I just put this up tonight, let me know what you think. Criticisms on both playing and recording technique welcome.

The Middle
I agree. Sounds like it's all middle tone. And he must not know how to hammer on. There's no need to pick every note if you're going to play it with that much distortion; especially not the way he attacks with the pick. Don't get up on a stage like that unless you can play the song so good you should be on an even bigger stage.
It's hard to tell if this is actually good or not, because Bm is a naturally beautiful-sounding key. But it's good. Your bends sounded good, it had a level of repetition to it (it's a good thing; it keeps an order to the solo), you held out the notes rather than trying to play too quickly and ruin the song's tone. It felt like you were holding back though. Start out playing mellow, like you were. As the song builds, start putting a little more into it. Every now and then, don't be scared to throw in some faster (but not mindless) licks.

Edit: it sounded like you stayed in the same position on the neck the whole time. As boring as it may seem, it's a good idea to learn scales on the entire neck, rather than just a range of 4 or 5 frets.
I guess Pinball Wizard isn't an acceptable answer
Well, I entered this contest in which I needed to make a guitar cover. So let me know what you guys think about it! If you have the few seconds, you should vote for my video to win as well. Given that I win, I'll play with 30 Seconds to Mars on stage for a song. And, I get a guitar. So help a UG'er out

Here's the video

Vote here! I'm letter D.

If this should be in a different forum, feel free to scold me.
^ I agree. I dropped a comment on your page. Just one thing: it seemed like you mumbled the whole song. It was on-key mumbling AND your playing was good, but enunciate, man!

I thought it was great! As with any solo, it can get a little repetitive. But overall, it was pretty sweet. I dropped a comment and thumbed up it ha.

Check it out?
I listened to it more than once, trying to pick something out that I could criticize...but nope! Haha, sorry I can't offer much advice to you; that cover was pretty spot on. Great job!

It's a little late, but I feel like I should post anyway. I used mighty putty to hold it, until it broke again a few days ago - literally hours before a new years gig. I ran out, got a soldering iron, solder, etc... and my friends dad fixed it up. It's great. Thanks!
Hey, I finally got around to my first YouTube video! Yeah! So anyway, tell me what you think, (disregarding than poor video quality) ruthless UG'ers. And if you have a soul, you'll thumbs up that junk.

Here it is!

Thanks in advance. Let me know if you'd like me to crit anything you got!
Alright, I'll run out tomorrow and pick up a soldering iron from town, then report back here. Thanks for the info you guys, I had a vague idea but I didn't want to muff up my guitar haha.
My guitar's input jack has been failing slowly over the past few days. When I'm playing, it sounds like someone's turning the amp on and off really fast. So, like a stutter. I checked it out, and the tiny wires that touch the input jack to relay the sound to the amp (i think) are starting to break apart. So would I need to rewire this myself? And where can I get the supplies needed?

So I guess, technically, it's customization. Because it's re-wiring. But if I'm in the wrong forum, please let me know so I don't mispost again.

Thanks, UG.
I like the first one the best. But I don't like the writing on the back.

EDIT: Mousing over your sig, all of your links lead to the same place. Not very subtle.
I wasn't planning on reporting you or anything, haha. Just being an ass.
They do have sound cards that allow you to plug in your instruments directly to them, you might want to take a look at those. You could probably get a better quality out of those.
1. Try Best Buy or something, ask around there. Or even Guitar Center. The Pit might not be the best place for serious advice.

2. Don't post the same thing twice next time.
I've personally used that Crate amp. The same model and all, I mean. It's wonderful. I see Line6 amps being used for metal w/ really heavy effects. It only sounds good with music that does not. The Crate, however, can give you great clean, has many effects, their levels can be easily adjusted, and it has two types of distortion - crunchy/sharp solos, and a deeper fuller sound that goes great with Black Sabbath and Cream stuff.
^I agree, it sounded very Blink-182ish in the beginning. I think the guitar during the chorus (lead) sound good, but it's a little too much, and all over the place. The crash during the chorus stood out, so you may want to rewrite the drums for that part. Maybe GuitarPro is at fault for that sound though. I really like the transition from the intro to the post intro. That sounds great.

And the end was kind of abrupt. I didnt mind that at all. If everybody stopped like that during a concert, it'd sound wicked. And if that was your last song, and the lights went out when you all stopped like that. Yeahh.

8/10, for your genre.

And thanks for the crit
Band Name: Baltic Avenue (please dont relate this to monopoly.)
Genre: Rock/Blues
Sounds Like: Trying to go for a Led Zeppelin-Guns and Roses thing.
Colors: Black background, white or blue logo.
Please make so it's not too mainstream. So whenever people see it, they'll know that it's from us. Make it distinguished.
Web and NonWeb use.

