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The case I got from Rondo was easily worth, and would absolutely, be sold for 2 to 3 times more than what Rondo charged. Plus I had the confidence to know that the guitar was shipped in a case. I've considered buying cases from Rondo just to re-sell, they are that good.
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but wouldn't TS get in trouble too because he shouldn't have been there in the first place?

Well he did say that he heard the screaming as they were exiting...they could say that they were outside of the compound (still on the outside of the fence) and claim to not even know about the opening...and were just checking it out from the outside???? Even still, if they uncovered something sinister I think it would be overlooked that they had gone inside as well.
I wouldn't be surprised if most chicks dig lesbo stuff to some degree...maybe not actually doing it, but from just thinking about, or being curious, to everything in between to actually doing or being active in it. I'm sure she's just curious. I'd leave it be. I wouldn't use it against her either as that sounds kinda detructive. You want to grow up with family members you trust and who can trust you back don't you?
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Canada is not cold in the summer, thusly your full of ****.

To avoid looking a jackass keep on your hockey especially the toronto maple leafs if your
in ontario
dont tell people your american instantly
be prepared for milk in bags

wow, we haven't had (in Edmonton Alberta anyways) milk come in bags since I was like, 10 or something...25 years ago....I actually miss that...sob...good ol days.
Maybe this is how she treats friends? Maybe you're reading more into this than she is....then again maybe she does want to shag your ass off...???? Whichever, people can't force you into a relationship, if it gets real bad, like phsycotic kinda annoying, then yeah, tell to back off.
Sorry I didn't read all 95 pages so I don't know if this had been suggested, but maybe the screaming as you were leaving was from someone else, whom like yourself, was in there. Maybe some really bad people were doing some really bad shat inside and that was the screaming...? I wonder if you were to report that you heard screaming from there if the police would look into it. Maybe search around and find what???...a torture chamber...someones hideout...a junkies hang out...nothing...????
The V-500 is also set-thru, which to myself is a huge difference, and is my preference. No doubt for me I'd get the V-500.
During lunch in the cafateria, two of my buddies got into what looked like a bit of playful pushing around when one of them picks up a chair and clocks the other in the side of the head. Blood immediatly started pouring out of his head. He makes his way to the office leaving a pool and trail of blood. He was hit where there's a vein somewhere just above the ear. He was fine but I think it freaked out a lot of people, and I don't really remember what happened to the other was a long time ago.
$0.55/litre ($2.09/U.S. gallon) 5 or so years back
and the most was this summer at around $1.45/litre ($5.50/US gallon)
ACDC - 30
Guns N Roses - 26
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Queen - 24
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It doesn't look tabbed quite right to begin with. It looks like all of the notes should be picked, and with each fretted note you would do a pulloff. But a pull off to what note...I'm assuming to the open note, which you then need to show an arch over and connect to two notes to be tabbed correctly. But after listening to the song its pretty easy to tell that you play the fretted notes and pulloff to the open string. no hammer ons or tapping involved at all.
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The first thing I noticed when I got my Agile AG-3000's was that if I kept the normal strap peg thing on the top then for sure the strap was going to come off of it. They are just too small to keep the strap on, so the next day I put on Shaller strap locks. I have an EC-1000, an Eclipse and an Epiphone, and a couple Agiles, all les paul bodies, and the Agiles are the only one with this "problem". I suggest you pick up a strap lock of some sort and you shouldn't have this happen again. Good luck with the repairs.
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Fender - 49
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Quote by Meths

Seriously, you need a slap in the face. He's done nothing wrong. Her intolerance is the issue here. Stating your faith position is not being confrontational. He shouldn't hide his opinions because she's a little bitch.

I didn't say or mean any of that dipsh1t.

But i do appologize for freaking out previously. I had a few brews and got a little worked up when I read the reply, but I see that some are still reading between the lines and saying that I mean something when I'm not, illustrating that my point is STILL not understood by some.
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Quote by DeadwingLullaby
What do I need to hear? He did nothing to confront her. All he said was, "Hey I'm agnostic," and then she won't talk to him. Why do you think he should apologize for telling her his opinion? I don't think for a second you're an atheist. You act like he did a bad thing by telling her that he was agnostic.

