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The Hot Rod Deluxe has great cleans, but a terrible drive channel.

I'd say that depends on what you want from a drive channel. I love the drive on my FHRD, but I'm not looking for a "metal" sounds like out of a Marshall.

Here's a good video demo of the FHRD and all it's channels:
I have the FHRD and I use this in my house:

It's cheap and it works. It will muffle the sound a little bit (imho), but it allows you to drive the amp as hard as you want at any low volume you want.

If you are a tone snob, go with these:
I have a problem with pedals too. I want to buy far too may of them for my nuts to be safe from my wife's wrath!
In a tuner pedal such as the Korg Pitchblack, there are four different tuning modes: Full Strobe, Half Strobe, Meter, & Mirror.

Is there any real difference between the tuning modes? Or is it just personal preference as to which display you prefer?
Everyone knows about radio signals coming through wah pedals. I was reading the Dunlop FAQ about this phenomenon when I came to #2:

Second, check to see if (the signal) is coming in through the guitar. Turn the volume of the guitar down to zero and see if you still get the radio signal. If yes, you might want to try putting a .0068-microfarad capacitor on the input jack between the tip and the shaft. (The capacitor can be a ceramic or polyester type and voltage rating of any size works.) This will also kill the high end of your sound. If this doesn't work, then...

Sure enough, the majority of the radio signal was coming through the guitar (a Fender Strat). When the volume was down to zero, the bulk of the signal disappeared.

BUT....when the volume knob on the guitar was at 10, the radio signal magically cut out as well.

Has anyone ever noticed this? Anyone know why? My only guess at the moment is that two somethings are touching when then knob is at 0 and at 10 that stop the signal, but I'm not sure what it could be or why.
Where Summer's At (by Sugapablo)
MP3 in my Profile:

This is a rip from the live webcast, single microphone in the pub. I'm on my Strat through the house amp (Fender Cyber Twin) and using a Vox wah (borrowed) in the solo.

This is Jam night, so the "band" is people picked from the audience. Keyboard player had heard me play this song before, the drummer and bass player never had (just met the bass player that night). You can hear me yellin' chords out in the first chorus.

Guitar solo starts after second chorus @ 5:50 (this is a guitar site after all).

C4C as always.

Sunlight on my face
Ain't as warm as it used to be
Summer's done turned into Autumn,
Summer's done turned away from me.

But I'll be damned if I'm done with Summer
I ain't goin' out like that.
Autumn makes me wanna pull out my gun and put it in her face
And make her tell me, where Summer's at

Oh child, can you feel me now
Oh hey child, can you feel me now

Dead leaves under my feet
Reminds me that she's gone.
And though I know she'll be back someday
My heart can't wait that long.

For my heart can't sing if the sky is cold
My heart can't fly when my soul is cold
And if my soul can't fly
What's the point, of growin' old.


LOL. I love Sidney. But I can see why YOU don't.
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I know I shouldn't be helping you since your Penguins eliminated my Flyers from the playoffs, but... damnit... I can't help but support other acoustic players. Good song. The only real crits I have are concerning how you mixed it all. The harmony vocals are a bit over powering at around :30, 1:10, and 1:50. And the shaker and percussion both seem a little too loud. Are they panned really far left and right, or am I just hearing things? If so, try bringing them in a little bit. Also try adding a little compression to the main vocals.

Hah! Sorry, man, but all's fair in love and war, and Lord Stanley's playoffs are WAR!

You're right about the mix, it was my first attempt and after playing it for a week or so and listening to crits (here and elsewhere) I do need to work on it a bit.

The percussion really was turned down low (IMHO). I think my problem with it is that I played the congas off a click track with a heavy down beat, so when the downbeat is removed it's a bit to syncopated.

The main vox are a bit low, and I've been told to raise them up rather than bring the harmony track down....perhaps that would take care of your suggestion?

So did I crit one of yours, or would you like me to?

And thanks for suckin' it up and criting me regardless of my loyalties to the Pens.
Quote by kasso99

i believe you should get a personal recording studio and set up this track and others like it with drums and bass. i would love to hear what potential this song would have with a full band performing it.

That seems to be the comment I get the most on here. And it's what I've done. Hopefully I'll have some of that to post soon.
Ok, I've just listened.

Now, keep in mind, I'm out of my element here. This kind of metal is not my forte.