Also, the song on our myspace now is pretty old. We have newer originals that do sound like what we're going for. So disregard our Myspace page.
What's that on the ground in the second picture, in between the guitars? Is it a hooka?
"You are a virus spreading disease" - metaphor. Comparing "you" to virus spreading disease, but does not use 'like' or 'as'

"Your words are shit" - metaphor. The person's words aren't LITERALLY shit, but they're being compared to shit.
I feel bad for you. You just wrote your heart out here, and the Pit mocks you.

I don't watch The Office much, but I understand what you're getting at. Maybe there's going to be another character incorporated into the show.
It sounds like something i'd hear in Aladdin...the chorus is really "peppy"
It was good with before the lead guitar came in and after the drums kicked in...the part in between doesn't sound too hot. Honestly, it sounds out of key. But I could be wrong. I love what the clean guitar plays, however. Also, the chorus isn't as distinguished as it should be. It just sounds...weak, I suppose. But if it were on real instruments it would probably sound much better.

I don't think I can make the switch from TuxGuitar to GP5 without re-tabbing it.

If anyone knows of a software that would do that (allow GP5 to open TuxGuitar files), please let me know. I've yet to purchase GP5. Thanks.
Pretty sweet guitar riffs, a bit repetitive in my opinion. But that might have stood out because there were no lyrics. I loved the harmonizing solo, but the end of the solo seemed a bit rough. I also liked how the drums matched up well with the guitar, and weren't just trailing off on their own the entire song, which tends to be the case usually. The only con i encountered was the repetition in riffs. Perhaps a small lead over the rhythm guitar throughout the song.

Crit my song?
So, i have to write a slow song for my band in order for us to play at this concert. I wrote one and put it on "TuxGuitar", but UG doesn't let people upload TuxGuitar files. So instead, I recorded the sound produced from the guitar pro-like program and put it up on my songs.

Head to my profile and give it a listen. (criticize me)
What about "All Summer Long"?

It most definitely was on purpose, but they used the piano from "Werewolves of London", and the riff from "Sweet Home Alabama". Fairly obvious though.
Oh, yeah. Let's submit this to Mythbusters. And when they have a "Year 2016 Special", we can all find out. I didn't read the apple cider one yet. Im gonna hop over and check that out.
Quote by JimmyBanks6
for a more effective method: pour baileys, kahlua or vodka into bowl, dip in twinky, eat.

for less effective and stupid method: wait 4-6 years and look like a fool.

Or, for a more effective method: pour baileys, kahlua, or vodka directly into mouth.

for less effective and stupid method: pour alcohol in bowl and dip a twinkie in it.

If I wanted to get smashed, I'd just go get alcohol; what I'm really trying to do is bring little, if any truth, to the possibility of the experiment. It's not at all about getting hammered.
Anaerobic? It's in a sealed plastic baggie for freshness :P and, you can ziploc it if you're still unsure. Freezing it also helps prevent it from going bad, I assume.

This is all just what I heard. Im gonna stay neutral until I get a Twinkie buzz.
So, a friend told me that if you place a plain ol' Twinkie Snack Cake in the freezer, and let it sit for a period of 4-6 years, it will "ferment", I suppose, and the product will be an alcoholic Twinkie. You unwrap and eat it without allowing it to thaw to get the alcohol out of it. Now I don't know if there is any validity to this, but it seems cool. What do you think about this, Pit?
Haha yeah, I've had the misfortune of being in that opportunity. My friend jumped up one of those huge brute-like monsters, screaming his face off.

I think he peed a little T.T
Maybe "Dead Space", with the brightness turned all the way down, and the lights off by yourself. Very jumpy.
Rabbit. If it were to be a duck, it would be a retarded duck.

Picture a duck that would actually LOOK like that.
Did you just start a new thread with the exact same question in a different forum?
I might have to kick your ass.
GHS Fast Fret. Jk.
Invest in a dehumidifier, so your strings aren't exposed to so much moisture. If you want to actually clean your strings once they're dirty, then:
1) Loosen the strings up (tune them wayyy down)
2) Place a sheet of cardboard or something in between the strings and fretboard
3) Take a soft cloth or old T-shirt and rub down and/or scrape each individual string, removing all the black stuff.

The above method will remove almost all of the grime, gunk, and grease from your strings. WARNING: Every time I clean them using this method, I have a string snap within 3 days of doing it. So it might wear them down alot.
If you're tired, yes. Sleep is amazing, and you might not realize it until you wake up and want more.

Should I challenge Yngwie Malmsteen to a shred-off?
Way to ruin the thread, CarryMeHome. I just shaved, so not too much, if you must know.

What do you think of my band?
When I lived in....well, a not so upper class environment, I witness a 22 (guessing the age here) year old female open the back door of a moving car, jump out, roll on the ground, get up, run away, all while screaming.

That was one of the stranger moments of my life.