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How's the tele surgery going justyn?

Good! I ripped out the shoddy MIM wiring and installed an Emerson prewired kit. It sounds amazing. 10/10 would buy again and pay twice the price.

How is everyone in their endeavors and rigs?
I suck at reading and spleef. Sorry dudes.
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I'll keep an eye on the thread, zeph

...and justlivin, that's way past midnight in GMT time... are you able to get on during sat/sun afternoon?

I should be able to on Saturday.

Hoping on now for a little bit.
I should be able to hop on about 21:30 EST for a bit.
Rynnas, I stole your crane design for my port's loading dock. Thanks love.
Sorry. I was away from the internet for the last three days. I can hop on tonight for a little bit or tomorrow between 1200 and 1600 EST tomorrow. Sorry guys. I'll check the thread/dynamap in 30ish minutes when I'm done unpacking my shiz.
I don't have those powers friend. I am the shit stain of the Minecraft hierarchy.
Gaiad won 2-1. I'm open for another couple hours Sonic.
I'm available until 10pm EST today. Hit up this thread as I won't be on the whole time.
Available pretty much all day today until 4ish EST.
I can do my matches later at night. 10pm EST ish will usually work. Let me know it that doesn't work for you guys and we can try and work it out.
I'd like to join in the festivities.
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I'm slowly moving away from spawn, to secret coords !

Ha! I know!
I think we should keep it as vanilla as possible. My $.02.
HA. You can see the penis tree.

I've got some iron that could be bargained for.
Both my OCD v4 and my LGW sound great with my AC30. I also have a SHO clone in front of those so I can boost them if need be.
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Sold the Jamman Stereo. Was okay, but not really made for live use. 50% of that pedal is practise-pased - backing tracks, mp3 player ipod whatever in, cheap drumetronome etc. So yeah, **** that. Gonna wait till January (when I get paid for the videogame music) and buy Pigtronix Infinity.

I use mine live every week. I just turn everything off except loop level and instrument level. Turn all that other nonsense off.
Any reply to this thread that isn't Musket Fuzz is wrong.
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Around here if you buy a gretsch people just assume you play in a worship band at church. Hahaha

Or a Deusey. Ha.

BTW: Have you seen this, West?
Hey guys. My computer is fixed. New hard drive for teh suck. I'll be back around more often.

What's good?
I did that trade yesterday. My. God. How does everyone not have a Jazzmaster? It's wooden sex.
Thom, you got a Jazzmaster? What other awesome news have I been missing out on? My computer went full ****** and I have to use my phone for everything.
F that noise.

I'm trading my AC15 for a Classic Player Jazzmaster later today.
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bought myself a ticket to La Dispute in Sydney.

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Musket is better. /thread. hahaha

Ask Molter. He probably has the schem laying around somewhere.
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So do any of you guys have patch cable preferences? Or do you just use whatever is around?

All the cables I have are different. Part of me wants to get all new ones to make the board more aesthetically pleasing haha

My board is all livewires. They sound fine but the end are freaking enormous.
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**** i just hit the most wanted list of the post rock thread.


*flame-shield on*

Tim has the right to his opinion, whether you agree with it or not. Agree to disagree and move on. Group-think is a bitch. That being said, Devi makes a mean fuzz.

JHS guy is a tool.

Diamond Comp is where its at.

Ultimate-Drive is solid.

Reverb-wise I have to recommend a HoF. Incredible verb especially at the price point.

Cannot comment on chorus. Not my cup of tea.

and above all, I get to sleep in for the first time in forever tomorrow.

Korey, what is your rig looking like? I wanna off my DL4.

EDIT: ^ Ryan is on point.

New guy, post-rock is whatever you want it to be.
Look in pawn shops. I paid $140+tax for mine with the OG box and adapter.
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Nice board Justyn. I need a Jamman. ASAP.

Thanks Mike. You really do. The Stereo Jamman rules. Loops fer dayz.