FireFromTheVoid Ah! Callan -- I haven't heard from him in over four years... Had to go look up his name on facebook
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Also hello mister dav

Hullo mister mayor
dawgeth321 Makes sense I moved into my city this year to avoid commuting
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davrockist I'd recommend the SF area, but the prices there are a bit nuts right now. On the other hand, you can be paid an insane amount as well.

Isn't that like the most expensive city in CA? That said, the gf is very anxious to move to Cali, so it could happen...
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At work, this shit sucks

What you been up to, man?
I'm trying to remember if it was you or Colin(?) who last time was here talked about moving in with their girlfriend and stuff?

If it was you give updates if not give updates about not that

Honestly not sure who Colin is...

I've not moved in with my girlfriend yet, though if she doesn't get deported at the end of the year (visa stuff ), I probably will. We've been together four years as of a couple weeks ago, and she wants a dog, so needs me to move in to look after it, since she has a real job...
dawgeth321 Ha. Great question... Getting out of this shitehole of a country first of all, then hopefully getting a job in software somewhere that pays well. Planning on marrying my gf once I can afford it.  
dawgeth321 Computer Science/AI stuffs. Basically decided I wasn't ready for a real job when I finished college so hoodwinked some people into thinking I was smart enough to keep around a bit longer

What's the masters?
dawgeth321 Mad, but mostly good! Doing a PhD these days, for some insane reason.

How's you? And things here?
I literally recognise every user on the last few pages. Good job bringing in new people guys!  
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Doing alright. Just contemplating what I want to get for lunch.

2 hours for hair? Tell her I'll do it for her in 2 shakes of a lamb's tail. Can't guarantee how much hair will be left though.

Aaaaaaand then the wind broke the internet in all of downtown Bellingham where I was... Ended up playing solitaire for a couple hours.
How are ya ol buddy ol pal?

I'm hanging out in Starbucks with like two hours to kill while the lady gets her hair did.
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Oh hey, Spit's back! Awesome =^^=

I was almost killed yesterday. Some people really shouldn't be allowed to drive.

No dying plz.

Hullo fancy web page and internet users.
Ahhh yes. Alcohol. Sweet, sweet, I-still-prefer-whiskey-so-not-that-sweet alcohol.

Just don't go applying for Irish citizenship just yet

Anyhoo, it's like 3am, and I have a 3 hour drive at 7am, so I think I'm gonna go shut my eyes for a minute or two... Glad to hear things are going well though!

I'll try drop in again at some point tomorrow. G'night!
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Im making 20 an hour now which is stupid money for my age and the job I'll be headed to starts at 27.50 an hour which I can't even wrap my head around. The shifts will be brutal though, 12 hour days, 14 days on 7 days off. It's a 84 hour workweek


And there I was, complaining about three 11-hour shifts in a row... That's insane good for an hourly wage though. Nice one
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I was in grade 10 when I started posting and this is my second year out of highschool so I know exactly how you feel

Dude. I started lurking when I was 13. I'm graduating university in a few months.

Responses in bold cause I'm too lazy to break up the quote. As for me personally not a whole lot has changed. I have a night shift job at a machining shop and in a month or so I have a job lined up working on oil rigs so that will be fun. Backbreaking but a lot of fun

Fun is good! I like fun. Pay okay?

Testing. :bear:

EDIT: Me likey :breakdown:
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also i got oreo cookie ice cream.

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Oh thats awesome man, how was Seattle? Nothing crazy I guess but theres a few things that have happened.

Seattle's been great fun! You 'Muricans be good at tipping barstaff

Metal got pissed at a few people and quit UG but thats a LONG story.

Not entiiiiirely surprised, but I won't ask...

Andrea is getting married.

That's awesome! but weeeeeeird I remember chatting with her like 7 years ago and her having a lot of issues with her love life. Super glad she's found someone special though

Not too many of us watch the show anymore, and there are a few new people that have never watched it. This is more of a chat thread now than anything

Sounds about right. No new thread in a whole year. I remember (I sound/feel old) back when we went through an entire thread in like 2 months.

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Also holy shit Dav's back

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You've been here, on the West Coast, and you didn't say anything? To shame! You should have come down to SF, and we could have spent the day in the City

I'm sorryyyyyy! I was actually just in Cali for the last week visiting the ladyfriend's family...

I still watch the show. I rarely go back and watch the old episodes, but when it's airing, I'm religiously watching it.

Fair enough! Good to hear there's still a few followers. I'd hate to see it fade entirely.

New news? I got my 4th degree black belt a few month ago. Other than that...just looking for a job, mainly. I started talking with Johnson and Johnson (again), so if that goes through I'll be moving with my dad (who is about to get an offer for a position he applied for months ago, that would, coincidentally, be across the street from where I would be) down to northern LA.

Grats on the belt! What style do you do again? I would say that sounds pretty cool about being close with your dad, though I don't know how you get on with him, so I'll offer a cautious woop. LA would be... nice, I guess? Hotspot for sure, though I dunno if I could deal with all that traffic - the I-5 is bad enough! Hope it works out for you though!

How you liking the Freedom (tm) over here?

Feeling pretty Free (tm), sir!

