Either way Anesthesia played on Bass (preferred) or on guitar its a pretty damn cool peice of music.
Metallica - Kill 'Em All
Learn the whole album, even the bass solo,
Metallica - Garage Days (Am I Evil, etc...awesome fun stuff to play, has good mixes of nice and fast, and not very hard)

I know you didn't want Metallica, but there it is anyways...its the first metal I learned.
I know that if I were in this situation I would deffinately be talking to my children about it. Are you not able to talk to your parents about this and what it means to each of you? They would be the people really to fully let you in on what the situation is all about. Good luck, sincerely.
Quote by _Tim_
He's still in highschool,c*nt.

Fock you _TIM_, sorry I didn't analyse his profile, and he didn't mention he was in highschool, *unt yourself (recommending secretarial work to a high school kid ?!?!, douchebag).

Yeah, sorry to hear your job sucks dude, but seriously, if you are in high school, make that your focus and don't let *hitty jobs mess you up. Quit the movie job and find anything else, maybe some kind of apprenticeship. If its available you might even be able to get high school credit for it, as well as a paycheque.
How about getting an education and a real job???? No cash, well thats what student loans, grants, and scholarships are for.
Hey guys, I was just wondering if a pre-amp or a power tube could be removed with the idea of lowering the output without any harm to the amp head???

I've got a B-52 AT-100 amp head, but in general I was wondering if it can be done or is this a major no-no.

Thanks, I appreciate any constructive comments.
I have both and they are each a phenomonal guitar, very tight and of excellent quality.
With what you listed as requirements I'd be getting an ESP LTD EC-1000, or an ESP Eclipse II.
The interview with Yngwie he talks about the scalloping of his frets. He says its actually harder to play faster but it gives him more control of the string...I think I'd seen the interview from Guitar World. Never played on one myself.
Yeah I think what the dude is asking is what song suggestions might people have that have a good distinctive strat sound (ala Pink Floyd or others...), and not just what in general he can play on a strat, as though there were restrictions of some sort, which I'm sure he understands there really isn't.
I don't hate FR's at all, I just don't prefer them. The major thing that irritates me with an FR, not so much on the Kahler, is playing a bend after something like an open E, and wanting it to sound out, and the bend ends up pulling the bridge and dropping my E. On the Kahler I barely notice this.
oh, and my one acoustic is under some clothes I think...
My strat and Les Paul body guitars are on a 7 guitar stand in the living room beside my half stack, then on the opposite side of the room I have my ML and V's hanging up on the wall with my VTX65 and pedals under on the floor. Then I have one hanging up in my bedroom, another in a case, and another just lying around.

I've been wanting to hang one up in the main floor bathroom (no shower/bath) so I have something to do when I'm in there.
I thought it really sucked. Previews looked like it was going to be kinda cool and I was looking forward to it, but I thought it was really lame. Example, all the birds taking out some fully geared up soldiers, I laughed out loud with that scene. Honestly, no disrespect, but it looked like typical American made for TV crap, no hint of reality and way over dramatized, poo-poo. Obviously it was a drama, but I said WAY OVER dramatized to the point that it was really silly, and not a good drama/action or whatever they tried to make it...
Like JackalUK mentioned, work with chromatic exercises.

Here's what you do:
Your basically playing 4 frets (say...frets 7,8,9,10) on the same string, then playing the same frets on the next string, and all the way down, then working back up. Stricktly using alternate picking throughout. Start at the 6th string (low E), and play the 7th fret with a downstroke, 8th upstroke, 9th down then 10th up. Your next stroke (using alternate picking would end up being a downstroke) on the 5th string at the 7th fret with a downstroke, and so forth, doing the same all the way to the 1st string 10th fret, which is both the last note for playing down and the first note for playing back up but you only play it once (make sense?). Play back down from 9, 8, 7, then what happens is when you skip to the next string , starting at the 10th fret, its naturally an upstroke.

I hope this makes sense. It pretty easy once you get the idea, and play it slowly keeping a strick up/down pattern until you get used to what your doing.
Sorry, I've already traded or sold the ones I don't want.
Yeah, if its not the higher end KKV with the ebony board, Kahler hybrid and pre-amp, EMG pick ups, I wouldn't get it, and deffinately go with the LTD EX-400 instead.
More of a fixed bridge guy. Out of my 14 guitars two have floyds, one has a kahler, and two have std fender trem's. The rest are strung through or hardtail.
I was going to say right off the bat to go with the Horizon because I assumed you meant the FR-II compared to the Razorback ML, not the V. The ML is a heavy beast of a guitar. I had it but traded it for an Eclipse II.
Tough Choice, now if you were talking about the ESP Horizon FR-II then hands down the ESP (at 2x+ the price I know). Are you a fixed bridge or a floating bridge kinda player??
gee, why do my teeth hurt when I chew aluminum foil, I don't know, uh, maybe stop chewing aluminum foil!

P.S. Earth to boob, I mean noob, your not a rock star on tour, and does it seriously take you 2 hours to warm up...