Yep. I cringe every time I hear, "This a nation founded on Christian principles."

Kay, first of all I never said anything even remotetly close to appologizing to her for what he thinks and beleives. Please re-read what I first wrote. I was pissed at you because you seemed to have read between the lines of what I wrote and came up with your own (and totally incorrect) understanding of what I wrote. Then told me to f-off from your own wrong conclusions! To sum it up, I said it was not about him, but about, never mind, just re-read it "with open eyes and ears" and you might catch the jist of what I'm saying. He doesn't need to appologize, or do anything except understand that this is about HER, and not him.
...and yeah, I'm an Atheist through and through and proud of it whatever your dumbass thinks.
Quote by DeadwingLullaby
He hasn't done anything to encroach her view. All he did was explain his view. You're saying that atheist/agnostic/whatever-you-want-to-call-yourself should be quiet and not be free to be open about their views? **** you.

**** you yourself ou ignorant fock. I'm an athiest myself you jackass. if you were in front of me right now I'd ripe your focking head off ****. No. Open your your damn eyes and ears.
Seriously dude, I think it has less to do with you and more to do with her. I think she's feeling dissapointed that she doesn't feel like she has you on her side, and by declaring your agnosticism you're declairing an opposing view of her own, quite openly I might add. You might want to be a little less confrontational and try to be a bit more supportive of her own view, regardless of yours. Its not about who's opinion is "correct" or whatever, its about support and respect, and with her being your sister, I think she should expect it the most from you more than anyone else. Stop thinking that this is about you, and realise that this is about her, and you need to do your brotherly duty and be supportive of her.
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I might have missed something here...why not exactly do you guys say to not use wood filler??? I'm not talking about touch up crayons and the like I'm talking about the shat that when it dries it's as hard as wood ('s+Prod.-model-E868-doitbest-sku-791250.dib)...
I've learned Metallica from Kill'em All, to Justice and easily the toughest one is Damage Inc. constant speed, agression, pick attack.

Actually yeah , I forgot how much of a bitch Dyers Eve is. That one is pretty tough, same reasons as Damage Inc, and maybe even a bit harder with faster and more rythym changes.
Fill with a paste wood filler. In the future always do this with any holes that you've taken a screw out and put back, original screw or new.
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Gibson - 27 HURT
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my white '79 V is one of my favorite guitars, and ML's are pretty kick ass. go for it.
uhmmm, ****head...? or, That Damn Cat...?
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Its not an ESP dudes. Start giving it the right name.
But yes, the ltd is the better one.

Uhm yeah, ESP does make it so technically it is an ESP, but even more technically speaking its an ESP LTD.
Quote by I-Shot-Jr
Gentlemen, ( and ladies if I missed any)
Whilst most of your arguments seem rational and logical the fact is our poor TS's mother is obviously somebody who cannot be dealt with using logic, her beliefs and faiths are twisted as are her attempts to force them on her son. Unfortunately there is absolutedly nothing that anybody can do until the TS legally becomes an adult. My deepest condolences to you my poor thread starter but it would seem to me that the only appropriate courses of action would be to either accept this barbaric "punishment" and give up the guitar for the time being or else let your mother believe that you fully accept this Jesus chap in your life...
Good day

^ exactly. Like I mentioned previously, I don't think that there is much (or anything) that can be said or done on your part that won't end up making this whole thing escalate and YOU ending up the worse for it. I don't think its all that fun to be homeless.
Yeah dude, she's your Mom wether you disagree with how she's forcing god onto you or not. Do it, get it done, get your stuff back, and if possible keep your distance regarding the discussion of religion with her to avoid conflict. She's obviously quite fanatical about her beleifs and forcing it on others and I don't think anything you do or say is going to change how delussional she is and her wanting to impress it upon you.

Thats what the grown up in me wants to say.

The pissed off f-u side of me wants to tell her that god is for delusional r-tards, he's a fantasy, and a myth, and why should you beleive in him and his ways and not the ways of Allah. or Bhudda, or Zeus, or the purple space elephant. I'd also pick up a few copies of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and leave them all over the house and challenge her to read it.

No seriously man, when people are hypnotized by religion, especially older folks, they're lost. To get along and live peacably at home I'd go with my first staement and do what she asks.