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i meant those really fast bends--- obviously slow bends you can never imitate with a slide

still no.
I say everyone regardless of age should re-test every 5 years.
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Spend on smack instead.

AND hookers!
"you're so probably think this thread is about you..."

Needs a lethal dose of modesty.
Last, and final count according to my wife, is 19 guitars. Includes my first one that's put away and a couple acoustics.
Yeah I had grown my hair long enough that I could grab it with my hand when I reached around my back, down to mid back I suppose. I had been going to the same guy for about a year to get my hair cut. Well, I joined the reserves and before I went to basic training I went in to get it cut off. He looked totally shocked and thought I was joking. He asked if I wanted to keep some, but no, the army was going to make me a new man. But I kept going to him and stuck with the box cut and he'd spend like 20-30 minutes on it for $12 bucks. He always got a tip but damn I miss that hair.
no. My strings tension is not so tight, nor are my fingers so weak that I can't do a proper bend-even on the high E. If your breaking strings often just from doing bends then somethings wrong.
The Number of the Beast - 16
Electric Ladyland - 34
Appetite For Destruction - 16
Rust In Peace - 18
The Doors - 20
Master of Puppets - 33 HEAL
Led Zeppelin IV - 34
Dark Side of The Moon - 33 HURT
Abbey Road - 21
Back in Black - 8
Imagine - 17
Jackson - 53 HURT
PRS - 19
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After going through this thread for the last couple hours and seeing this photo 3 or 4 times I just remembered where I had seen it before. I had seen it on a CBC documentary. These are soldiers, now patients, whos faces are really f'd up. Little was known about doing plastic surgery/face reconstruction at this time, but at this place this was what they tried to do. Just thought I'd share what I remembered.
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It's not what you have - its how you use it

nice...too true. It also shows I have a serious GAS problem that will require many hours of expensive therapy sessions. But before I do that theres an Ibanez I've been looking at....
I've also seen blank tab sheet books sold in music stores.
go naked or go home! take one in the sack like a man!!! AARRRRGGGHH!!!!!

No, actually I've never seen anyone take one there, and I never did the dozen or so times I've gone. I wouldn't worry about it....but if you are...maybe wear jeans. That and the coveralls should do the job, along with making you sweat a tonne.
anxiety based on fear, jelousy, the unknown...
Its questions like this that make people go phsyco. He should just get to the damn point instead of wasting everyones time thinking about this. But please let us know when he finally tells you the startling secret to this stupid life changing question, because how the hell am I able to go on with my day not knowing the answer to this...? seriously, let us know when you find out...
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You guys are almost as smart as Mississippians, eh?

Nice. Yeah they got me, the basturds!! Somehow it just didn't strike me as surprising though.
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I don't believe that. Find me a credible source that says as such, and I'll give you my honest opinion.

Well Snopes researches these things then comes to their conclusion, which for this item, they've concluded that it is true. They list their source at the bottom of the page. I'm sure it can be found online elsewhere but I'm not looking.

Edit: Snopes isn't a site for satire, but theres a lot of stuff that makes you laugh.
First of all, sorry to hear about your girlfriend. Is there any prognosis on her ever getting her voice back?

Secondly, as someone already mentioned, maybe learn sign language together. She's got to be going through some shitty feelings herself trying to deal with this. Don't let her feel alone.

I hope for the best for you guys.
OMG-this just makes me crazy. People are actually okay with this continually dumbing down of the education system.

Question: in the U.S., is "secondary" school the same as grades 9 through 12? In Canada we have Junior high (grades 7-9, then high school (grades 10-12/13). My son has had fractions and decimals in math curriculum since grade 2.

8/10 nice, but still not enough gearzzz

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Sorry to hear that. Would you eventually get another rabbit?
on the other hand, I've been waiting for this *ucker to die. He eats too much, and the price of small children is going up up up!

hope that you smile.
my stupid co-workers yapping stupidly about stupid stuff...
The Bible and the Koran. Then you can have an excuse to kill lotsa people and wreck a bunch of stuff...okay okay sorry...I'm just surprised no one said it yet...

Anyways, what are you more interested in reading? Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Fiction etc...
Heres some good stuff I've read lately, Neverwhere, The Road, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, Gods Behaving Badly...

EDIT: I tried to read The Iliad, and I stress tried. Its not that I'm stupid and can't understand english, but as far as I remember, this was translatted a long time ago into old english and it takes a lot to understand what the hell is being said. Theres a lot of words that people don't use in everyday speech. But anyways, have at it.
Yeah for religion!
Keep on killing...its so fun to blindly believe in something you can't see or prove that you can kill something you can see/feel/ or otherwise interact with in the real world like your fellow man/women/child.
Now if they could just kill each other off for good, then "we" could make some real progress.
Jackson - 53
The Number of the Beast - 15
Electric Ladyland - 33
Appetite For Destruction - 12
Rust In Peace - 17
The Doors - 21
Master of Puppets - 31 HEAL
Led Zeppelin IV - 34
Dark Side of The Moon - 35 HURT
Abbey Road - 21
Back in Black - 9
Nevermind - 4
Imagine - 18
The Number of the Beast - 12
Electric Ladyland - 31
Appetite For Destruction - 17
Rust In Peace - 18
The Doors - 21
Master of Puppets - 29 HEAL
Led Zeppelin IV - 34
Dark Side of The Moon - 35 HURT
Abbey Road - 21
Back in Black - 11
Nevermind - 7
Imagine - 15
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ESP - 44 heal
Jackson - 51 hurt
PRS - 22 hurt

Only one hurt allowed dude-please redo or edit

Jackson - 51 HURT
PRS - 23
Fender - 8
Jackson - 72
The Number of the Beast - 11
Electric Ladyland - 31
Appetite For Destruction - 17
Rust In Peace - 18
The Doors - 20
Master of Puppets - 27 HEAL
Led Zeppelin IV - 34
Dark Side of The Moon - 37
Abbey Road - 21
Back in Black - 13
Nevermind - 7
Imagine - 15 HURT
The Number of the Beast - 14
Electric Ladyland - 28
Appetite For Destruction - 16
Rust In Peace - 14
The Doors - 21
Master of Puppets - 27 HEAL
Led Zeppelin IV - 34
Dark Side of The Moon - 33
Abbey Road - 21
Back in Black - 13
Nevermind - 11 HURT
Imagine - 16
Fender- 10
Jackson- 67
Thanks, but I wasn't looking for stuff to do, just wondering who else out there should be working but are sitting on UG posting useless stuff like me right now...
I design refinery piping in 3D modelling. The job itself can be pretty cool, its just really slow right now. We can view our model and fly around in it. I used to pretend I was an X-Wing going through the Death Star canyon for fun. But that got boring afer the first few times like 4 years ago.
Just wondering who's posting on UG mainly because they're at work and just really really bored??? I've slowing been slipping into a coma today, and the UG forum is THE only thing keeping me alive right now.
I think I once thought about the things I thought, then I thought I would think better to not think these thoughts at all, or so I thought.
yeah, but I'm not ready to talk about it still gives me the heebie geebies
Hey fatty fat fat jumbo fatso fatty fat...just kidding...uhm...likes hippos???
Jackson-66 HURT
PRS- 42
The Number of the Beast - 15
Electric Ladyland - 27
Appetite For Destruction - 16
Rust In Peace - 15 HEAL
The Doors - 22
Master of Puppets - 26
Led Zeppelin IV - 32
Dark Side of The Moon - 33
Abbey Road - 21
Back in Black - 13
The Clash - 0 HURT & DEAD
Nevermind - 13
Imagine - 16