Just got the new cd, All That Remains -Overcome!!!!
Chevelle-Vena Sera
Aahhh lets see here...5 amazing heroes I've never heard of...

I suppose ______ & _______. Then theres ______ , and don't forget ______, and last but not least, the person everyone doesn't know ______ .
Fusia FTW...god damn no fusia??...where the hell's fusia???

kidding...ah...okay Bob I choose topazzzzzzz for 100
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anyone else think that the scientists involved in this should be prohibited from doing stuff like this or arrested? if someone drives drunk they still get it even if they dont kill anyone. even if its a 1/500000000000 chance its the entire ****ing world we are talking about here. i am usually a supporter of science but this is where i draw the line

Reading some comments here, I really hope that eventually a lot of you are going to be posting in "The stupidest things I believed" thread...
Research Einsteins Theory of Relativity for all your answers. This dude frikin new it all...well almost

Some of the first protons to be accelerated inside the Large Hadron Collider smashed into an absorbing device called a collimator at near light speed, producing a shower of particle debris recorded in this image. About an hour later the beam completed a full circuit of the 27km tunnel, to cheers from physicists (Image: CERN)

-text credit to New Scientist
I have fond memories of what ma used to always say..."don't leave the house without your locked anal chastity belt"...and this is why.
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We weren't talking about using light at the LHC - that would be a stupid thing to do - nothing much would happen - we were talking about protons.

Then we ended up talking about photons, and were discussing its unusual properties.

I hope you understand what we meant.

oh I did get that, I suppose I was just trying to say, for those that don't agree with the LHC's usefullness, is that there are still some fundamental questions with our understanding and that its all about finding answers. I suppose I digressed from your point though, sorry about that.
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Master of Puppets.

EDIT: Beaten.

Damage Inc. way more tiring than MoP.
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It's weird how it's both - especially with the thing where a single photon takes a set path during diffraction, almost disregarding everything around it - that's just baffling (you know what I'm talking about, right?), and I'd like to know why that is [but I don't have a physic phD :p].

well thats the thing, light itself displays both wave and particle characteristics, and I don't think our current knowledge of physics can quite explain this yet. Thats why things like the LHC are needed. But these experiments are not using light persay, the are using hydrogen atoms that have been stripped of their electrons...
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all the reviews i read of it made it sound good
what reviews have you been reading xD

oh god I don't remember...I'm pretty sure it was from something mainstream yet still liberal enough to be honest...? It may just have been that I was left with the impression that as an adult I might not enjoy it much...i don't know. Anyways I'd see it first before saying I do or don't like it.
You people should read. They are hoping to reproduce the state/particles a millionth of a second after the big bang on an obviously super microscopic level.
Disney is Evil. They made a big bang machine that will swallow everyone up while they wait safely on the moon.

Just kidding...glad you liked it, but I didn't see it because the reviews made it sound not so good...but I'm sure I'll waste 1 1/2 hours on it eventually.
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Much of the data is also going to be used to verify theories and ways of thinking which will let us know if we are indeed on the right track. ie, assumptions will no longer be assumptions and we can move forward with greater certainty.
What's funny about the name the "god" particle, is that the guy who calculated the theoretical existance of it called it the goddamn particle, but for publishing the editor changed it to the "god" particle.
First job I had I was about 14 delivering flyers, and I've always worked after that while going to school then college. I've been working in the oil & gas industry for the past 10 years and for the last four years I've been working in 3D modelling to design oil & gas piping and plant layouts. I also started and ran my own business for about 5 years.
oh yea, CLEARLY a bad idea, why that is so obvious that the thousands of very smart people involved in this over the past 24 years spending billions are all so clearly not as smart as you to follow through with sooooo clearly a bad idea...yup...please...just like it was clearly so stupid to discover electricity...or what was at the other end of the ocean...
This page from New Scientist has a very good, easy to understand video explainer of what it is and does for those who don't know...New Scientist-LHC

...100,000 CD's worth of data per second... damn that is cool.
I suppose I did when I was a kid. Kinda like Santa. You really don't have a reason to not beleive until your old enough to think for yourself and you're able to do a little critical thinking.
They have already been running tests and firing beams down sections of it to make sure the magnets align the beam properly. Pretty cool stuff.
This is why I love Colbert (not in the gay way mind you)...Colbert on Larry King
and ...I love c***

p.s. Why are people comparing british humour to Stephen Colbert???? I think british humour as a general comment is pretty damn funny. Monty Python, Benny Hill, Little Britain, so on and so on. That doesn't mean Colbert isn't funny. Personnaly, I get a lot of laughs from him and think he's great.
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I personally don't like British humor.

uhhhh...he's American, oh sorry, you just meant his more highly developed sense of humour, yes okay, sorry, ...kidding...sort of...
Some of you don't seem to understand that it is because we have a minority government that this election is happening. The Conservatives have to kiss too much ass, bend on their policies, appeal to others etc.. with other parties to get anything passed through Parlament, and government has become ineffective. Don't you want an effective government in place????
Whats going on with the Green party and this debate, from what I've gathered so far, is this: 3 parties have said they will not participate in the debate if the CBC, and others, CRTC etc...are allowing the Green party a seat at this debate. Why? Because the Green party and the Liberal party have agreed, somewhere in the Atlantic provinces I think, that they will not be running competing candidates in some ridings. This to those 3 partys seems to indicate that the Green party and the Liberals in in cahoots together. Rightly or wrongly it is some opinions then that the "Liberals" would end up having 2 voices at this debate...other than that IDFK...
I'd sneak into all the weird and "secret" places that I could. Like try to find and go through the bunkers under the White House, Fort Knox, Menwith Hill, and Iron Mountain, and so forth...and uncover some of crap governments and organizations don't want us to know.
I think the Horizons are beautiful guitars, and one of ESP's best units. Maybe the fretboard has never been cleaned, and it just needs a good wipedown?? And are the pickups stock? Maybe the person you bought it from had messed with it a bit, or swapped it??? Real easy fixes.
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Flipped right over on my bike and landed on the concrete with a solid face plant after hoping too soon onto a curb. My face was numb. Got home and my Mom thought I was faking the blood. I was pretty lucky with no real damage or broken stuff though.
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Australian women

oh oh, better not say that or else the thread police might tell you to "GTFO". beware beware. She kinda sounds like someone I used to know that had fake red hair and big boobs. She was actually really nice, but full of dfwm attitude.
I thought health and biology taught about the body. Gym is to get your fat ass off the floor.
How do I report this shit. This is what? the third one today about this, holy fuk.
You should have just sucked each other off, then it would'nt be dirty just homosexual, which apparently is okay. Yeah no shit you should feel dirty, and bad, very very bad.
You know you're from Canada when your educated, have a job, you're guaranteed health care, and you have no desire to kill everything different from you.
Large breasted swedish blondes. Thats gotta be the greatest imported treat ever.
Agreed, passes given for effort at least. The point should be to work at becoming fit, and not just learning. So I agree, its a nice change that your evaluated on your level of fitness. One step in sliming down one of the fattest nations on the friking planet.