But let's start with vocals. I don't know if you're the one singing or not, but if you are, check this out, for it's one of my most common tips for vocals:

Sing the lines in the song, just as they're sung on the recording, "god and men who've lost their way, it's just my way". As you do this, put your hand on either side of your Adam's apple, on your lymph nodes, just as a doctor would, checking to see if they were swollen. You'll feel the resonance of each line, because you're (you = the singer) constricting the throat and keeping the vocals there. There's very little room in a person's throat for sound to resonate.

Resonance is the key to good vocals. The best is a big chest (big, fat, opera singers), but others can find other places to allow good resonance. Why do you think Barbara Streisand never got that honker of a nose fixed? It's because it would've killed her voice. She resonates from her nasal cavity. Whitney Houston resonates from that giant mouth of hers which she sings with WIDE open (just watch a YouTube video).

Now, **** it whether you like those singers or want to sound like them or not, that's besides the point, I'm just giving very specific examples to demonstrate the science behind the sound.

Now, sing the line, "of giving praise" just like it's done on the MP3. This time, put your hand spread wide on your chest, right beneath your collarbones. You'll feel the resonance there, and you can hear the difference in quality of the voice.

Now, to get that higher pitched sound you're going for, you don't have to constrict the throat like you're doing and trap the resonance up there. It might take practice, but you got to bring it down so it's resonating from in the chest the whole time.

Now for the "grumble/roar" stuff. I tried it, and **** if I can figure out how to get it right (in perfect pitch with good resonance) after 5 minutes of trying, but.... Sure hurts though. I have to sing tonight on stage, or else I'd try some more.

But I think once your singer(s) get more comfortable, you'll have a good sound.
Well, from what I can hear, all sounds well, but....let me stress, "from what I can hear".

With this mix, I'm having trouble making out two distinct instruments, guitar and voice. They're melding together (and not in a good way). Everything sounds muffled, like you have a paper cup over your mouth (and whatever the equivalent for a guitar could be).

At around 2:15, you bring your voice up for two lines, and then again towards the end, but even then, your voice sound constricted.

Again, from what I can hear, you have a good voice, you play guitar well, and you wrote a good song, but I think the recording/performance you have here isn't your best. I'm betting you sound a bit different when you're not recording and are just letting loose with it.

Try getting that voice out of your throat (which is where it sounds like you're trying to resonate from) and bring it down into your chest, where it can have more room to play around.

And as for a tech tip on recording, if you wanna sing that low, take some low end off your guitar with a high pass filter. Figure our where the majority of you voice is (in terms of Hz) and cut it off right about there. See what it sounds like. (You'll have to play with it, of course.)

Ok, you're turn to tear me a new one:
"Modern Day Tragedy"
by Sugapablo (5:49)

Just a quick video of me and my acoustic (Fender CD60CE). C4C as usual.

Poor old, gatekeeper's son,
He wanted to be the king.
His girl she had much simpler tastes in mind,
All she wanted from him was a ring
Not that he didn't love her, because I tell you he did.
But he had his eyes on the prize.
She'd wait and night behind her house for him.
Along came the devil in disguise.
Along came the devil in disguise.

Looks like another modern day tragedy.
Looks like another moment in hell.
Looks like another modern day tragedy.
Only time will tell.
Only time will tell.

Her love for him was true but the devil has his ways.
He tried to convince her otherwise.
He told her her prince would never have time for her.
But then she looked deep into his eyes.
She said she would never give up she had faith in him.
And the devil knew this to be true.
So with a smile on his face he left her all alone.
The sun will be risin' rather soon.
The sun will be risin' rather soon.


The morning came her anticipation grew,
But her prince was nowhere to be found.
Suddenly she realized maybe her faith for him was flawed.
She let loose her tears upon the ground.
The boy his pursuits will leave him an empty man,
For he had his chance at love.
The devil was content although he knew that he would win,
'Cause sometimes love just ain't enough.
'Cause sometimes love just ain't enough.

Alright, well...I liked the first 38 seconds and the last 38 seconds. While the Count stuff was clever, it sort exists separately from the song. And it indeed, dragged all day long and needed to be spliced together better so that the cadence, the volume, etc. of the Count's voice remained a constant flow.

The bass was nice. Drums were nice. No probs there. Just needed to carry that feeling through the entire song.

