Yup agreed, obviously some "guitarists" let their guitars play for them and not the other way around.
I've got the white V version of the 79 and it is one of my favorite guitars, out of the 17 I have. The pick ups are passive and you would do fine playing rock to metal. You really need to not be thinking that one guitar is for only one type of music etc etc. ESP's are far ffrom just metal etc etc...and Deans are not just for _____ (put whatever you want here). A lot more of how you sound will ride simple on your EQ/gain/pedals etc...

Sure, guitars lend themselves a little easier to some tones, ie active pickups=better gain etc, but that doesn't mean you can't get nice clean or rock tones also. And ESP's do not all have active pups by the way.

If the 79ML is what you like then go for it.
All those times that our present great players saw Jimmi for the first time and said, "man, I wanna do that!" and picked up the guitar for the first time.
... when a kid named James responded to an advert in some small ****ty local musicians paper, by another kid named Lars, asking to start up a band.
A defining moment would be when Tonni Iommi cut some finger tips off of his fretting hand. Because of this he tuned his guitar down to lower the tension and thus created the sound of metal.
A new song to me that I frikin love is Gematria by Slipknot. Its not really really long at 6 minutes but it kicks serious butt!
I think parents don't know how to raise kids nowadays.
T.S.; I'm just wondering what kind of jack-assed things you were doing to just get shipped off like this by your parents. They obviously felt that they could no longer handle your behaviour or do anything else about it other then send you to a camp. It probably cost them a fortune and you should be thankful and grateful that they love you enough to do this. It was obviously a difficult choice they had to make.

My cousins daughter had been way out of line for a while and was getting very destructive. They sent her to a camp in the States at a price tag of $6000 a month. As a business owner he could afford it and it did adjust her attitude for the better.

Hope things have worked out for you.
The just released movie Passchendaele is a Canadian movie about the Battle of Passchendaele. The dude who made it has been trying to get it done for the last 10 years, so low and behold, its done. His grandfather was in that battle. The one story he was able to him was about how they charged a group of Germans and he was the only one to make it. He got there and there was only one young German guy left, who put up his hands and said "comrade", then his Grandfather killed him with a boyonet to the head. He never talked about the war and when he finally did he told that story...makes you realize how sad it is that more storys might be worse. Anyways I beleive he put that scene in the movie. I also think I read that the movie is made up of about 50% battle, and 50% other stuff.

Battle of Passchendaele info

Passchendaele-the movie
Big deal, why are you so paranoid. A little embarassing I suppose but your Dads not really going to care too much, if anything he should have a talk to your brother about peoples privacy and not being a little tattletale.

Oh wait, is your Dad one of those religisouly fanatical types and planning to vote for McCain/Palin??? If so, then your screwed buddy, sorry, start packing your bags.
Quote by Infinite__Death
do not get his guitar if you are looking to play metal. it seriously is terrible for that, he modded it so much that it somewhat sounds metal. do not get a fender, look into esp's or ibanez's.

The Jim Root guitar "somewhat sounds metal". Wtf, what a stupid thing to say. Have you made the connection that Jim Root plays for Slipknot. Heres another one you might not have heard about John 5...plays a Fender telecaster with single coils, (although he recently added humbuckers), played for Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, ya, I suppose those are just "somewhat metal" too. TS, don't listen to people like this. Flame ON!
It would have to be Satch..He has a pretty good track record with some great players having learned from him, and he was originally a teacher. Yeah, Satch all the way.
Theres only one theatre where you are? With only one screen??? wtf, or am I just really dumb and not getting your situation. and what the hell is a high school musical you mean, like a musical, like Grease, but done by actual high school kids??? I'm so confused.
He sounds like an ass, and I would have him charged with theft.

Question: Are there no parents involved here??
Yup, it sounds like you might have sold your soul at some point. Perhaps during your teenage angst years...? You're slowly becoming a benign spirit, dissipating into nothingness, and losing all contact outside of yourself...starting with the left hand of course, because everyone knows lefties are evil, evil people.
insert a beginers butt plug.
are you getting laid for it??? I mean what the hell, some chick just asks you to write a story for her and you go ya sure I've got nothing better to do with my time. Man up and at least ask to touch her boobies for starters, then its a bj for every 200 words. Edit: every 100 words.

geez, how do people get themselves into stuff like this...?

Edit#2: Ya gotta start thinking more with your weiner young fella.
Ha ha, you got me right back on track, no worries, I'm totally with you, and you're right they we're usually pretty wasted.

I'm a steadfast beleiver too that to play a song "properly" you need to have the technique down. Just like what you're saying, learning how to downpick for a song that to play "properly" involves downpicking is more important than doing this the easy or more comfartable way. I shake my head whenever I read, "I'm having a hard time with MOP, and I use alternate picking" = fail.
^ anyone else here feeling a little pissed by this comment? If not then I guess its just me. You really had me until that comment. Anyways, peace man, here's hoping that its just me not understanding Dutch humour.

They were never coke heads. Drank a lot of booze and smoked weed, but they were not coke heads.

