In that price range my recommendation would be to get a used LTD 1000 series and then buy a Motor City hothead for the bridge unless you prefer the EMG that are in a lot of those LTD.
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You’ll be fine but I suggest you highly consider a 1x12 over the 4x8 .... I avoid 8” guitar speakers and advise others to do so as well.  Even a 2x10 would be better.

For what reason?
You will never push 100w out of this amp. Get the Greenback's if that is what you like.
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RockerMan206 That Amelia mentioned is REALLY good for the money.
A lot of the good cabs are made by, at least at one point by the same places. Bogner, Diezel, Friedman.

Avatar is a very good cheap alternative but there are really a lot of good cabs out there. I have had old beat up Peavey cabs that sounded just as good if not better than high end "boutique" cabs.

IMO the best thing to do is go to GC and try theirs to see what you like best. A speaker box is not just a speaker box as a lot of people will tell you. There are a lot of factors and they can all sound slightly different.

I am selling a Mills 2x12 if you are near St. Louis. If I were looking to buy a 2x12, TBH I would just buy a 4x12
Can get a used 5150 combo for a few hundred and that amp slays.
 My name is Damien. I have been playing guitar since 2001 and I started playing bass shortly thereafter in 2002 after realizing I really sucked at guitar. I have been kicked out of multiple shit bands since I started playing and have a few recordings of my work.

I BS'd my way through college Chemistry and am currently working as an R&D Polymer Chemist. The only thing I love more than music is chemistry and science. I am a huge nerd.

My musical tastes are rather narrow. I know what I like and that is what I listen to. I don't have musical appreciation for other genres. I studied music all through out high school and took multiple theory classes but I still just can't figure it out. That helped me to look at my skill set for what it instead of dismissing it based on how bad it sounds.

My favorite genres are Melodic Death Metal and Metalcore, Rawr. Aside from those two, I mainly listen to Death Metal, Deathcore, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Symphonic Black/Death Metal, Symphonic Metal, Post-Hardcore, and Folk Metal. I occasionally listen to some punk, alternative rock, and blues rock bands. You know, bands like FFDP and Attila.
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I saw his bail up for 50k. He may be out for tour fingers crossed.

He is out on bail.

Sometimes the court can order you not to leave the county and then you would need permission but those details were not listed. Since it is for work, he will probably be on the tour. My guess.
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Amptweaker TightMetal Pro plugged into the FX return. Easy.

Or, just buy a new amp.


The Amptweaker is absolutely crushing for metal.

But it really just depends on what you like. I am not a fan of the super high mid new age Djent sound so I stay away from some of the items already mentioned.

From my experience - I had the emma mentioned, it did sound really good. I also had the Diezel herbert preamp which also sounded really good.

But when I plugged in the Amptweaker it put them all to shame. I have never tried that G3 though and had previously been very curious but I have no desire to change anything on my board right now and I am set.

Normally I disagree with the "new amp" go to comment (no offense) but when you say you want it to cut through, what exactly do you mean? Cut through what? If you are playing in a band I would in that case get a new amp as most 2x12's that I have owned or tried could not cut it in a band mix unless I was miked into a PA.
Get an SG with some low output PAF's, swap your speaker for a Greenback and turn your gain down a bit would be my first step.
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WTF are you talking about? They may not cause flames no more but they are still cheaply made. You can see it in the jacks, pots, speaker, finishing, etc.


So is your LTD.

Does that mean it doesn't sound good or unplayable?
Evilnine Buys damaged item for a discount. Gets confused when issues arise, not exactly rocket science.

Sure, Bugera is made cheaply. That is why it is a low cost amp. The guy is looking to spend $300 and they are not built as bad as people claim. Willing to bet more than half the people trashing Bugera have never played one.

When they first came out there were major issues. I had a funny one myself at a music store but those issues have been mostly solved.

On top of that. I have had $3,000 hand wired tube amps that had issues. Any amp can have a cracked circuit board. That issue alone would have nothing to do with how it was assembled. Could be a thin or cheap board but more than likely it was dropped by the minimum wage stocking guy or got severely damaged during shipping.

I have sold off all my thousand dollar tube amps and replaced them with a Quilter 101 mini and an amptweaker TM PRO. Got them both used for not much more than OP's budget. It fucking slays. Sounds completely crushing and is 95% of what my tube amp was that I just sold for $2k.

TL;DR you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to sound good, especially if you are a bedroom player. IMO it is very pointless and much overkill. People can do what they want. If you got money to throw around buy 12 Tube amps and a Wall of Cabs that will never leave your basement. That is awesome. But realistically if you are not a gigging musician what's the point in all of that?
Yeah the captor is really awesome. 

In general my answer would be to get an attenuator of any kind but I am unsure who has headphones out and I am not sure what your setup is. You should at least be able to get a 1/8" to 1/4" adapter and be fine. I have never tried that since I use an interface with my captor though.
Meh, Don't buy into the Bugera is crap thing. Those issues were solved a decade ago. For an extremely low budget amp they are perfectly fine and can sound really good.

The 6262 records and sounds just as good if not better than the 5150 II.

The 5w uses a 12BH7 power tube and the 20w uses EL34. I have never played either but I would expect a pretty big difference.
What are you using to run through the monitors? makes a big difference. Using a modeler? Miked amp or PC with amp sims?

