Hi all! been a super long time since i've posted

I've been modifying a peavey 'generation series' guitar- I like the way it feels, but i wanted to change the electronics.  It comes with peavey EMG-knockoff actives (HB in bridge and strat-sized single coil in neck).  I need a smooth humbucker lead sound in the neck so the active single coil was not cutting it.  I purchased a guitarfetish power rails for the bridge and a dimarzio air norton S for the neck (a humbucker made into a side-by-side rails strat size pickup), with the intention of having my guitar tech swap out the active circuit for passive and install both pickups.  

However, he called me last night to say that while he successfully put in the bridge pickup, the neck pickup wont fit.  Apparently the routing for active strat size pickups is ever so slightly different, and thus the dimarzio pickup sticks out on the sides.  He said he wouldnt recommend routing the guitar in this scenario, but he said EMG makes some good passive strat sized pickups.  While EMG passives definitely weren't my first choice, I think i'll give them a shot if it can save me from drilling into the guitar.  However, now I'm looking at the different options that match the criteria, it seems that there are S1, S2, S3, and S4.  Does anyone have any experience with any of these? some of them are stacked vs, some are side by side rails, is there an inherent difference? once again im looking for a rounded neck humbucker sound that can do jazz cleans or smooth distorted leads
is it reasonable to think that would fix the problem at hand?

also note, im not about to open up the amp and look around, i'm gonna bring it to the shop if theres work to be done, but it would be nice to know what the deal is so i dont get ripped off
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'Twer it me I'd just replace the entire cable. Don't **** around when it comes to mains power.

is it possible to do that when the cable is attached to the amp?
i have a small peavey bass amp that just started acting up. when it's on, sound comes through fine, but when the power chord (which isn't removable) gets moved around the sound cuts in an out. Is there just a loose connection that needs to be soldered?
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I crank the low and high but put the mid half way, I was just wondering if the eq could help get a little thicker of a sound.

i'd say work with your amps eq before bothering with a pedal, xxx have very sensitive and intricate eq and spend some time with it, you'd be surprised what you could get. start with everything at noon, and tweak it, paying close attention to how the knobs work with each other. dont use too much low and high because they'll make your sound too muddy and piercing. and as someone else said, that chunk your looking for wont come from the guitar alone, but get a good sound from the guitar that can have the bass and the kick added to it, that'll give you the chunk. also, use as little gain as possible. a very common mistake is having absurd amounts of gain, but it will hurt your sound more than anything else
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One more thing, someone once told me that what it damages the ears most are the bassy sounds. It had something to do with vibration I think. Bass will make your ears vibrate. more trebbly sounds, if they get to high, you ear cuts them and you can listen (like the dog whistles). This information may not be true, I have a vague ideia of earing this.

Hope it helps!

no, high frequencies such as cymbals, trumpets, and loud guitars do the most damage
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Once you've downloaded and installed the drivers for the POD onto your Mac, Garageband should recognise it as an audio interface when it's plugged in.

You can find the drivers here:

that only works for PODs with USB capability. the POD 2.0 doesnt have usb, only audio outputs. if you want the cheapest way to get your tracks recorded, use a 1/4 adapter and the appropriate 1/8 inch cable to go from the headphone output into the line input on the computer, and set the levels on the pod and garageband so it doesnt clip.
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i shuld DEFINITELY use ear plugs in band practice and stuff...

Dan_5893: What does IIRC mean?

F# minor, or its relative key, A major
yeah check the guitar's intonation (not tuning), if you have the right screws you can adjust it for your guitar, just look it up

experiment. some bends i find myself using are bending up a halfstep to the minor 7th from the major 6th, bending to the minor third from the second, etc...
from experience i can tell you keep the treble low, around 3 or so. other than that, just use your ears and try all the different modes on the amp, like crunch od1 od2. most people on the forum will bash it but i thought it was a pretty cool amp, then again i was using it for metal so maybe that's its forte.
i would put the last option, but i dont hate everyone, just you
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That should work for you it's a combo that works nicely together for one. Petrucci from Dream Theater used that config till the Liquifire and Crunchlab came out which are likely just newer versions I'm thinking I haven't compared specs. I have the D-Sonic and Air Norton S in my Jackson Dk2 and it's nice. the Air norton is a nice warm full sounding neck pup and the D Sonic is got enough out put and everything to be a killer bridge pup so I say it'll work. if you want a little more power in your bridge go for a tone zone.

