This is my band's newest recording we got the final version of 3 hours ago, so I thought I'd share it with you

If you enjoy it, you can like us on Facebook at


Guitar-driven Indie/Rock

And here's a bonus thing we did for youtube a couple of months ago, featured at 0:30 and 12:11
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Hey guys please like my bands page We're a rock-pop-dance type band, give us a listen, a like, and share if you can!

We're also on soundcloud - - so come find us there and we'll like you back!

Enjoying your stuff, given you a like and follow. I think your sound fits with my band's sound. If you ever get a gig in the North East, don't hesitate to contact us, would love to be a part of that.

On that note, my band is called Deep.Sleep and we're an indie/pop/whatever-happens sort of sound. We're recording properly at the start of next month and then playing a show at the o2 Academy Newcastle (anyone local pop down on the 3rd July and have a pint with me after).

Does anyone have any experience of beginning either rowing or gymnastics in university? Preferably in the uk, I just want to get an idea of how difficult it will be to pick it up, having no experience of either
I've been lurking this thread for a while. never really posted properly, though, wondering if I could get some pointers/feedback on my progress. I've been going to the gym for 4 weeks now.

If the pictures are too big, I'll replace them with a link, cheers for looking.
Opinions: would it be daft to buy a pair of boat shoes now, or do you think they'll stick about for another season?
My gym was closed today, bloody bank holiday, my arse! Does anyone know if it will be open tomorrow if it normally is, and then just closed again on Monday?
I just bought this as an impulse purchase, and the only way I can think to wear it is with some navy chinos and a blue shirt underneath, anyone fancy helping me out a bit?
I ran over a rabbit a couple of weeks ago, little guy was on the other side of the road, saw my headlights in the dark and thought it'd be a good idea to jump in front of me. I slowed down just enough to give him a slow and painful death. I went back to the scene of the crime, to try and make me feel better, as I didn't think I'd hit it. What I saw will haunt my dreams forever.
Someone make me an offer?
I bought this used sometime in March, plays great, but haven't had much of a chance to use it, due to not having a cab and band practises being few and far between. Looking to sell for around £450/500 (less than half of the RRP new), trades will be considered.

Selling from Newcastle(ish), collection would be appreciated, but if delivery can be explained to me, that'd be grand as well.
I miss you.

Why can't I trust myself to go out, have a couple of drinks, and come home without embarassing myself, offending people and telling people I've just met all about the worst thing that's ever involved me?
You don't look at me the same way you did two days ago. I can't explain what's different about it, but you barely looked me in the eye today. I just want to talk to you. I need to know what I've done.
Right, some guy who comes into where I work is going for a new job, and he may require a drug test. He does drugs, I don't. If I sell him some of my urine, and he gets caught, is there any way it can be traced back to me?
See, I used to judge people pretty heavily over this, until one day.

Well, I was going through facebook, with my lass in the room, and I see a post from a girl I was somehow in an English class with. I read the post aloud, and laughs were had, as she had written "Happy b-day, nefu...", and I poked a bit of fun at this mis-spelling. As we calmed down, I read the rest of the post "...RIP, u would have been 6 today".

I felt like the biggest bastard.
Grey waistcoat, dark wash jeans, black smart shoes, black tie on a white shirt seems to work well as a smart/casual sort of thing, I've had a lot of compliments when I've worn that; and it works without the tie as well for when you inevitably get sick of that, just don't unbutton so much that you look like Pinnoccio.
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Bastard Man.

Man-Spider was clearly better.
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Theory: left handed people die younger than right handed because this is a right handed world, contributing to stress. Stop for a second and notice how your blinker (at least in America) is goes up for right, implying that right is the dominant side, while the left is subordinate. Put the blinker and transmission shifter on the opposite side they are now for left handed people so that for them, the left side is the dominant, taking away stress and causing them to live longer.

My mam actually had a car that had the windscreen wipers and the indicator switched around, so putting the "blinker" on for left, would be to put it up; so sorry, someone got there before you. Can't remember what kind of car it was, though...
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Saw a guy in the guy today who must've been 70+ years old. He wore a t-shirt saying "World football youth cup" which I found a little weird/creepy

This game is impossible with autopager for Firefox
You're outraged at something like this? I suggest you stay away from the "Embarrassing 'Horny' things you did as a kid" thread. Lots of hilarities, lots of shame.
I don't always wear socks, but when I do, they're odd.
Go wild, kid.
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I think it looks nice. Swallows are cool. It doesn't look feminine to me, though I would get really nice swallows for your chest, just not in the silhouettes. I'm thinking traditional...

To be fair, the "main" part of the piece would be the writing, with the birds off in opposing corners (one top left, other bottom right, or vice versa) to act as more of a border. A finishing touch, and only if I can stand the pain of a chest tattoo, which I understand to be rather painful, especially for a first-timer.
I've been seriously thinking about getting "Happiness is only real when shared" done to the left of my chest, but recently, I thought about maybe getting two small, plain black birds around it (like the ones below), to make it a little bit more interesting. However, I don't see many lads with this type of bird etched into their skin, is there a reason for this, or will I just look really feminine?

