I was diagnosed with schizophrenia as well four years ago, also wanted to get off the medication and didn't realise I was ill no matter how many people told me

just do what the doctor tells you and you'll definitely be better soon
Franz Schubert Mozart only lived here but wasn't born here so I haven't won this thread sadly :/
I'm all lost in the supermarket
I can no longer shop happily
I came in here for the special offer
guaranteed personality
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ahead of bayern's loss in the CL last year?

haha well sorry had to edited it, he was only born here (austria) but still...
great lyricist

I'm all lost in the supermarket
I can no longer shop happily
I came in here for the special offer
guaranteed personality

songs like this and bankrobber would still be extremely relevant in todays world, it's sad that he's gone :/
Elliott Smith, wish I could've seen him live :/
It Might Get Loud was great and funny, as nobody's mentioned that yet, haven't seen Control though which is probably equally good in a different way of course

EDIT: oh okay someone beat me to it, I really liked Jack Whites parts in the film, lots of vinyl LPs that he had,
the Edge stripping an E major chord down to an E powerchord and saying how revolutionary and great that was, was awkward haha...
yep John Squire, saw him playing on their reunion tour at southside festival in south germany and watching him for a whole concert just blows one's mind, the only downside of the show was that the videowalls permanently showed his strumming hand instead of his fretting hand but I was close enough to see his fretting hand well enough
they're brilliant their melrose yard demos album is better or I for my part at least like it better than the first arctic monkeys album, and their lead guitarist is brilliant, the two guitars are at their best in You Only Regret (The Things That You Don't Do) in my opinion, yeah they'll go far
there is something that beats going to a music shop to buy a CD and that's going to a music shop to buy a Vinyl I only need Vinyl and mp3s cause Vinyl is the best physical music experience if you get what I mean and mp3 is the most flexible easy method of listening. CDs are well sth in between :S
oh my songbook is wrong then
well the only thing that changes in harmonic minor is that the fifth turns into a major chord and I don't know about the 7th but that isn't used in the song anyway
I think it's not D but Dminor
so there would be no key change and it's written in A harmonic minor
it's well written overall and you've got a great opening line that sums it up pretty nicely
thanks, frontman and briman
I now edited the just run away line it's definately better now

for the shoe lace line... well I didn't really no what else to say it's kind of a filler line but it works for me

I didn't run away btw but thought of it xD
this is written from experience, I still feel I could have done a bit better as it is a good topic to write about

1st Verse:

looking in the mirror, what do I see?
an ashamed face stares back at me
what has become of me?
how did I end up in psychiatry?

the doctors they gaze at me with wide open eyes
there's nowhere to go, there's nowhere to hide
just run away just run for your life
just run away for you've lost all your pride

Chorus: repeated once

grab your shoes and run away from this place
don't stumble over your shoe lace

2nd Verse:

permanently asking myself why
looking for the truth behind my eyes
looking at my messy hair
I'm all dizzy and confused

there's your room there's your bed you see
it's more like a prison cell to me
and now have a lie down in your bed
swallow this pill and give your head a rest

- Chorus
yes it is cliche but it is a good start for writing, agreed

speaking of pictures by your side check out the lyrics of Pictures Of You by the Cure
one song within 24 hours is the rule
some nice comparisons there, like it
Modest Mouse
The Cure
I edited my post above

now this is the correct intro, but I really doubt I'm gonna be doing anymore sorry

I dont think you'll need looking at the strumming pattern but I put it in just in case

If you have got any questions about how to play the intro feel free to ask me here
Gmaj7 - Fm7 - D7 - Fm7

G#dim - G#dim - D7 - D7

d u


d du du du u du du d


du du du du u du u du


strumming pattern is above the tab lines
playing exactly over the frets not between them thats the secret said my guitar teacher

and somehow dampening the other strings but I'm not sure exactly about how to do that
Monster, Rockstar, Amp, Red Bull
I'll drink em all till I'm full.
I don't care if its in a bottle in a can,
it really doesn't matter I won't give a damn.

Limit to 2 cans per day?
F--- it! what do i say?
I say drink em all
Java Monster, NOS, and Bawls

this would be a nice chorus:

I say give em all to me
I'm looking for some energy
for ****'s sake give em all to me
I'm looking for some energy
the St stands for Status
the W stands for Waiting; a D would here stand for Denied; an A for Approved

so your tab is waiting to be checked for quality and to be approved and uploaded to the site by UG it usually takes about 3 days
Some 3/4 acoustic

Yamaha FG 180 acoustic
Ibanez acoustic

Behringer starter electric
Epiphone 1957 Les Paul jun. reissue, vintage sunburst
Mexican 2009 Standard Telecaster, black
I think your main problem is that...

...Generally as a Beginner it would be better to have a tab that tells you how often to strum a certain chord, rather than a chord tab which leaves you nowhere :S

sometimes the chord symbols aren't placed at exactly the right place above the words

listen to the song play no complicated rhythm just steady downstrokes all the way and try to manage to hear when the chords are changed
London Calling album on vinyl

search for sheet music and it shows you the first page
only the first as you've got to buy sheet music

guitar tab

piano notes and guitar chords

or this

check what you like best
it's also possible to print the first page which will make things easier
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I'd say someone like Timbaland. He's one hell of a producer, and he's produced some of the best chart toppers of the decade really.

oh shit yeah 2007 was a horrible year, in every second music video I saw on TV Timbaland was in the Picture putting his, in my opinion, stupid beat over every song
he was really successful
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I disagree, there were a lot of Indie bands getting popular before Arctic Monkeys really made it big.

Yup Strokes, Libertines, Hives

if the Arctic Monkeys were influenced by Strokes and QOTSA they can't have influenced the 00's

Edit: if it's about Revolutionising then it must be Radiohead
Yeah Great Work

especially that the stars are bigger, in the middle of the page - easier to see is great, hopefully more people will rate the tabs
Hmm.. we were distilling wine for our physics project at school today
When you rate a tab you can rate it again to change your rating
with lessons or columns this doesn't work, it just says "you can't vote twice"

Is there any reason why this wasn't changed for lessons and columns?
because one's opinion on a lesson can change very often

just want to know if UG ever thought of it, think it would be a good idea
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Here are the basics to Picking strings for Chords/Power Chords.

These are power chords, but strum them downwards only, same goes for Chords,

those aren't power chords, power chords are E 5 A-7 D-7 G-x B-x e-x
hmm you don't grow out of a 3/4 guitar that fast and they are cheaper anyway