wow, okay, no question about it now. The V18 is LOUD, which equals not good for the bedroom in case anyone is wondering.
I need some input guys. I'm torn up between getting the Blackheart 5 watt Little Giant or the Crate V18-212. If its the Blackheart then I'd be getting the seperate head with the cab.
The purpose of getting anything at all is that I want a lower wattage amp, as I presently have the 100W B-52 AT-100 which rarely gets past 1 on the master volume, and I'm going to have it in my largish converted closet in the bedroom. It won't be used for gig's, and I want to make use of my effects pedals (mainly distortion and mayby my GT-8 if I want more effects) I mainly play thrash metal but nice clean tones are a must.
I've read a lot of great reviews for both amps and I'm hoping to be able to try them both out at lunch today but any thoughts would really be appreciated. Please don't suggest other amps as I've already decided that its between these two. Thanks.
I'll be getting it from FedEx sometime tomorrow, along with another AL-3000 in black and an AG-3000 in blue. I can post when I get a chance. I'm pretty sure that if you look on ebay there might(???) be a few more photo's of it than whats on the actual Rondo site.
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Man you gotta tell me how your Reaper is. Looks like the Reaper Custom. Please pass on a review, and if its similar to any other V's you've tried.
Just because you don't have the talent or skill to use something doesn't make it useless or irrelevant...and its a pretty stupid comment to make especially when it comes to something like music.
These guys use 8 strings, open your mind and check it out...
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pics please

ha ha I knew that was coming, and I would have if I had taken pics yet. I'll wait till next week after I get the others, but then I need to prep for a camping trip, but I'll put them up asap.
Seek & Destroy & Damage Inc. both are frikin killer to play too, but if you want to sweat, then Damage Inc, and yeah sorry, unfortunately nothing after the black album.
Holy crap. I received my Baritone AL-3500 Tribal Green and holy crap what an awesome guitar. The closest thing to it that I've tried before is an $1800 ESP Horizon, but of course as a baritone. I just ordered the AG-3000 Tribal Blue, and two AL-3000's, one natural spalted and one in black.
This AL-3500 came setup perfectly except with the action a bit too low. The intonation was almost perfectly bang on which is what really blew me away. The only guitar I've ever bought new that was anywhere close to being intonated properly was my ESP Eclipse II. I'm selling off a few of my other guitars and replacing them with these Agiles. Anyways I just wanted to share how impressed I am with this brand.
"can't be arsed to faff about" ???? oh my god you U.K.'ers are funny.
...sorry i have no constructive comment..."arsed to faff"...ha it
Yeah, find someone who actually plays bass, and not someone who wants to learn bass (through you). It seams like a real waste of your time. If your actually friends then try not to throw out the baby with the bath water so to speak. Tell him he's got his homework to do and that he's got to spend his time learning at home, and to come prepared for the jam. In the meantime you could find someone else who, like I said, who actually knows how to play and work his (or her) way around a song for your serious jam and song building sessions.
Damn, he's on a cover of Guitar World with that guitar. Goes back a bunch of years though, but you might be able to see it in Guitar Worlds 300th issue cover recap. I totally remember that guitar, just not the make of it...
Well I have an ESP Eclipse, an ESP LTD EC-1000 and and Epiphone Custom Les Paul. Obviously there are big difference in the mechanics but also the feel and playability of these units. I was hoping to get a few responses saying the Agile feels and plays more like an ESP than the Epiphone to help me justify buying another guitar or two.
Hey guys, can anyone tell me how an Agile 3100 stacks up when compared to an ESP Eclipse/EC-1000 or an Epiphone Custom Les Paul. Apart from stuff like the pick ups, is the feel and playability closer to one or the other of these. Any comments would really be appreciated, thanks.
Tell the ass that he's bahaving like an ass and ask what his problem is that he isn't able to listen to his bandmates. What does the rest of the band think/say/do? If everyone understands thats its not just you being overly critical and that it is the drummer thats being unrresponsive to what your saying. The next time someone is telling him that he's messing up and he's like whatever, I wouldn't drop the issue. I would get on him even harder and get him to understand what your saying and for him to change what he's doing or he can just get the hell out. tell him to shut the hell up and get it right.
I'm kind of in the same boat as you. I'm looking at some lower wattage amps and just can't make up my mind. I've been looking at the Crate V-series (V18-212), and the Blackheart heads (Little Giant & the Handsome Devil). I just don't know...but hopefully you find something you like.
Do a few pushups to help get the blood flowing and some nerves worked out, try to stay loose through the set, and with doing your own bands songs then realise that no one but you and your band will know where anything went wrong. and if something does go wrong don't spend more than a nano second regretting it or going "WTF did I just do"...most likely no one will notice a thing, and just carry on. And as long as you've done your part in knowing your songs completely you really shouldn't have a problem. Good luck and have fun.
yeah and the MG kicks serious butt!!! whats the problem here, just kidding...Well I actually find, from the reviews that I've actualy read through, are pretty up and up on the pros and cons of the item reviewed. It was discussed quite openly the drawbacks that regular ol guitar players would find in with it. It didn't seem at all biased IMO, but very honest.

Anyways...Gibson Robot guitar = too little for too much that isn't really needed in the first place. problem with all downstrokes...other than that what seems natural for me is alternate picking with a downstroke at each E note (4th fret 5th string)...
well buddy you just need to sit with that there gitar of yours and pluck away and figure it out...seriously...there's alternate picking which is up down up down, which coincidentally is made up of downstrokes and upstrokes, which can by themselves be used to play a peice, or any combination thereof...

come on...seriously...okay okay I'l think about this and reply in a minute with which note should be an upstroke and which should be a downstroke...
There was a very, very extensive review done in Guitar World, or Guitar kids really should subscribe or look for these magazines....tonnes of info in them...