I'm thinking about ordering a weighted vest and skipping rope from, does anyone have any experience with their products, or know roughly how much shipping will be?
Right, if I do a pressup on a set of scales, and it reads 44kg, would that be the same as benching 44kg, if I got a full range of motion? Just because my chest is less developed than say, my shoulders, so I need some new chest exercises, but can't bench, as I don't have a bench and the only gym here is really busy and only has one.
Take a screenshot of it, paste it into MS paint or a similar program, save it, and then upload it to a picture hosting site (could even just upload it to your UG profile's pictures if you want it to be easier). When it's uploaded, right click it, and select "Copy Image Location" then wrap (Invalid img) tags around it, and it should appear in your post. Click "preview post" before you send it to make sure.
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That sounds like something Jeff would say...

[mickey mouse voice]
I swear I've never done anything like this before, sir, I promise.
[/mickey mouse voice]

But yeah, it did a little bit, haha
I meant "how are you doing by means of getting into the website?" as opposed to "hey, how YOU doin' ". I thought that might be a little bit androgenous, I have to admit.

TL;DR: No, I'm not hitting on her, just helping out a fellow pitmonkey.
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I'm in. Just let me take a picture. I chickened out like a bitch last time.

Alright. Here's the picture I'm using.]

I recognised your picture from this thread and voted you beautiful, I'm not saying you're not, but I thought I'd help you out; how are you doing?

Admittedly, I then saw on here that you were born in 1996 and shit my pants, I'm not a creep, anyone who's reading this, I promise
As I have just come from one, I must say I prefer pubs, as they fequently have live music, or buskers' nights, where I'm from, and are generally hosted by some pretty cool people. The guy who closed tonight had an incredible grasp of dynamics and songwriting ability, as well as a pretty good voice, it's a good place to chill out, converse when the music's bad, and sit in awe when it's occasionally great. The downside is that, once you go for consecutive weeks, it gets a bit samey and boring, unless the people you go with are particularly class.
And by the slimmest of margins, I'm in!
I'm in, I was already kinda on the way anyway, but it's good to be getting all sexy as a community

Edit: I'm going to be following a 5x5 routine, which means weights for 5 sets of 5 reps on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but I'm going to add in some HIIT running on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if the great British weather calms down a bit.
Azwethinkwedo, I've heard great things about Cock a Snook, my mate got a pin-up done there not too long ago, the picture they/he took of it made it look really bad, but in real life, it looks pretty good. he said the price was reasonable, as well, so smiles all round.

Edit: haha, what about it censoring Cock
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My intention was not to imply that you were vain, only that winning this challenge would be a victory for your vanity (somehow, in my mind, these are not the same)

Oh, I get you now, no worries
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You know that the "in" and "out" is runs parallel with the tracker, and isn't stationary? If you truly want to share with the pit the nerve-wrecking state of the battle for your vanity, you'll need to illustrate it. (and best of luck to you)

Yeah, I realised afterwards and changed it, I don't know why I thought it stayed in one place. It was somewhat because I'm bored, but too lazy to upload a screenshot of the bar, that I just described what it was saying. And I'm not really vain, I know I'm not fantastic looking, just trying to get more out of the experience of competition by getting as involved as I can; which, given the wait-and-see nature of the site, isn't very easy
Thanks, man, good luck to you as well
I'm a lot closer to being back in, the tracker is just under the U in 'currently', but the frightfully posh option of 'absolutely not' is still looming over the others, apart from 'Hmm ok' which has about the same number. 'Beautiful' and 'no' are tied just beyond the l in 'beautiful'.

With 20 hours and 44 minutes left, it's becoming an exciting battle between sweet, sweet victory, and cold hearted rejection...
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Holy shit Luke Hoskin is on UG!

So that's what I'm going to look like when/if I can grow a beard/become incredible at guitar...

On topic:

I think I need a hug
My rating has went down loads after the honeymoon period like, haha . I'm still "in" (the ball is directly over where it says 'in'), my highest thing is beautiful (in line with the s in 'Votes'), then absolutely not, okay, and no last, all pretty close together.
43 hours 24 minutes left.

Not bad for a shit picture of me though
This is the photo I used, but I didn't have to crop half of my head out. I am aware that my hair looks shit and I look knackered, but it was the most recent photo I had and couldn't be arsed to take another one.

And this is my score after 1 hour.

What is life?

Edit: HUGE picture pointing out imperfections, shit.
I'm in, I've just signed up, and I'm anticipating lots of "absolutely nots".

May the best men win.
Yeah, I'm an organ doner, as far as I know. My mam actually rang me to ask if I wanted to while I was balls-deep in one of my ex-girlfriends, so I didn't answer, I think she just put me down to be one, though...

Slightly off-topic, but I give blood as well, whenever the nurses come to the community centre over the road from me, it doesn't take too long, there are literally no adverse effects, and it's potentially a good thing to do.