Whatever, nevermind me, I'm not in a good mood.
Daron Malakian plays an Ibanez Iceman with big ass gauge strings and doesn't seem to have a problem. Don't worry about changing the strings to a slightly heavier gauge. Going from .09 to .10 is no big deal.
You're going to find larger variations in gauge with the 4th string thru the 6th string that will make a bigger difference in things like buzzing (which can usually be adjusted for) or whatever. I don't know what gauge the 4th thru 6th string are with those Boomers but I'm sure your 6th string is somewhere from .46 to .52 gauge, no big deal, trust the people who are telling you its no big deal. It's easy stuff, and don't worry about it so much.
um, lets see...
-accidentally knocking the lower horn of one of my V's on anything (including any one of my little kids head),
-wanting to play, but finding no inspiration or having absolutely no creativity at the moment,
-having my kid(s) telling me to stop playing because he/she NEEDS attention NOW!
-not getting off that perfect harmonic each and everytime,
and, uh, I guess running out of beer... that one really sucks.
For an amp, I would consider the Crate V-series tube amps (, you can pick it up at just over $300, and it should give you plenty of oomph as a beginner. Your running tubes within a pretty straight forward design that will handle future effects pedal additions well.
Dean 79 re-issues,
ESP LTD EC-1000,
Fender strat
Howza aboots a Dean VMNT ??
I don't touch my guitars with water at all, especially the fretboard. I just wouldn't want it working into my fretboard at all and getting someplace I might not be able to dry it. Water makes wood expand=not good. I use specialty cleaners/oils only.
Quote by ThrashIsGreat
Anybody have any experience with the Mustaine V's? I'm gonna be in the market for another axe soon, and I want a V! I'm looking at the VMNT Angel of Deth in particular. Its got all the same stuff as the KV2, but I don't know if the tone or construction will be up to par. Anyone play one at all?

Yeah I've got one and the Mustaine's Dean VMNT kicks ass. Construction is top notch. There's a couple photos in my profile.
just tap with all kinds of patterns all over the fretboard, try to go through all the strings, have fun, be creative and don't be sloppy.
Oh, sorry, when I was typing I thought I remembered you saying deans weren't available. But anyways, that just shows I probably shouldn't be on here while I'm at work...??
Yeah, the VMNT1. The black one pictured at musicians friend is shown wrong. What they're showing (black model only) is the cheaper VMNT bolt-on so it looks like crap. The silver one is shown correctly though. I'll get a couple photos of it in my profile asap that you can see.
Quote by sum_ugly_man
If you can get the 400, then don't even think of buying the 50. If this is your very first guitar then it's okay, but for a second guitar please don't get the 50, or anything below 400. they are usually poor quality, I have an ex-50 and it's a good guitar(from beginners IMHO) but serioualy stay away from it if you want a second guitar, the quality is ****ty.


Yup, if you can, go with the 400 series, under that you're really just hitting beginner type of guitar craftsmanship.
I've got the VMNT, and it totally kicks ass. I know you said Deans are not available locally but if you can you should see about checking it out, or research it a bit more at least before dismissing it. I would take it over a Razorback anyday, and I did have one of those for a while so I deffinately know my preference. Other than that I'd try to score a RR1 or RR24. I've wanted a V-500 too. It just seems like a no-nonsense all round kick butt V. I like the scoop in the top back of the body to fit against your gut, but I've wanted it with an ebony board. Turns out they have that now too with the Padgett model Yeah!!
Finger ease is awesome ****. I use it on all my guitars and hasn't rusted anything. slick as moms apple pie, yee-friggin-haa!!
Green Day has to be hands down some of the easiest to learn without tab. System of a Down is right up there too.
Good point on the resources comment, but that would affect (eventually) all users of that resource (all guitar builders).

Gibson, due to the lower dollar, are exporting like crazy now and are cashing in on it. It also serves as a well understood economic function to the company. A raise in prices will lower the demand, putting less strain on what had become increased (out of control?)production volume and overhead costs(resources/employess) to meet demand, while increasing profits.
Sorry, I'm not trying to start a fight. Some comments just make me shake my head. Prices increase because transportation costs go up-its really a very simple concept. And even the good ol' US of A is susceptable to world markets, you no longer operate on pre-WWII isolationinsts ideals. Your governemt has very little to do with the price of gas. Its a world commodity. But anyways I think the Gibsons are overpriced to begin with so its not easy to take seeing them go higher.
I love how Americans think that gas going up 4 cents a gallon overnight qualifies as skyrocketing gas prices. There are 3.8 litres per gallon and we see prices go up 4 cents overnight per litre, which equates to 15 cents a gallon. Were presently paying 1.29 per litre which equals $4.90 a gallon. Stop your damn whining. Its way worse in a lot of other places.

Its not gas thats killed your dollar (which it hasn't), its your war debt (partly), and other world factors, such as the rising economies and use of resources in China and India. Things like this fluctuate, and right now from the perspective that you've been used to it looks bad, but its not, really. For instance, I'm sure your exporters are doing better than ever right now.
It really wasn't very funny, even if he was being sarcastic, too which there is no indication until his later posts. He's just stirring up **** to somehow feel involved or get a reaction to fill some void in his life.
damn thats a nice finish. I've never seen that before, beautiful. a nice ebony board on that would look amazing though, but I love ebony on everything, except my cream coloured fender with maple fretboard....again, nice guitar dude.

Just kidding, can't stand it when people say that.
Anyways, cool, good for you man, hope you enjoy the **** out of it.