I'd blow it on her face, but I sure as hell would not vote for her. Unless I had to, to get to blow it on her face...damn
The Agile baritone AG-3500 from Rondo is pretty good. If you want you can see mine on my profile for lookin at. I don't really know how well it compares to other brands, but I've got a lot of guitars and the quality on it is really pretty good for an unbelievable price.
Ha ha...just kidding...why do you have to take it out? ...think it'll make a bad/wrong impression on someone???

Maybe one end is threaded on? try to twist it and see if it'll unscrew.
I haven't tried a Schecter, but I love my EC-1000.
Natural-9 HEAL
Brown-5 HURT
I was a Subway sandwiche "artist" for a while when I was going to college a long time ago. A pair of newfies come in, they say footlong whatever, and I ask if they wanted it on white or wheat bread, and with his newfie accent says what sounds like whieat...? wtf...I said something like "sorry which one"??? again "whieat"...fok...I said "white?", "no that one" and he points to the whole wheat one and says "can't focking understand english!" Now if you've ever met a newfie you'll know how messed up that was.
Sorry I didn't bother to read everyones responses. To me TKD as a self defense "martial art" is pretty useless. I took Canadian Freestyle Karate for a couple years and we would consistantly kick ass in the competitions. While I was in Karate I took a few free try out classes in some differernt dojo's and they really could not compare to the level of practical technique, and actual work done in class. We also learned actual self defence, such as how to get out of differernt holds, chokes, deflect knife attacks, how to properly fall, etc etc. By far there was no comparrison at all. If your going to take a martial art, then consider the real stuff like Karate, or some others but please stay away from TKD.

But realise that it all really depends on the Sensei, and how he runs his dojo, and on the actual style. I'm sure there are some Karate senseis that are pretty crappy. My sensei had trained in Japan and was pretty frikin serious about it.
Well, just like the old days, gay just meant to be happy, and not homosexual. To me outside of any sexuality context it just means undesireable, immature, stupid, lame, etc etc etc. Its pretty open and covers a lot of descriptions outside of the sexual context, but because it can mean so many things its perfect, but even the adult wizards are pretty lame or "gay" and not that impressive at all. I just find the whole potter thing pretty juvenile, and sad that young people are targeted so fiercely and suckered into spending money on a really lame story, but of course, anything to promote reading can't be entirely a bad thing. Read on folks, but please find something with a bit more substance and quality.
Are you kidding, potter is a douchebag farrie along with all his bibbity-boppoty-boo wand waving fags. Can you tell I hate the whole potter trend garbage? Jedi's are where its at. Jedi mind trick skills, light saber skills, force skills, nunchuk if I just had a liger then my training would be complete and I would be the Master! That would be sweeeeet.
Wow, I'm only doing this because it would be fun to know...or depressing...
(prices are obviously approximate from my best recollection)
Kramer (20yrs old) $400
Jackson Pro (12yrs old) $1200
Jackson RR3 w/trem $650
Jackson RR3 thru $550
ESP LTD EC-1000 $1000
ESP LTD EX-250 $400
ESP Eclipse II $1500
Dean Razorback $1500
Dean ML $250
Dean ML 30th anniversary $850
Dean VMNT1 $1100
Dean 79 re-issue V $600
Ibanez AWD102 $850
Ibanez AG85 $400
Agile AL-3500 $430
Agile AL-3000 $430
Agile AG-3000 Nat $400
Agile AG-3000 Blk $400
Fender $550
Epiphone Silverburst LP $600
BC Rich KKV $900

B52 AT-100 head $1000
Randall 4x12 cab $1000
Crate VTX65 $400
Blackheart Little Giant head & cab $350

Boss Metal Zone $100
Boss Metal Core $100
Boss NS-2 $100
Boss GT-8 $550
Jam man $350
Wireless unit $200
Hardware, cables, straps, picks, cleaning supples $400
EMG set $250
SD Blackouts $200
SD distortion $80

Fock, i've spent almost $20000 on gear.
Esp - 62 HEAL
Fender - 54
Ibanez - 34
Jackson - 61
Les paul body, no wait, ML's kick it too, um actually V's are pretty damn cool , oh and strats are a pretty classic shape. Thats why I have them all!! ah ha ha ha ha!!!
Fender - 42
Ibanez - 42
Jackson - 60
D'addario- 39 HEAL
Ernie Ball- 14 HURT
Elixr- 21
DR- 36
Bald Eagle - 21
Golden Mouse - 20
Barn Owl - 21 HEAL
Orangefoot Pimpleback - 20
Leafhopper - 19
Spotted Turtle - 20
Coachwhip - 18 HURT
Fender - 50 HURT
Ibanez - 49
Jackson - 61
PRS - 44
Fender - 52
Ibanez - 47
Jackson - 52
Schecter - 14
I'd say a 79 re-issue. I have the V version and its one of my favourite guitars.
Fender - 52
Ibanez - 46
Jackson - 55
Schecter - 19
ACDC - 30
Guns N Roses - 25 HURT
Iron Maiden - 26 HEAL
Queen - 23
Metallica - 31
Nirvana - 16
Pink Floyd - 30
ZZ Top - 15
no kidding eh? I don't think this will end easily. I play and enjoy too many brands to end up with just one in the end. Id be happy with stopping with the last 5 surviving brands.