I have a pair of Sterling Audio cheap Deal of the Day monitors that sound just as good as my freinds KRK and they are not ugly yellow.

If using a modeler I would get an FRFR monitor.
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$90 shipped conus.

Original v1. $150 shipped CONUS.

Loaded with Eminence Legend V12. 16 ohms, $500 shipped US.

Quote by Soxtar
How is he wrong? All 4x12 cabs do look alike. The Orange and Mesa cabs have a little more low end, due to volume, but if you take a Marshall, Mesa, Orange, etc, and compare (if they all have the same speakers), they are going to sound very similar. If you want more low end, get the oversized ones.

But, if they were really designing them for sound, they would look differently. I make my own cabs, and my 2x12 cab is freaking huge, because it sounds better huge. It's about 5' tall, about 2' wide, and 2' deep. They are producing a look, more than a sound.

For instance, if you really wanted optimum dispersion, why wouldn't you design a 4x12 with the speakers aimed at a 45' angle from each other? Things like that totally supports the point he was making.

There are a ton of differences in guitar cabs. 

I don't care what Jim Marshall did 100 years ago but people do actually put research into what they are building these days. Even if 2 cabs have the same dimensions, made by the same company and look the same everything you don't see can play a factor. Type of wood, pine, birch, MDF. Thickness of wood, especially the baffle, is there a brace inside?

My Mills cab has some crazy stuff going on inside and I have never heard any other cab like it yet it looks just like every other guitar cab. Front Loaded? Rear Loaded? How high off the ground are your casters? Some will go as far as saying the grill cloth material and threading can make a difference. Yes, of course speakers are going to make a difference.

To say there is no difference between cabs that have the same dimensions is flat out BS and wrong.

Also this: "But, if they were really designing them for sound" what? LOL are you kidding me? Just wow. Yeah, I guess you are right. No legitimate cab builder would design a cab for sound. That's just dumb right?

Tuned, Ported, Open or Closed, yeah none of this makes any difference whatsoever. (oddly, I feel I have to actually add a sarcasm disclaimer here)
dspellman it is clear you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about here. Stop giving bad advice.
I would have to encourage you not to listen to advice that says a cab is "just a box" as it is so much more than that. There is a ton of research that goes into them and they can all sound very different.

The OS Mesa is known to be extremely boomy with a lot of amps and that is 100% true. Unless your amp does not have a massive low end or was designed around that cab like a lot of Mesa's I would stay away from it.

Your best bet is to swap the speakers like you said but I would also add that the vintage 1960 may be better as the speakers are different now and arguably sounded better very early on.

16 ohm vs 8 ohm is arguable as well. A lot of preference and sometimes negligible differences. A lot of metal bands also use V30's fwiw.

Although it may be a pain in the ass the best thing to do IMO is bring your amp and guitar to a music store like GC and test out some cabs to see which sounds best and go from there.
Can't answer the question but I had much better luck using my own IR;s. The WOS is just not for me.
Without knowing your genre I can't really recommend anything. Since you said Fuzz pedals then you probably want something that works great with pedals.

For a combo with gain I would be looking at Mesa Mkii B or something like that.

There are a ton of options these days. I have seen bands use combos live and sound great but a lot of that depends on the sound guy.

Also tube combos can be very heavy and more of a pain to carry than a half stack. Have you ever considered an AX8 or a Helix?

I actually have downsized myself and can fit everything on a pedalboard. Quilter 101 mini with preamp pedal of choice is really amazing but it is missing that tube amp feel.
Good idea but I think it's been done.


I love how sensitive you are. Broad shoulders, worst radius ever. Its like that old pento that could just never stay running. I can only imagine the lightning speed you're able to achieve. (Not with your dick slappers) over saturated, overpriced, inconsistent. Lawyers.
Why just singing? This is pretty much across the board. If you are good you are good.

My standards:

Be good
Don't be a douche with an ego
Practice your instrument you poser
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Baby Joel Then why post? 

I know about the types of people who say ugh.
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in answer to the thread title yes and there's a reason it's dead

in answer to your "unpopular opinion" that just kind of makes you sound like a dumbass because
a) les pauls come with pretty much every neck profile under the sun
b) fatty doesn't mean the same as fat and i've never played a les paul with lard on the neck
c) there's way too much variation between individual models and way too little difference between a 335 and a les paul for a broad statement like "The 335 sounds much better" to have any real value

but the basic idea that "les pauls suck" is one which a smarter person could also have had, albeit for better reasons such as the shitty quality control on modern gibsons, the weight of non-weight-relieved models, the inherent structural weakness of the headstock joint

a) les pauls come with pretty much every neck profile under the sun. Oh? Which profiles are those?
b) fatty doesn't mean the same as fat and i've never played a les paul with lard on the neck. - mental gymnast shorts would look great on you.
c) there's way too much variation between individual models and way too little difference between a 335 and a les paul for a broad statement like "The 335 sounds much better" to have any real value - There is this thing called sound. The 335 and Les Paul does not sound the same. Not sure what you are even saying here.
I could not find anything remotely recent and I just have to get this off my chest.

Les Pauls SUCK!!!!!!  They have horrible fatty necks. The 335 sounds much better and LP's are over priced and over saturated.
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Alex Perialas.

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