+1 the tone zone is more of a fat sound rather than tight, however, so most likely you're gonna want to go for the d sonic imo
you won't be able to crank it, but honestly you won't be able to crank any amp, even if it's 5 watts. on top of that, you never know when you'll have an opportunity to join a band or something, so i'd say go for the peavey. on top of that, i'm willing to bet that bullet for my valentine used one for that song, so if you're looking for that tone, definitely get it.
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Come on guys; the only way you can get 20/20 and 19/20 is literally having perfect pitch. Even years of ear training wouldn't let you get such a perfect score.

actually if you have relative pitch/are able to tell pitches from a reference, which can be achieved fairly easily if you practice ear training, 19/20 is very possible since after getting the first one wrong, you'd have a reference to tell all the remaining pitches from

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but after the first one I cheated and used a relative pitch, although I knew some already, purely from sounding like notes from other songs and knowing what notes they are. i.e. C# is the first piano note in starlight by muse - got C# right everytime it came up.

you most likely have perfect pitch if you are able to recognize the starting tone of a song without actually hearing it. that's how i used to think of these tests whenever i did them haha, i would think of a reference from a song like G from smoke of the water or something like that, then after a while a realized most people can't think of a pitch that way and that i had perfect pitch. you've got a good ear buddy, train it
fix the instructions dog, "chromatic notes" doesn't show up until you click "perfect pitch". i got 20/20, been studying theory around 3 years i guess
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What's that one from?

decade of statues
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Yes, I record from a line 6 with the line out and it works fine. Just cant get the mic simulated out to work on my 6505+

if thats the situation, then it can't be a problem with the computer settings
as far as i know, none of the special defects songs use 8 string guitar
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+1 just go to this site it's not that hard, we're not going to spoonfeed you mp3's so stop posting and listen to those demos
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Go Anon. Fuck facebook. Fuck Zuckerberg and his spying. Fuck constant introduction of features to further intrude into people's lives and unsolicited acquisition of personal information and usage history. If pubic groups are going to take this bullshit down, that's sweet. I'm gonna watch here on the sidelines with my popcorn and bask in the glory of others' justice.

most of RHCP's new material is lame
hey, so i'm getting extremely frustrated with my old lo pro edge. over the past couple of months i've been trying to fix a saddle that doesn't keep the string in. i ordered a new saddle thinking the problem would be finally fixed, but now i'm totally confused. usually, when you tighten the screw some kind of metal part comes out and keeps the string locked against the other end of the saddle. however, when i tighten the screw of my saddle for some reason there is no metal part, and there's just the screw coming through, which doesn't keep the string in.
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No Mac. PC User.

Also, what does "have a look" mean? These programs are MASSIVE, I don't have the time to try all of them.
I mean, I've tried Reaper, and only after the first few days have I began to get a hint of what's going on.

are you saying reaper was too confusing? because if so, i'd definitely say work with it until you can use it, because in my opinion its about as easy to use as you can get compared to all the high end DAW's like cubase and protools.
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TB-15 sounded really really really thin, although tbh it had that kind of Djent thing going for it IMO

yeah, if the patch was tweaked to fit the TB-15, it could probably sound pretty heavy. but besides that, pretty cool demo
symphony x - V
not a huge symphony x fan, but something about V is so epic haha always fun to listen to the whole thing through
paradiddles and practice with a metronome
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Maybe to try and fit in- what I was saying earlier was actually a study I read awhile back- they asked and most families said they were middle income even when some were making above $200,000 a year. Perhaps they don't want to feel left out, or that they would get judged for being above average?

if you ask me it's probably a combination of these two, as well as even being about guilt
kent island? damn that's only about an hour from where i live, congrats with the job, pretty much a dream job for probably most of the people on this forum!
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I had a couple of puffs on a joint one time while I was really drunk.

Never done anyting else.

Mushrooms sound awesome though.


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That's why I think drug users shouldn't be able to vote. They're ignorant, and shouldn't be a part of any election processess.

75% of adults in the US have used alcohol and 40% have smoked pot. i guess they shouldn't represent the country, right?
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Typically, low gain amps aren't going to be very high gain.

mind blown
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That's its main appeal to me. It's funny, but it's also clever and these last couple of episodes are only really meant for people who've been watching it for a long time and actually "get" it.

I thought it was really powerful and thought-provoking, not some of their best humour but definitely had an effect on me. I like things that make me sad anyway.

^i agree, it was a good episode; however they'll need to get back on track with the outrageous funny type of episodes in the upcoming season(s) or else the show won't last much longer in my opinion
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What. They were saying the exact opposite. Things can only stay exciting if they take a left turn every once in a while.

did you see the very end of the new episode?
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Don't drink at all.

- Bad for you
- Expensive
- Drunk people annoy me and can be overly aggressive
- Don't like being drunk
- Weed...

this. i can see why people would enjoy drinking, but its just not for me, and even though weed's more expensive i find it's effects way more calm and less physically harmful. i dont really mind dealing with high people, but some of the shit some people do when they've been drinking pisses me off, my parents included. they are pretty much drinking all the time, and i dont want to have a habit like that when im older
have you installed the USB drivers for it? if so, go to reaper's preferences -> audio devices, and set the pod as your recording device and playback device, then plug the pod's outputs into your speakers/amp/headphones so that you can hear your guitar
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Nothing visible blocking the tremolo and I am getting about a one and a half note bend

that's usually how much pulling up will let you go, if you're trying to do a pull up noise, then the trick is to lower the bar way down first, hit the note then bring it back up to the neutral point