Quote by jayr123guitar
I think with this kind of setup it could get very easy to cross a thin line into a Guitar Karaoke genre that makes me cringe.

You're right about that. My thoughts are just along the lines of variating things. It doesn't have to go down like I suggested, I'm just trying to think of something "else", I dunno.

It's a difficult thing you're doing. It's very cool, I like it a lot (being that I'm a multi-instrumentalist as well). I guess I may be thinking in terms of "what I would do".
Ok. Nice.

First off, a technical note: the mix sucked. I think this should be re-mixed and it would sound 100% better. The levels are just dead for some parts, especially on...uhm:

1 and 2 AND 3 and 4 and (if you understand where I'm trying to place emphasis on the measure)

The rhythm guitars were awfully soft in the mix as well IMHO. I think for mixing rhythm guitars the best recording to listen to is The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion by the Black Crowes. In the liner notes it clearly states Rich Robinson (rhythm guitarist) plays "A huge selection of guitars, very loud in the left speaker". It IS very loud, and doesn't drown out any part of the recording. Even if you don't like the Crowes, from a technical standpoint, it's a GREAT mix (one of the best IMHO) for a loud rock band.

As for the playing, I think it started off slow, but by the time the lead guitar kicked in, it took off nicely.

The vocals are good. There's nothing "wrong" with them. I guess with my background, I'd like to hear them be a little less staccato. You know? Let them ring out a little more.

"I know you're pushin''re pushin me to staaaaaaayyyyyyy" with a little dip in there that rises back up to trail off. (I know, it's hard to explain.)

Good stuff though.

Alright, alright. I just listed to Gazebo.

Now that I've been hearing more and more of you, here's my thoughts:

on this track:
* Nice break about 5 minutes in
* About oh 2:45, after you completed the guitar riff loop, you went DIRECTLY into some other guitar. Very good!

now general stuff:
* I still think sometimes "getting there" perhaps takes too long. Maybe the first song you do in a set, it's ok, but now that I've heard 3 or 4 of these and "know where you're going"...I think something has to be worked out in terms of variating the beginning of these songs. Even if you set up 3 or 4 of the loops silently (and quickly) and then hit them up to full volume together while playing on top? (I know you're limited by your gear, but it's possible, right?)

It's all good stuff, I'm just trying to push ya.

C4C my new one?
"What I Really Am"
In my profile:

  • First attempt at multi-track recording at home.
  • I'm playing all instruments.
  • Wrote the song yesterday, recorded it today. I'm impatient.
  • First song I wrote in Open E.
  • Recorded on a Macbook, using Audacity, and a Blue Snowball USB microphone.


Well I, shot that man this mornin'
Didn't think to give him warnin'
I just put one in his head
And I made sure he was dead
Oh Lord, Lord, Lord what have I done?

Well before the law could hunt me
I took his body to the country
And I dug a shallow grave
And I threw his ass away
In the ground, and I turned and walked away

Although I know that I've done bad
I don't feel the least bit sad
I'm just scared that they might catch me
And then of course that they will ask me
My G-d why? The truth is I don't know

Well I came home to the wife
She'll never know I took a life
She'll just think I am the same
As when she swore to take my name
She'll never know, what I really am.

C4C as usual.
Quote by jayr123guitar
Yeah man! This may be one of my favorite ones that you've shared. Really dig the vibe on this. You must have some pretty killer jam nights with these guys. Keys sound great too with that sorta Riders on the Storm sound during the little fills. Is this your band? Everybody seems really aware of the changes and where the song is going. Really like it man. Cool tune.

Thanks! The bass player and drummer I've been working with for a couple months. We've had one official show together apart from jam nights (we've been calling ourselves Gearshift, a Phish reference for those who may get it).

We may have had 5 practices. My old band in the mid 90's practiced 4 times a week. I can't even get 4 times a month now that I have wife, job, kids, etc. So the songs end up sloppy and the jams end up the best part of the night.

They keyboard player is the house player for the jam night and I've jammed with him numerous times over the past year. I like him a lot and would steal him if I could!
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I don't know if it's just my speakers but I can't hear no bass at all?

*laughs* The bass player complained about his levels too.