Besides, Metallica toonz are very playable without narcotics...maybe just not as fun.
Quote by myearshurt
That's how you hurt yourself

...and thats why you start slow. It takes practice to do things right, and if your actually hurting yourself by playing guitar, then thats a good sign your doing something wrong. Discomfort because you're not used to something though is different, remedied by practice.
LTD is not a subsidiery of ESP like Epiphone is to Gibson. LTD is just a lower priced line from the exact same company...ESP. A basic education in marketing will tell you why companies do this, not to sound like a douche, but just to clear up this misconception a bit.
I've got both an ESP Eclipse II and an ESP LTD EC-1000 and they are both fantastic guitars. No real clear cut deffinition as to which is "better", only that they are both different and both awesome.
There like socks man, they always seem to disappear. I think players who have them stuck on the body of the guitar are using that sticky tack stuff. Kinda like play-doh but stickier. You can also get a pick holder that has a sticky on the back to atatch it to the back of your headstock and it fits like 10 or 12 picks.
Oli Herbert from All that remains. He's an absolute perfectionist with his music.
Seriously, if I knew that my son was negligent in this way, I'd be very happy that the police had the vehicle impounded. I would'nt want you on the road anymore untill you had grown up a bit, and I wouldn't want the vehicle sitting around. Appologize to your parents for dissappointing them, pay or work off the fines and then get over it.

Not trying to be an a-hole here, but this is the realty of your situation. Honestly, good luck.

As far as your punishment, just hope the judge is in a good mood, be respectable and stop with the excuses, and he may be somewhat more inclined to be lenient on you. Thats really about all you can do.
Just remind them how stupid and irresposible 16 year olds are. That should get you some sympathy from the court.
And if that doesn't work then just start crying and tell them that your mom/dad/siblings beat you all the time and you have brain damage from all the wackings...and partially blind so thats why you didn't see/notice the speed change from what must have been the very first time ever that you've driven home on that road. Then hopefully they'll let you go and charge your parent(s) instead with negligence for letter their cranially injured and partially blind son get in any vehicle at all.
There ya go kiddo, problem solved.
Then don't ask for advice numb-nuts.
I'm going to bet that you're right handed then, correct? Yes, even still it just requires practice.
In Flames with All That Remains! AAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
Check my profile photos dude. I' got a photo of my v's except I think for my RR3 and my Dean 79 white re-issue. ...I gotta get those up some time. You can see my BC Rich, and Dean VMNT I think.
Use to use Dunlops, but as soon as I tried one of these I couldnt go back.
Brain Picks
If you click on a picture of one of the picks you can see the grippy knobs on it much better.
I generally use the purple (0.60) for acoustic, then red(.73) and black (.88) on electric.

Then i finally tried these and these are absolutely great picks, and they're what I mostly use.
Dava Picks
With these your not concerned with gauge anymore, but with how you hold the pick and how you attack the strings.

I really really suggest that if you find a Brain or Dava pick in a shop, try them out.
I'd say go for it. Don't get 'em frikin pregnant though. I know that seems obvious, "well of course I don't want to get them pregnant dummy", just watch it if you're getting boozed up or high and forget to put something on your bongo. Then bagging them could end up being a HUGE mistake. But otherwise, yeah, pillage away man. For me personally, I would only do it if there were a mutual understanding that its just for fun, and it doesn't mean that your now "a thing". It'll help give you a boost in confidence around the ladies as well.

But also, like some have pointed out, it is up to you, but you did ask.
V's are the fukin shit man. I've never seen anyone look like an ass while playing a V. To me thats just such a remarkably stupid thing to say, and most likely said by pre-pubescent turds or retarded chick that think Hendrix was white, or that St. Anger was actually a good album. Hammett look like an ass, no, Mustaine look like an ass, no, Kerry look like an ass, no, Rhoads look like an ass, no. and what the hell is that suppose to mean anyways "look like an ass"? do you mean stupid, or they look like they have so much attitude that they must be an asshole, or what...? wtf, that just such a stupid comment, and I'm not shy to point that out.

and yes you can play it sitting down, fukin tards.
hockey all the way!!! speed + skill + fights
The Number of the Beast - 18
Electric Ladyland - 28 HURT
Rust In Peace - 32 HEAL
The Doors - 8
Master of Puppets - 45
Led Zeppelin IV - 39
Dark Side of The Moon - 50
Abbey Road - 22
1. Eric Clapton-12
2. Richie Blackmore-15
3. Tony Iommi-17
4. Angus Young- 14 HURT
5. Randy Rhodes-15
6. Dave Mustaine-20 HEAL
7. James Hetfield-19
8. George Harrison-8
9. Jimmy Page-18
wtf no ESP Eclipse?

Hey, any ESP owns all those!

Sorry, I just wanted to be a jerk. Mission accomplished me thinks, Boo-ya!
I'll end this real quick:

Fender Strat - 140
Gibson Les Paul - 140

Just kidding, but I see a lot that is not represented here, but whatever, its your thread, and I'll stick to my guess with the final outcome.
ah, its called theft, and possibly fraud as well. What are you thinking? No shit call the police.
I Don't remember. My parents didn't read to me so it was probably when I started school like 5 years old.
My first son started reading basic stuff when he was around 2 years old. We would read together constantly, and taught him the alphabet very young.
ONLY on foxy babes, that's it.