"This damn generation don't know sh*t because they can't pick up a damn book and read it" ...well apparently there's some truth to that...
Yeah um....well....the "v"'s stand for vibrato, (look up vibrato if you don't know what that means and please don't post a new thread asking what vibrato is)...just reading your tab I can "hear" how it would sound and that looks bang on....other than that dude its your ability to play what you tabbed, ...or the tab your your talking about "sound", and putting technique aside...then maybe its just the tone that you're not happy with...? If that's the case then its a different matter then what tabs you've found for one of our generations truly epic songs. Its a matter of EQ and other mystical guitar stuff....
Yeah no dude, just look up inflation. I'm sure you'll find a good explainer in Wikipedia.
I'd get it. Most "blemishes" you can deffinately live with, and they won't sell you an unplayable guitar. Most likely just a minor scratch or ding. I'd get it myself but I don't prefer the SG bodies. Let us know if you get it.
Floating trems are not that difficult to adjust, and yes you most certainly can use different gauge strings. Its rediculous to think that you should never change gauges on a guitar with the floyd or other floating trem. Read about it and learn, but basically you need to equal the tension between the strings on one end and the springs on the other end of the trem to get it balanced. Work at it and you'll soon learn how to actually adjust your system and not fear it like a lot people seem to do. In the mean time you'll also learn when and how to adjust your truss rod, pro's con's of heavy vs light gauge strings, how to adjust your action, and all kinds of other stuff...
Holy crap people he said awesome fast riffs, and you give him smoke on the the frikin water and johnny be good WTF???
Try these:
Damage Inc. - Metallica
some stuff from kill 'em all (as they're easy and fast and sound cool as shi*t)
Science, or B.Y.O.B. by System of a down (again, easy but cool sounding)
there were already some other good suggestions, CFH-Pantera, Lamb of God, etc...
I love Dean guitars. I have two still and I once had the Razorback Explosion (it shows in one of my profile pics). When they came out they were twice the price that you can get them now. Myself I paid $1499 for it and in hindsight it was too much considering what else is out there. I traded it for an ESP Eclipse II in Vintage White (discontinued) and very happy that I did so. I'm also not a small or weak guy but as far as guitars go it was a heavy beast of a bastard. I think if I went with the V I would have kept it as its less material and would be significantly less weight. The trem is a regular licensed Floyd Rose, pretty standard and nothing special. What I did love about it was the fretboard. It had one of the nicest rosewoods I've ever seen.
So perhaps price, and what you got for that price I think is why some people didn't/don't like it. Of the guitars I have it ended up being the least played and needed to be replaced.
I hope you love it and play the sh*t out of it regardless of what anyone else thinks!!
I think I've seen Eddie Van Halen talking about guitar and his playing and song writing and mentioning that he really doesn't know shiat for theory, and that he's always just played what sounds good to him. LOL
Not knowing what Em is, is that the same as not knowing how to spell with ("wit"), what ("wat") or school ("skool").

Just bugging you man relax.

A lot of people don't know any theory at all and have had no reason (for themselves) to learn it. Playing music is just a fun thing to do. He might appreciate being shown what the Em is, and discover that there is actually a system (theory) behind it all. Plus i find when I teach someone anything I become better at it myself.
I find playing unplugged really lets you enjoy the natural tone of your guitar. I have a few of them and its nice to hear how different they can be. I usually end up playing something completely different on one guitar than another because it just suits that guitars vibe.
When I plug in then the electronics become more involved with the sound with what and how I play.
yup, ESP.
Show your goober friends "its not metal" when you melt their faces off with something you've learned.
its been awhile since I did anything regarding pots, but I think with volume pots your generally looking at 250k/500k pots, and not 25k.
I think 1 looks hideous.
...just kidding, not hideous, but just not my thing. I like #2 much more.
Something else i noticed...I don't see the wammy bar in any of the pics or the 2 hex keys in the holder behind the head. Neither are difficult to replace no doubt but I just thought I'd mention it.
sorry, just to add to this again. I still have my Jackson Professional and it is still an awesome unit. Great thin neck. Mine also has some of the discoloration on the hardware that you see in the EBay photos. its not really rust but just a discoloration, on mine anyways and this looks similar.
I'd go for the fusion, it kinda looks like my Jackson Professional I bought 14 years ago...anyways, it looks like he has removed the middle pickup and put on a cover...? I would question this.
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strings >> action >> intonation

Yeah, in this order then...
Tuning has to do with getting the strings to the pitch that you want. When people say something like "standard tuning" that means they're talking about standard E tuning, which starts with your open "low E" or sixth string being an E note. The other adjustments are called something else. For example "intonation" or "action", which are other ways to have your guitar sitting and sounding the way you want and generally mean something different than "tuning". So basically, when you're "tuning" your getting the string into pitch by using the tuners at the head (end) of the guitar.
There is a huge phsycological effect regarding the price of something somehow equating to the quality of something, which, IMO, is true in many cases...but not everything...for example, bolt-on necks. They are found on most of the lower priced guitars because it is a cheaper method of production, not because its cheaper quality.
Some people, like myself, have a preference for necks other than bolt on (although I still own 5 bolt on guitars) because of the smooth & less bulky feel at the heel. Its a smoother transition and not blocky as per a bolt on, thats really about it. Some say your sustain and blah blah blah is better with this or that and an equal amount of people say the opposite. The biggest fundamental difference (IMO) is the feel and playability at the heel of the neck, and thats really it.