On a good stereo with quality speakers, the lossless file (FLAC) sounds, of course, much better, and the bass comes through much more clearly. That's him with the bass wah effect too, which you may have confused for the keyboards.

Quote by scottmacrae
I do have a nasel voice which i hate but i dont know how to actually sing without it!

There are tons of exercises. What helped me was just singing JJ Grey songs.
Alright good song. Really.

Minor crit (more of a nit pick): This is a guitar website.

Less minor: Vocals are too nasal, meaning the resonance from the sound is coming from your skull's nasal cavity. I think this is my most common crit for singers. It's something I've struggled with myself. You need to bring the resonance down, out of your head, and into your chest, ideally, way down at the diaphragm.

Being that I'm also a drummer, I really like the drums. Solid, just as they should be. As Rich Robinson always said, it should be a rolling train.

And even though this is a guitar site and while the piano is good, I would like to see a better "solo" on the keys there. It was "fine", but I'm guessing you do better when you're just ****in' around and not recording.

I really like where you're going with this set-up, man.

I've already mentioned my ideas about "two or three sets" of looping pedals with a dj switch between (which I still think would be AWESOME), but I understand how bread can be a major deterrent to that.

My crit about needing some low end percussion still stands as well.

Specific crit on this performance: I think you spent a great deal of time "setting the song up", but once it got there, spent too little time jamming on it. (Keep in mind, I'm a jam band guy, so this is what I look for.) I think you should've gone off a LOT longer over that. Loopin' is cool, but it can only take you so far. Eventually, it becomes just a "gimmick" if you settle.

Don't settle. Once you get it where you want, go ape-****! Jam out HARD over top. I know you got the skills to do it, I've heard enough of your **** by now. THAT's what will be the defining aspect of this set-up as you get going with it.

(my 2 cents)


Here's where I go the opposite route. Prepare little, teach some cats a song in 20 minutes, get through the "song part", and then go ape ****. LOL

Edit: HAH, I put your URL for the C4C. *shakes head*

Here's my track4C:
LOL. Pink Floyd? Sort of? Until you started singing, it sounded like it could be a "previously unreleased" track on an Animals re-issue. (That's a compliment.)

Once the singing came in, it sounded much more Radiohead though. (Not a bad thing.)

It seems to drag a little with the vocals. I'm not exactly sure why. I listened a couple times, thinking perhaps the vocal track was out of sync somehow, but I don't think that's it. What I'm thinking is that the downbeats perhaps need to be better accentuated by the rhythm section to carry the 6/8 more smoothly. It may be strictly an issue of production and not performance.

Also, but this is just personal taste, I don't like the bass tone. What it's playing is fine, but it doesn't have enough low end to satisfy. What I like doing if a bass player wants to get some fuzz, it to have him run through two cabinets. One cabinet with the fuzz sound, and another with full bass tone so the"gravitas" is never lost.

We play Mainstream rock with heavy influences from the 80s

Nope. You play 80's rock. Period! That could be served up by Downtown Julie Brown on MTV in 1986 with no problem.

From that perspective, it's damn good! I agree with the other poster about it being too compressed, but he's right, it might just be that its streaming from MySpace and that's not how your lossless tracks sound.

The only criticism I have is around 3:30 the girl is singing with the guy comin' in half a measure behind in an attempt at a canon. It doesn't quite work for me.

Other than that, if you're going for that contemporary 80's sound, you nailed it.


P.S. Is "Biscuit Abuser" the British equivalent of "Cookie Monster"?
Nice! Very nice! I liked that.

I'm not sure what to critique about it. It is what it is. Has a nice Zappa making fun of Hippies out of a dirty motel room feel.

I'm stumped. I got nothing. Leave it be!

C4C - Mine has much to critique.
Ok, new live recording posted to be critiqued (I always need constructive criticism).

Alive - 2009-03-31 - P.D.'s Pub, Pittsburgh, PA - 10:11 - mono
Sugapablo (vocals, guitar), Sol (bass), Rich (drums), Kip (sitting in on keys)

It's streaming from my profile:

  • Forgive the chord flubs by the keyboard player, he was just sitting in.
  • Since this is a guitar website, the guitar solo kicks in at around 6:00.
  • Also, since this is a guitar website, I'm playing a 1996 Gibson Les Paul Special with P-100 pickups through a friend's Fender CyberTwin.
  • We didn't record this. This was ripped from a live webcast. Quality isn't that great, especially the vocals. This is just a jam night, so we didn't have a sound man or even all our own gear, so the vocals are a bit lost in the mix. Lyrics below.
  • I tried cleaning up the audio the best I could. The jam beginning around 6:00 comes through pretty well IMHO.
  • Crit4Crit as always


Once I had me a woman, you know she done me wrong.
Sometimes, when I think of her, my heart it sings this song.
Things that she taught me, I would've never, ever known.
Then she hurt me one last time, then she left me alone.