Fender - 50
Ibanez - 48
Jackson - 56
PRS - 41
Schecter - 23 HURT
Something like this Shure Pro Audio
With anything wireless, you need a transmitter, which plugs into your guitar, and sends a signal to the receiver, which is plugged into the amp...thats pretty much it.
These aren't that much at all, I mean compared to similar. A regular EC-1000 runs between $900-$1000 and the graphic series goes for $860. (Canadian $$)

Todays prices at Axe music-Edmonton
Damage Plan
All That Remains
Corrosion of Conformity
Nothing Face
Well in regards to the links I wasn't kidding. NASA engineers did use Imperial units which were counter to the Europeans SI (system Internation or metric) system, thus creating a $125 million pile of trash. So I just took exception to the comment that all science is in metric, as the NASA engineers demonstrated it isn't, and thought that the units issue may be a plausible reason to any difference between textbooks. But I'm pleasantly surprised to hear that your actually learning in metric, but I still presume, and please tell me if I'm wrong, that the Imperial, or American system is still prevalent.
To the TS, here's a productive answer from another site, hope it helps...

Difference between American and International textbooks
^ wow you're an uptight little pecker

Thanks, I didn't know that. You must be in the 1% of US schools getting the funding for updated text books...I'm just kidding so don't shat yourself
Without a doubt, classical guitarist Liona Boyd is one of the best.
Quote by Chobes
All science is in metric.

The textbook probably smells like maple syrup or something Canadian.

Ya, is that why NASA f*cked up and crashed a mars lander because they didn't convert their units to match their European partners metric units???
Mars lander crash

(The U.S has not converted to metric and still uses the English or Imperial system. Europe converted to metric some time ago along with Canada) America/International systems
I'm still guessing the books are different by way of the units used within. (ie. ounce vs millilitre, etc...)
Fender - 47
Ibanez - 45
Jackson - 53
Schecter - 28
maple syrup and poutine good sir
Yeah, the Canadian textbooks have the correct answers in them. haha!! just kidding...sorry to be completely useless regarding your question.

Actually it may be the units used throughout (ie. Imperial and Metric.) ???
Blues 135 HURT
Metal 60 HEAL
Rock 20
Yeah 67% Some were obvious but I got some pretty lucky guesses in there.
Actually I take back a bit of what I said before after listening to it again. James singing is not so bad and its deffinately better than St. Anger. BUT, Kirks solo sounds like the one in Phantom Lord, anyone agree. I knew I heard it before, and like some have said, I think the mixing is not as good as it could be...I really wanna hear that heavy distorted guitar ya know.
I wish Bob Rock didn't get James to change his singing style. For me, I think thats been the biggest sh1tter for everything after AJFA/Black album. And Lars, his drumming sounds like crap too. Seriously, have a good listen to Justice and focus on the drumming. It was perfect for the songs, it was huge and had feeling, and now it just seems he's trying to keep a fast pace, and thats it. The guitars just don't sound huge to me anymore and none of the riffs stand out. I gave it two good listens too and I can't recall the main riff. I know there was one but it just had no impact on me. A big reason I was a huge fan of Metallicas music (20+ years) was that they changed tempo and time with there riffs and build a lot of emotion. They just had the ability to put together way better riffs and song structure back then then they do now. It just sounds to mish mashed with not much really standing out. Kirks solo work was a bit disapointing too. I heard a bunch of lines that sound like they came of of other solos, with no real climax and a blah ending...I'm hoping for much better with the other tunes.
I've got the Jamman and yup there's no on/off so you have to unplug it. I find it a pain as I like to have all my stuff plugged in and ready to go whenever.
Quote by bassboy 999
^ lol

If you can't prove it, then you don't really know, do you.

I thought the same thing. The problem with this question is that if you have no proof then how is it that you proved it to yourself, and not just think you were dreaming, halucinating, or going crazy. The way you might "know" is that if you experienced something, like time travel, or some out of body experience. But even that would make you think wtf am I going crazy??? until you start to see instances of deja vu would you start to beleive that experience and think oh sh1t, I guess it was real.

anyways to answer the damn question, yah if I "knew" that the world was going to end I would...have to spend a lot more time thinking about it. I don't know if I would want my kids to know. I think I would just spend the last moments, days, weeks, with them and be with them as much as possible.
Fender - 49
Ibanez - 44 HURT
Jackson - 52
PRS - 37
Schecter - 30
excrete fluids from every orifice of your body...

ookay maybe not.

Maybe just curl up in the corner and take a nap instead.