Oh my it appears I cannot post entirely in caps lock, sad times.
In The Name Of Looove
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Like,dude i;m a furry i have a furaffinity account and such and a yiffstar account.

same, lets have hot animal fun
i stole someones virginity once
kids are cool, better than most teenagers
someone link me this speech
howd she roll up her windows if she had no arms?
when i burn bread its toast and perfectly acceptable to eat
but when i burn people its murder and 'cannibalism'
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I'm not an army man

be confused and slightly offended of my ignorance regarding whatever armed force you're a part of (rangers?) but it really doesn't matter to us normals
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lol @ "close quarters combat" = fighting

you rarely post anything that isn't 'look at me i'm an army man'.
dead letters - ps eliot
21st dead rats - joyce manor
dead - pixies

close enough
As long as you're not a condescending wanker, people won't really hate you on this. So feel free to be just an average wanker.
getting bit by a frog is like getting your thumbs caught between two jagged pieces of glass.
my pubes are like barbed wire
play racing games
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How about you don't insult my friend's dead mum, you prick.

i too get angry at words
off the top of my head:
PS Eliot - Sadie
Time and Place - Scarlet
Bomb the Music Industry - Vacation
(all of the above are free)

Dead To Me - Moscow Penny Ante
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Bypass caps filter

oddly enough testicles create generations
well i dont know what age middle school is but between the ages of 12-14 i listened to rory gallagher, bad religion ,the queers, thin lizzy , jawbreaker , pixies and loads of 3rd wave ska. i was never into nu metal and that makes me feel good about myself.
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You're very, very wrong. This is the best thing to come out of Ireland:

Best hook ever.

i love you

real irish music talent - tom the rapping junkie
deja vu
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get em in hard and get em in good
till i reach a climax and cum your blood
I may live at the docks, but I got my mother****ing fleet
while you go back to bed right after sesame street
my sailor niggas will be backing me up
on the streets, in my hood and when im out at the club
you lay all in your bed, you be touching yo self,
unaware of the fact that im mother****ing stealth
bcuz im climbing through your windows,
and snatchin yo peoples up
they wont know what hit them,
when i spit them
nasty rhymes all over your moms labia
snoop be a homie and dr dre be a
personal friend of mine,
so get your punk ass back to bed,
and youll be fine,
let my superior rhymes be
because im fly like a butterfly and high like a bee.

you're like a broken J.C.B,
you don't know when to stop and you have a high maintenance fee
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y'all muthafukkas gotta listen to the blues.

im white, im not allowed
'would you f*ck me? I'd f*ck me'
dwight schultz (murdock of the a-team)
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no, not when its out in 24 hours.

they could very easily sell the games cheaper than the shops and still make a ridiculous profit
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Wow, seriously? People need to raid shit that's worth raiding.

they could make thousands selling them games.
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yeeea that's what's making me second guess. I mean the way it's shot it's not geared in anyway as to be taken seriously so idk. I'm trying to think of any movies I've seen where a hanging was ever taken lightly tho..but usually anything that has that is not a comedy. faack

relax bros, video games.
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I'm being cynical and unappreciative of whining. At least get it right.

I thought you grew out of teenage angst?