Well I could sing, till I, was blue in the face.
Pray every day just to remember the taste
Of her lips oh as they would bring me so high
And remind me, that I
Was alive

Last night, when I dreamed of her, she was in my arms again.
I could feel her breath against me, but my heart will never mend.
The truth is, she's gone now, she don't want to speak to me.
She's probably with another, though it'd break my heart to see.


Oh and it makes me wonder
Will I ever see her again?
Perhaps on a crowded street?
Oh how I wait for that then.
Will she even look at me?
Or will she just turn her head away?
Guess we'll have to wait and see now, won't we?
Come whatever, come what may.
Electricity at my house is rather noisy. My amp buzz at my house is much worse than at other locations, so I wanted to grab a power conditioner but (of course) I don't have much bread at the moment.

I was looking at the Monster Power PRO 800 High-Performance PowerCenter and saw a couple good reviews for it.

Any opinions on this device? Has anyone used it, and if so, did it help clean up your amp's noise?
Quote by jayr123guitar
haha! That would be killer. That's a LOT of gear though!!!!! It's crazy enough lugging around one of everything!

Well I'm not talking two basses, two guitars, two drumsets, I'm just talking about patching each twice, one into each looper. Have one silent as the other goes, set up what I want in headphones like a DJ, and then switch when appropriate.

Hell, I may want 3-4 loopers for all I know so I could go back and forth between more than two. It's kind of what I do now when I do my "elecoustica" stuff. I play acoustic guitar and sing, while I use a footswitch to switch between different MIDI loops I programmed i my Yamaha RM1x for a "one man band" technique. ****ed with it a little but haven't devoted any real time to it. Just took it on stage a couple time. Has promise but....

It's the BUDGET version of what you're doing.

(original piece called "Light of Day")
Ok, first off, it's never ONLY rock n roll no matter what Mick said!

Now to crit:
There's concept and execution in rock n roll. It sounds like you have a groovy place to go here with the track, but you're having trouble actually getting your ass there.

Yep, a lot of it will be what hampers many of us: crappy or lack of equipment, production skills, etc. Hey, if you're not a drummer and you don't have one, what can you do?

But the guitar playing itself could be done a lot better. I think with some practice and what I call "mindfulness" of what you're playing (something I've worked on) you can get it to the point where it's crisp and dead on.

THEN you'll have something sweet, I think.

P.S. As to what willieturnip said, I think it's just the drums that are distorted. The guitar sounds clear to me.

Quote by jayr123guitar
Both excellent ideas. My looper doesn't have 2 seperate banks to make that possible but live I segue between songs with the help of a volume pedal and a few carefully placed patch chords. A Djembe would be dope.

I wish I had the bread to buy the gear I wanted, man. I would grab two of those loopers, patch two of everything, and set up a DJ switch so I could do what DJ does, only with all those live instruments.

But I don't have the bread, and I would need an entire road crew for everything I would want!

I frickin' LOVE the ideas you've put in my head tho!
Quote by jayr123guitar
Single mic is doing just fine for ya! What do you record into? Laptop?

Actually, for this track, the jam night host took my Blue Snowball USB mic, plugged it into his MacBook and was streaming the video of the evening (using his MacBook's built in webcam) to live. I ripped the sound from there and did some minor compression, reverb, and EQing. Then encoded it again to MP3 (so basically, it was encoded twice, unfortunately).

Healin' Company was recorded the same way, but with just the built in laptop mic, so the quality is not as good.
Quote by willieturnip
What tuning is (Healin' Company's) rhythm in?

Standard tuning. It's just D with minor hammers, etc.


Quote by willieturnip
Playing a song live the day you finished writing it is brave! Props for that especially.

No biggie. For me, that's what jam nights are all about. I do it all the time. Sometimes it works....sometimes...well...

