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Was REALY tempted. Until I noticed the existence of the X2.

Might go for it, depends on how much a smaller reverb, vocal pedal and light distortion cost me.

Looks ace though.
Anyone have any idea on how I can achieve this sort of thing (slightly overdriven acoustic), but with a little *less* dirt/od?

It would need to work through an acoustic amp so I need a nice light effect. I was thinking some sort of light OD with a blend option?

Would the sort of levels that a TS9 supplies with the gain all the way down that provide this. Haven't messed around with ODs so I'm not sure how low they go in general.

Guitar shops are a fair distance away from me, or I would go find out.
and penis, said the
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I want greenday to do a dookie tour
That would be so cool

reading 13.
Didnt even pay.
Got paid.
I practice MMA, training has severely limited the amount of time i can practice, to the determent of my playing. My hands aren't too bad to be honest, be sure to wrap and wear gloves.

I uh, I uh, hehehe, I uh, hur duh, hu, huhuhu, uh, uh well, let me back up, hu, hahah, uh.
Cant even believe that people would debate this.

Until we get round to sorting out what it is that makes people willing to work in dangerous environments legislation that covers employer responsibility is 100% necessary.

My grandfather died through what was a mix of unfiltered and asbestos poisoning.

Europe. Hell yeah. (Brit right here)
Same thing I do to a watermelon.
Shit, shower-shave.
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Makes me ashamed to be from Leicester... Thank god I moved to Bournemouth

Hell YEAH B'mth!!!

(From the dude from Poole)
New people (in non freshers like situation): Handshake
New people in en mass situation: Hi!!!!!!
Formal: Firm handshake, place index and middle finger along the inside of their wrist. They can squeeze as hard as they want then but your knuckles are in a line and you won't feel a thing.
They can ************ off back to their **.

Whilst they figure that one out.
50. Second go.
1) Boil water in a non-plastic kettle.
3)infuse for one min if a pint mug, 30 seconds if a normal mug.
4)If normal mug reuse bag to make another cup.
Its a book. They are his books. He can do whatever the hell he wants with them. If he wants to put anything about me in a book then burn it he can. Anything I believe in AT ALL. He can write down and burn. You'll find me not giving a hoot.
Nope. I have worked in some places that serve food as a doorman, but not whilst they are serving.
No, at 6ft6 you are lanky if you weight less than 13 stone.

At 16 stone and not to flabby, I am not lanky haha.
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nigga what

Well. They certainly use processing power, but the 'bottleneck' in most well designed systems at a console price point will be the GPU.

And in comparison to say film editing or 3D design gaming tends to use a small amount of RAM.
Hang the *insert expletive*

Here the death sentence is pretty apt.

He wants to be a martyr? Thats ok, we'll hang him with a hello kitty guitar strap in a manthong. Turn that image into the front of a zealot craze.
I would actively wish upon anyone only what it would take to remove them from my life to a pleasant extent.

But wouldn't give two rags if any of the above stuff happened to them.

Dont really have any enemies though.
170. Haha.

Get me a brandy.
Ok, sex thread people!

Kissing. Like, actually kissing, not just getting to the point of kissing (which is what everything else seems to talk about). I think I am alright in the getting there (or have just got lucky multiple times! ), but recon my technique is lacking.

Enlighten me please!
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Probably a different Science discipline. Any of them, really. I love science. I think I'd have a hard time choosing which Science major ..there are so many im interested in. I am in Psychology right now, though, and I adore it. So cant complain much!

I was originally an Electrical Engineering major, and I loved the classes, but decided Id probably seriously hate the profession. Unfortunately, as to be expected, pretty much none of my EE classes transferred over to my Psych major, so that sucks. Time wasted. But I am much happier in Psychology so it was worth it.

Kindaish like me, but I am staying since my course is pretty mobile and I am taking a business management course with it.

Nice alternative though
Currently doing an elec Eng, would like to do psychology, woodworking and some outdoorsy stuff like mountaineering.
I find the best way to loose weight is to incorporate as much exercise as possible into day to lay life by keeping a set of running shoes and shirts , shorts ect at the ready.. Need to go to the post-office? Run. Need to do a small shop? Run. Play a sport. If you go swimming, go out of your way to actually do a few lengths ect.

This alongside a good exercise regime means you can eat pretty much whatever.

why is whatsapp not on here?

I just buy whatever is on offer that looks nice at... MOORRRRISSSONS!!!!?!?!?

But so far I have enjoyed it; Laphroaig and Ardmore this year, with the former definitely taking the crown.
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means I banged some girl when I was 10.

What, on this good earth, is that, because it never should have been.
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I have no idea how this is a response to me claiming you will become a prostitute.

larger outlook.



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Seriously. If teenagers/young adults like you are contemplating something like this, it usually means the most wise thing is to not do it, but they do it anyway. There's no point in asking here as most people would simply tell you to man the **** up and buy it. What;s the worst thing that can happen? You might end up sucking off sailors to pay for the bills, but hey, your mom turned out great despite that too, so what's the problem?

I was interested in the larger outlook, and was going to try to avoid specifics , but interesting questions were asked, so i went with it.
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Damn that plan is pretty shallow. Do you get slapped with giant fees if you go over 1 GB of data or whatever options you choose?

And shallow?
It has 1gb of data, unlimited texts.
All I need!

And your question:

Nope. You just dont have any more. No more cash in account = no more phone.

You can buy an extra days internet for 40 pence or something if you run out. I never have, there's wifi everywhere at my uni
Assuming I get a new phone, which I will not.

S4 looks tempting, because I know I can repair it easy.
Oh 250 min option BTW
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I'm the same, no way I can justify dropping that cash at once, plus an upgrade every other year is fine by me.

I'm a giffgaffer. IT works out cheaper in the long run and I don't like being tied into contracts.

So yeah, buy the damned phone and throw your future away. WHY WOULD IT MATTER DAMNIT?

and you can easily afford it, go for it.

Middle grey ground....
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I get very very drunk. Then I don't remember spending money.

It has the downside of ending up either with hookers or lots of kebabs. And usually the latter, not the former.

Oddlly enough....

No issues spending here.
So PIT, it would appear that the HTC desire that has bravely companion-ed me for years is dead.

I am having a hard time justifying upgrading to a new snazzy one, but really want one none the less.

With mind to a certain level of abstraction above the product itself how do you justify spending money?
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Get it on the PC and download user created patches.


But for the next gen.

Just get a PC.