B.C. Rich - 1 HURT (please kill me!!)
Epiphone - 28
Fender - 31
Gibson - 29
Gretsch- 19
Ibanez - 25
Jackson - 40
Paul reed Smith - 28
Schecter - 27
I do plant layout and design work in the oil and gas industry in Alberta. Instead of hookers and blow, I buy guitars.
Yah, I've got one and its pretty awesome, and not really that big at all. Pretty standard for a V really. Now big would be my BC Rich Kerry King. That one is a big b1tch!
Used to use Dunlops until I found Brain picks which are fantastic and have a way better grip. Use the red (.73) and black (0.88) ones. Then I found Dava picks (que: heavenly angel music) and use those pretty much all the time now. I really don't care about how long a pick lasts but if thats a concern for you then know that these are actually the most durable of any I've had.

Just a question: do some of you seriously only have like one or two picks and you need to worry about how long they last...? Don't mean to offend anyone but seriously, even the most expensive ones are like 1 or 2 bucks each, with most of them being under a buck. Spend some of your allowance and stock up!
If the other strings aren't really due for a change than you can just change the one string and leave it at that. You can buy single strings. Get close to the same gauge as you had so the tension should end up being about the same and not really cause you any problems with the trem.
If you want to change all the strings then follow one of the many online tutorials on doing this. The only thing I could add is to change each string out one at a time. Its a good thing to not be afraid of your guitar and spend the time and effort on learning how to work it and do things like changing strings with a floating trem. Good luck.
AFTER YOU TAKE OUT THE ORIGINAL SCREW, FILL THE HOLE WITH A LIQUID OR PASTE WOOD FILLER...oops sorry for the caps lock...anyways, yah, use wood filler then put in the new screw before it dries, and wipe off any access that gets pushed out. It'll be friggin solid.
On two of my Agile AG-3000s, which have a les paul body style, I replaced the top with straplocks. There was no chance of my straps coming off at the bottom. The original screws had a more course thread than the supplied screws, which would have given me a problem if I put them in as is. So after removing the original screw, and I recommend this to everyone whenever your replacing a screw from wood, was I filled the screw hole with a paste wood filler, then put in the new screw. Thats the only additional advice you might need as its not mentioned in the instructions. Other than that its real easy.
In no order of preference, I own and play the following:
B.C. Rich

I don't beleive in the "this brand X is the best and anything else is crap" mentality...obviously.
Just reading the title I immediatly thought Hetfield. Although there is undoubtably many many fantastic rythym players out there from all genres.
B.C. Rich - 14 HURT
Dean- 9 HEAL
Epiphone - 27
ESP - 27
Fender - 25
Gibson - 23
Gretsch- 18
Ibanez - 27
Jackson - 38
Paul reed Smith- 26
Schecter - 25
and how is Dean falling behind BC Rich!!! holy poop thats just crazy!!!!
B.C. Rich - 18
Dean - 12
Epiphone - 21
Fender - 25
Gibson - 23 HURT
Gretsch - 19
Ibanez - 25
Jackson - 31
Paul Reed Smith - 25
Schecter - 23
Squier - 11
quick question...when a brand gets to zero is it dead and off the list...or does it stay and still able to get healed??
B.C. Rich - 21
Dean - 17 HEAL
Epiphone - 20
ESP - 21
Fender - 21
Gibson - 18
Gretsch - 20
Ibanez - 24
Jackson - 25
Paul Reed Smith - 22
Schecter - 22
Squier - 18
Yamaha - 11 HURT
Exactly. You pay an initial higher shipping cost to get it flown through, receive it faster and skip additional fees, except GST, and PST where applicable.
I've got both the 79 (white V) and the anniversay ML, and I prefer the 79, and in fact it's one of my favorites to play. Love the feel, the weight, the neck, everything about it. The pickups aren't terrible and I've considered changing them to a JB/59 or something but I really don't need to. I love the 79's so for myself I'd go for that in a braziliaburst or plain white.

P.S. Deans aren't meant for large handed people as someone else said. They have the "standard" 1-11/16" width nut.
Yea, a fellow Edmontonian! I ordered the AG-3500 green baritone guitar, which came in about 2 or 3 days. I don't think the wife said she had to pay anything when it was delivered. Then i ordered 3 more (after getting the AG-3500 and being very happy with the quality and price), 2 AL-3000's (black and natural spalted) and an AG-3000 in blue. I think the misses said she had to pay about $60 when that arrived. and again that came in about 3 days. I did pay for the most expensive shipping option though, so I think that with it being in FedEx's hands via plane, there won't be any brokerage fees, or duties, just the GST.

P.S. check out my Agiles in my profile photos section.
Many many moons ago Metallica was all I was learning (pre-black album when they still sounded good) and since then I haven’t learned solo's from other musicians. It seems that whatever I'm doing a note or pattern will come out that to my ears speaks Metallica. So I suck because to me all my improve solo's sound Kirk Hammett-ish in some way.
They seem pretty oblivious and thoughtless as to how you feel at all. Show them this thread and what others have said about your concerns...
I just started looking myself and so far the BOSS BR-600 ($350) sounds interesting.
Not really sure if its what I'm wanting or if it would fit with what your looking for as I'm still learning but maybe??? Does anyone know if something like this would work for aurian4parker?
Back in the day Kirk Hammett would kick in his Tubescreamer just for his solo's. I would do pretty much the same thing barring you don't have a third lead/solo channel on the amp already.
Agile @ Rondo music

I bought it and its pretty damn cool. Agiles are awesome bang for your buck. I have 16 guitars right now and the last four have been Agiles. Theres a really good utube vid of a guy and this exact guitar, which is what finally convinced me to try out an Agile. I know its a bit more than the $350 you said, but if you could round up the extra $80 or whatever I'd go for it, as I really don't know where you'd find anything of similar quality at such a low price.
This might help. Different thread, exact same topic from a few days ago...
Uhm guys, ESP is a Japanese company, not a U.S.A. company. They just have a headquarters there in California and I think somewhere in the U.K.

