more than most metal right now.
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Why the fuck do I enjoy DJ Alina's MANIAX so much and her new one that just dropped?

I don't like this shit. Why the fuck am I enjoying this? Fuck me.

It's strange man. I've been listening to nothing but New Retro Wave for the past half a year, and a year ago or more I'd probably laugh in your face if you told me that I'd like this kind of stuff. Just gotta embrace that you like those tunes man!
A couple weeks ago I was at a local auction and picked these LPs up:

Mystifier - Wicca
Mystifier - Goetica
Absurd - Discography '91-'92

When I left and got home I found out that there were two of both Mystifier records. Both are the Black Vomit re-issues from 2013. If anyone is interested in them, shoot me a PM. They both look like they've never been played before.
It doesn't only make bitches hearts melt. Pictured below: Me listening to Always on My Mind by Pet Shop Boys

I loved the lead tone that Scald had from the day I heard it. 4:40
It depends on what kind of classic we're talking about.

An album that I consider classic would be one that I listened to while doing something that I enjoy/enjoyed (Nocturnal Rites's Lost in Time collection while I played Guild Wars way back), or that I listened to extensively during a time in my life that I look back on fondly (Nightfall in Middle-Earth when I was ~13 and driving around Quebec City on vacation with my parents).

A classic in the genre to me has to be one that when you first hear it, you know exactly what it is; Nordland when the main riff breaks. It also has to feel like you are listening to something special (which is hard to tell during first listens) and make you want to write music just like it, even if you have no experience in that genre. With that said, there are few 'Genre Classics' to me. Twilight of the Gods, NiME, Dol Guldur, Street Child, and a few others that come to mind are the only ones that fit my description to me.
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Sounds good, never heard of them will check them out.

as for myself, been listening to mostly whatever speed or heavy metal has been coming out these days. Some really, really good stuff. Demon Bitch, Ranger, Portrait. List goes on. The metal heavy thread is mostly where I've been sifting through haha

Some absolutely killer stuff in there

Nice nice, yeah the newish Demon Bitch is a bitchin album, pun intended. Yeah, speed metal is something that I can always listen to, no matter what mood I'm in, so much quality stuff within that genre.
No kidding! I just realized I worded that poorly. I meant that about a year after the interview, the training process would start (which is 3 months itself). It is paid, but at a heavily reduced rate compared to what the position pays. I might still end up going through that process at some point (while I am working) though, since I did part of that job as a student and loved it.

I also cut about 12 inches of my hair off, and quite frankly like short hair a lot better. So much easier to get ready to go out, lol.

Honestly I've been listening to a lot of synthwave, 80s pop/rock tunes, and a lot of late 60s-early 80s classic rock with a bit of NWOBHM. Every now and then I will listen to a little Black Metal, Power Metal, etc. but I've drifted away from it a bit. I've really been digging this group called The Midnight.

What about yourself?
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I have no earthly idea. Sometime before yesterday and today. You guys knew before I did. It's out in the open...just like my sexuality.

hey helloween nice to see you. Nice to see old users, I got a PM from Scout1011 a while ago talking about his life and what not. Pretty cool guy still. that's pretty ridiculous. I waited a month on a job application to a gas station and I still didn't get it. Government jobs (if I remember you live in Canada) usually pay out the ass.

yes, as for Carnifex. I don't have many words for them. I think they're a bit silly. By a bit silly I mean mostly garbage.

Yeah man, I figured I'd drop in and see what is up.

Yeah no kidding, they take forever. Another job which I didn't pass the interview for would have had me in training a year after I took the interview. Crazy. But yeah, I'm from Toronto so if/when I get in it will be pretty solid. Hell man, even a month is a long time to wait to hear back.
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Is this your scene haha? You'd actually fit in here quite well. There has been a lot of love for Perturbator, GosT and other bands in this genre. Just saying!

Nice, that tune is definitely dope! Haha nice, I've drifted towards the more softer synthwave stuff, like Timecop1983 and the likes, but I still can definitely dig those groups.

I am glad that it has re-surged VG, that is for sure! The great thing is that there are so many awesome artists doing so many different takes on the 80s, so to speak.
Not my scene anymore, but really good stuff.

Damn, haha when did you become a mod severed? I haven't been on here for a while it would seem!

How've you guys been doing? I graduated in June and am still waiting back to hear about a government job I applied for in Feb, haha.

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Didn't you know man? All that you need for there to be "Black Metal" influences is tremolo picking and blast beats. QUIT BEING SUCH A HATER, etc.
Mentioning a band who haven't been posted yet,

Read the fukking rules you dolts!

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Razor is good shit.

Interesting stuff, but not something I would listen to.

Although, to be fair I cant think of many Moonsorrow songs that are truly fast.
Nothing in the OP other than Power Metal relates to SA at all.

What decade would you guess it was from?

A rough look through my library (no album I had fit every descriptor, but these do partially) would guess:

Cryonic Temple - In Thy Power, Heavenly - Sign of the Winner, Iron Fire - Thunderstorm, Pyramaze - Immortal.
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Hey helloween, patch is killer. I'm a metal noob so I don't recognize it. Have you got a chance to listen to the new Demon Bitch yet?

It's an Atlantean Kodex patch, they released it roughly half a year or so IIRC after the White Godess.

Also, not a full sit down of the album but I have heard about 4 or 5 of the songs. So deadly. Quite honestly it's exactly what I had hoped it would be. Not even to sound like a yes man, but it's one of, if not my fav metal album in the past couple of years.
Nice snag on that Demon Bitch LP VG!

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Mayhem patch is god tier dude. What's your favourite patches you guys have?

Definitely this one. I bought it a year or so ago, but haven't had the time/found a spot to put it on my vest.
Damn, I got an email about this from bandcamp the other day. I'll definitely check this out some time soon! I haven't listened to much metal at all the past couple of months, but this might just drag me back in!
Solid enough stuff.

Agalloch rule.

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes.
I appreciate you bumping this dawg, I'm always looking for the truest of metal. Definitely snagging this record.
Read the fukking rules.

Superjoint Ritual are ok.
Damn, thats a pretty serious deal. Was it ebay or a local shop?