Oh yeah, my mom is in town for a few days. So hanging out with her for a couple of days

Niiiice (?)

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Look at this nerd having a life and shit the fuck man when are you gonna start posting here again

I don't know... As of next week, I'm back to being a full-time student, part-time IT guy, and filling in the gaps with boyfriend, son, and brother. Time is a little harder to come by than it used to be... :/
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Holy shit here's a blast from the past how have you been man

Not bad, not bad. Been living in Seattle with my girlfriend this past summer working in a bar, though heading home on Tuesday to Ireland to finish my undergrad.

How's things here? Any earth-movingly big news from the last few months?
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God ****ing dammit am I the only one who still watches the damn show, non the less makes music and fanart based on it?

I hope not. I was going through old files recently and was looking at all the stuff I made for the show... Kinda wish I was back then again, making content on the regular and hanging out here with you guys. :/

How you been keeping anyhoo?
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Dude sup? Long time no see! Aint many people around left with a pony avatar.

By all rights, I don't really deserve mine, except for posterity I haven't watched the show since somewhere mid season 3... Life took me in different directions
Wow, I still recognise every username on this page. Hullo old friends.
Yeah, I got skype! I'll PM you my name. I can join, though I might have to leave early depending how long it goes on. I'm expecting a call later on, but I'm free at ze moment.
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We needs to play Cah then. Usually what happens is we get into a Skype group call and I send a link for everybody to join into the room I usually host.

I think I remember saying that one thing in Tinychat actually.

...Only in tinychat.

If you send me the link on Facebook next time you're playing, I'll try join

Oh tinychat... Ye still use that at all?

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Ohhh, sounds pretty cool What are you doing University wise?

I do computer science, linguistics and French.

Yeah, I know it's a mouthful
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Hello Spit.

I've completely forgot when I said that thing in your sig.

We need to play a game of Cards Against Humanity with you.

Hey dude!

I have no idea either Probably over 2 years ago

I've never played! Always wanted to though...
Hee hon hee hon. Leprechaun. They rhyme. This proves everything.
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More or less the same shenanigans

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I know it's different from how it used to be here


I guess I'll take your words for it!

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You must have been doing some really hardcore stuff to be around so scarcely. What have you been doing?

You should catch up if you can find the time/interest. Season 3-4 are pretty good

I, for my sins, am currently living in Toulouse, France. None of ye likely remember, but last time I poked my head in here, I was kind of long distancing with an American girl (I'm Irish, in case ye forgot ). Anyway, yeah, she came over to Dublin for the summer, so between her and a full-time job, I was pretty damn busy! Now I'm stuck over here for a year, because my university decided that what I really needed was a baguette up the butt for my French to improve.
Dav you live!

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Nice to see you back from the void that is real life

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Holy ****ing shit balls!

Hi guys!

Yeah, real life has been happening on hardcore mode. I think the last time I stuck my nose in the Pit, I hadn't even started my exams...

So what's shaking in here nowadays?

(side note: I haven't watched pony since... early in S3? I think? )


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I didn't even see that Dave posted, hey Dave

And I saw the first one after that josh, it just said Oh no you didn't

Hey dude!
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Been going wellish. At my mom's right now, so not doing a terrible lot except relaxing, which is fine by me. How've you been?

Relaxing is always good in my book.

Been busy as usual, study and college work. Just about getting by.

Oh, and I miiiight be moving to the States in a couple years!
Nice to see ye again. How's it been going in ponyland?
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Mornin', everypony

Aww I missed Spit

Not entirely

Howdy y'all.
I'm liking it! A lot more than S3 actually... It's got the feel of the originals, with a slightly deeper storyline and the shoutouts to the community have been fairly tasteful so far, imo
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Hey. Yeah, we get through threads fast.

How have you been?

The first one lasted so long in comparison to all the others

Not too bad, just busy busy busy. I have exams in a week and assignments to do as well. Also, long-distance relationships are haaaaard :/

How are you guys? Good Christmas?

I finally caught up on season 4 yesterday.
Hullo ponyfolk. New thread since I was last here I see!
Glad to hear it's good

I haven't watched EqG either Probably won't.

Anyway, bed time for moi. I've an exam in a day or two, and gf's parents to meet after that :S Gonna need all the rest I can get, but I might try pop in again tomorrow

Ciao folks
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Us thread originators are a dying bread. Sucks to see you go.

Where are you getting your pony fill now?

I haven't been keeping up with ponies for a while now. I'm gonna binge-watch season 4 once I get my christmas break though
Yup I popped into TC last night, just making my once a season check-in on the thread
Sup ponyfolk.
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Yeah, that's understandable. We do miss you when you're not around, though.

As for open C I have no idea what I'm doing. I suppose different tunings are interesting like that, you have to work out where all the notes are again.

Now, back to working on this personal statement.

Give this a go, took me about a week and a bit to learn, but it's beautiful

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Maybe, but I hate spoilers so anything that might be related to S4 I've avoided I've seen a few thing on /r/mlp (that I didn't click on) floating around.

Also, on the posting bit, it's not like you have to spend all day on here Just if you have some time at the end of the day, just pop in and say 'hi' so we know you're not dead

I'll do my best, but I'm in college from 9am most days and often not home till about 11pm.

Hi Scoot