They changed the previous version of the Eclipse with the four control knobs to 3 knobs because Gibson had a problem with anyone doing that. Outside North America you can get 4 knobbed Eclipse because Gibsons patent doesnt extend outside North America. Other company's (I'm not talking about Epiphone) now have 4 knobbed Les Paul body guitars and there doesn't seem to be a problem now, so I don't know whats up with that...?
I have one of each, the cherry red EC-1000, and the Eclipse II in vintage white. Both are incredible guitars with equal quality craftsmanship. The Eclipse is a bit lighter and the satin finish to me reminds me of excellent creamy belgian white chocolate, haha thats the best way for me to describe how it feels. The EC has nice low tight smooth as butter action, and its a bit heavier that the Eclipse, but thats not to say that its a heavy guitar at all. To me neither one is better in any significant way, just different. If the biggest thing about an Eclipse to you is the fact that they have an ebony board, well the EC-1000 in vintage black has an ebony board, and it looks like the finish is satin, which would have the closest feeling to my vintage white Eclipse??? 24 fret...really made no big difference to me, what mattered more was the fact that the neck pickup is moved in a bit closer to the bridge pickup to accomodate the 2 extra frets, but again no real big deal there either. Take your pick, ther're both great guitars regardless of where they're built.
Its probably not bad but I've never tried it. For myself I prefer the options with getting the 5w Blackheart. I.e. full EQ, can plug into other cabinets, switch to 3 watts...
I just looked into this myself and came to the quick conclusion after trying out the V18-212, that it would be way too loud for bedroom practice. I ended up with getting the 5w/3w Blackheart head and cab. This works out for me because I also have a seperate B-52 AT-100 head with a 4x12 cab to plug into if I need some more volume, and thats why I got the seperate head version-to use that 4X12 cab if I want. You might want to consider waiting for the 15w/7w Blackheart that would be coming out in a month or two, or if you go with the 5w Blackheart, maybe get an additional speaker cabinet for gigging.
Maybe the strings are twisted along its length. Although I have no idea how that could happen. I had seen recently an interview with EVH mentioning that he makes sure that his strings are not twisted (first time i've ever heard of that), and again im not sure how this could even happen. Just change the strings and see what happens.
put it in the dishwasher. Make sure to use the pots and pans setting and it will even help get out the gunk build up around the frets and other hard to reach places...
Yeah I have no fockin idea of what he means by rolling. Unless you mean that the tension is too tight and you can't bend up as far as you used to on your older guitar, and your finger rolls over the string thus losing your grip...? Is that whats happening...?
Yeah dude it seems like no one really got what you were saying. The strings had nothing to do with how close your trem bar was to the body. It seems that the 1st straight section of your bar, that comes straight out of the bridge, is longer than you like. I suggest you just go to a shop and find one thats shorter, or order one online.
Quote by george8392
considering that im the bass player, im not into effects, and i probably will never need em

oops sorry I guess I wasn't paying 100% attention. Yeah, I guess I meant your guitar player, but I stick with my comment that maybe he's not happy with his tone because he's missing something that won't come from his EQ...just something to consider maybe???
Just a thought...maybe your bass player has in his mind a tone (from whatever band or genre of music) and it takes more than EQ to get THAT sound??? Maybe its not an EQ issue but an effect like a little bit of reverb or delay or whatever else...???
Personally I would skip the case if it meant getting a 3000 instead of a 2000, but thats just me and I already have 7 or 8 cases sitting around taking up space. I recieved 3 guitars from Rondo recently without cases in mint condition with 1 day shipping....just my input.
You're talking about the AL-3000 in blue with the EMG's I think??? I was looking at getting that one too, but it sold out and thats why you no longer see it on the Rondo site.
The new Bandits have a power switch with 100%, 50%, and 25% power select options. Does yours not have this or is it still too loud at 25% power??
Randy Rhoads.

He was so young and had amazing talent and skill. He would have made incredible music.

For one show, for sure Randy, but then I suppose we would need the Oz man himself too.
I've uploaded some photos of my Agiles which can be seen on my profile. I've got the AG-3500 baritone in green, the AG-3000 in blue, an AL-3000 with the natural spalted top and an AL-3000 in black.

Three common things so far between them all. Most of the strings were tuned too high, the action was set way too low, and a very good positive, the intonation has already been set to near perfect, which I've never seen on other guitars right out of the box.
I've uploaded some photos of my Agiles which can be seen on my profile.
they're awesome guitars. I did get an Agile baritone before ordering the three others; one for something different, and two to try out the Agiles. Its an awesome guitar and close to an ESP Horizon, or the LTD versions anyways. So after getting that one I was pretty confidant in the quality, so thats why I just went ahead and got the other three I wanted.
These make guitars number 14, 15, & 16 and I love them.
I did send a question to Kurt at Rondo about the pattern and he said that he does not see any of the guitars when they get picked so he has nothing to do with what pattern you might get. He did re-iterate that it could be sent back if I didn't like it, but he might not have realized that I'm in Canada, and I don't think that outside the U.S. the return policy is so clear cut.
Anyways, the pattern doesn't look like the one on the site but it's pretty damn cool. I'll get a photo or two up when I can get a chance. I've got 4 kids and one needs a haircut, one is going to bed now, another is chilling watching Pink Panther and the other is crying the sanity out of me till he finally falls a sleep.