Have you tolexed it? Pics are always welcome
...Or make a new baffle board . Think about the "oomph" you'll get with that big a cab!
Orange Tiny Terror springs to mind.. Go try 'em all out! No love, no buy
Search youtube for "mash and flutter" he shows some of the repeated licks he uses there. Can you PM me the jam?
Christmas Eve IS Christmas!! But I'm gonna get presents for Christmas Day aswell since my parents are divorced. So far I've got: 5 books, two of them guitar related, headphones(expensive ones), earplugs, a guitar stand, and a homemade yoyo from my baby sister
ACDC - 24
Beach Boys, The - 3 - HURT
Guns N' Roses - 25 - HEAL
Iron Maiden - 25
Queen - 26
Metallica - 21
Nirvana - 14
Oasis - 14
Pink Floyd - 26
ZZ Top - 19
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theres a black fella, and a jewish fella stood at a bus stop

the black says to the jew, "wat times the bus due?"

jew- "bout ten minutes"

(you might hav to say outloud to understand)

Didn't get it
Thanks! I've heard Vintage 30's are awesome aswell, and it looks decent (I can always switch out the tolex for orange if I want to sometime in the future anyway )
Thanks to everybody for trying aswell.

Don't have Norway on the list But I found a nice deal on eBay ^^
Turned out it would cost more than the head (including speakers)... I guess I'll just buy locally at sky-high prices (maybe go down to 1x12)
Hi guys, I'm getting an Orange Tiny Terror for/after Christmas (depends on my luck.. fingers crossed), and I was planning on getting an orange wheat Avatar 2x12 with Celestion Greenbacks, but then I realized it doesn't ship to Europe. Is there a cheap, quality cabinet manufacturer that ships to Norway?

Thanks in advance.
Me or prscustom? I'm buying new.
Sorry if I'm hijacking his thread, but this is related (I'm getting a TT with what qotsa1998 said) and I feel OP's questions have been answered. Avatar doesn't ship to Europe, is there another cheap, quality cab maker that ships to Norway?
Good work! If you're bored, you can insert different tunings for us lazy guys (Eb, drop D etc)
first fast part in SCOM solo, starting tomorrow 30 min a day
void = pure awesomeness ^^

I'll definetly do this when I get a new amp.
you could just buy any amp you want and get an attentuator
He could just get an attentuator, and he can have as many watts as he wants ^^
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I speak English
Yo hablo espanol.
Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch.
Je veux apprendre le français.
Voglio imparare l'italiano.

If you speak spanish, you should know that you're saying "I I speak Spanish"
instead of "hablo español"

srry for double post
I speak fluently Norwegian and American-English. My dad's American, so I learned them parralel to eachother. This English chick once mistook me for an American [/shameless bragging]
when I look at gear reviews, in the comments people sometimes say "no bias". what does it mean? is it to be subjective or something?
Dude, where do you live?
seriously, 929 euros?? btw, I'd probably take your offer, maybe haggle a bit, if I could afford it cheapest around here is 650(used)
totally random
ACDC - 20
Beach Boys, The - 17 hurt
Guns N' Roses - 21 heal
Iron Maiden - 21
Queen - 21
Metallica - 20
Nirvana - 20
Oasis - 19
Pink Floyd - 21
ZZ Top - 20
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Actually I think you're wrong. Go over the border here and things are more expensive. I'm speaking o your old allies, which is Sweden.

(offtopic) have you heard of the old term "harrytur"? masse nordmenn drar til Svinesund og Strømstad for å kjøpe billigt sprit, kjøtt og godis hvert år!!

EDIT: NOT THAT OFF-TOPIC: thomann doesn't sell to Norway!!!!!!!!!!!
ANOTHER EDIT LOL: i found are they reliable?
preferably valve, and keep in mind that i live in the worlds prolly most expensive country
Preferably valve, and please keep in mind that i live in prolly the most expensive country in the world: Norway
In Live Era 87-93 Slash drops an awesome solo with talkbox in Rocket Queen. anyone tabbed that out?
what did god say when he created a black guy?
-damn, burnt another one
does it count if my first guitar was a stagg?(the one in the surfstar pack) if so, 4 months, hagstrom ultra swede
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Whichever you like best.

the point is.. I cant decide..!
they don't have blue... so: red or grey?
thx guys.. pretty obvious which one I should get..
I'm getting a new guitar so.. I'm leaning towards the Hagstrom, but that's probably because it's the only one of the two I've played xD