Quote by jayr123guitar
You should hook up with those guys as your band!

Well the drummer is in a new band I've started. The keyboard player sits in with me a lot, but he and the bass player have other commitments.

But even with the new band I've got ("Healin' Company" is posted to my profile with us), which is just me, a bass player, and the drummer on this track, I'm finding that scheduling of practices is a lot harder now that I'm in my 30's with job, kids, wife, etc.

Back in the day with my old band in the mid '90s (I was a drummer then), we practiced 4 days a week, every week.

You take what you can get.

As for studio time...well, one day I'll walk into a studio and play all the instruments myself. When I get the bread. Until's a single microphone pointed at the stage in a bar.

Thanks guyz!
Very cool. Not sure it's any more classical or death metal than something else as is. But maybe the next part will "bring the thunder".

Sounds promising, but when the guitar comes in it sounds off to me. I'm thinking it's one of two things:

1) It's just that you're not playing in time. Or...
2) Sometimes with soundcards on a computer multiple audio tracks recorded in sync can come out of sync. There's things you can do to correct them, I've done it before, but it was years ago and I don't remember specifics.


I think the progression is good. I think you could execute it better.

Strumming on the acoustic was a bit heavy...kinda "klacky" at times. Watch your tuning on the acoustic (if your guitar is checking in as "in tune" in your tuner, then watch to make sure you aren't fretting to hard and pulling sharp) and focus on staying consistently in time throughout.

Sounds good. Nice energy. Yeah, the sound does cut out, but good soundmen are hard to find.

Critique (that's what this place's proper purpose is): Something about the chorus is off. I think it's you (you're the long haired guitar player?). The single notes played during the chorus don't sound right. I don't know if it's bad notes or a tuning issue because the sound is not that clear.

C4C? (crit 4 crit):
Quote by Osiris77
The church is setup so they get the least amount of stage noise pouring out into the audiunce, I'm using a pod x3 the drums are going straight into a stage monitor same with the keyboard and bass. Thats the only guitar amp on stage so its supposed to be learned up against the wall facing the other guitarist. So the least amount of noise gets off the stage, but when we have our band practice our lead singer plays guitar and he puts his mic in the middle of the stage. So the amp would be all the way over in the corner with the drums so he just pulls it out and faces it at himself so he can hear it. His guitar is just filling in the gaps in the music really so its pretty low in the mix, without the amp facing him like that he probably would'nt be able to hear it at all.

*shrugs* If it works. I just was curious what the reason for it was as I never saw someone do that before. I would think feedback would be an issue (perhaps not at the volumes you're playing). Typically, people would close-mic their amp and feed it into the monitor.

Although UN-typically....the Wall of Sound put all the PA/amplification behind the band so they could hear exactly what the audience was hearing and not have to use any monitors at all. Two mics were used for each channel out of phase to prevent feedback.

Best dang sound system ever! (Just way too expensive and complicated.)
Quote by Osiris77
The only thing that was a little weird to me was the guitar solo something just wasnt right with it, not necessarly that it was played bad it just kind of sounded like the guitar was playing in a different key.

Wasn't in a different key, but I wasn't playing within a typical pentatonic scale (which is of course, for beginners like me, the "old stand-by").

Chords I was playing over were:

A - F#m - D

and the main notes used in the solo were:

A - B - D - E - F# - G#

Listening back, perhaps what caught you strange was I think the bass player at one point midway went to the change of F#m - D when I though he would continue A - F#m - D so when he hits that F#, I'm thinkin' its going to be A so I have to correct mid-measure. (?) *shrugs*

You never know. I'm always dancing around and trying new things on stage at jam night. Some **** works....some doesn't
Eh..that wasn't much of a "crit"....

Everything sounded good. I think adding some more low-end percussion (not necessarily a bass drum, but) perhaps a tumba (low "conga") or djembe would be cool.

And perhaps, figure out a way to make loops silently as those are going and then switch so you could have changes!
Alright, that was cool. Very cool.

What are you using for the loops? I mean ****, a diagram of the entire room's setup would be nice, but....

Alright alright...

I liked all the parts, but how they blend together....I'm not sure. Much of it could be production related, but it seemed too much like it was recorded in a room instead of a ROOM. If that makes any sense. The sound was small instead of FULL.

Crit one of mine?