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Not bad. The graphic on that Klone is ****ing awesome, but it appears to be missing a leg, no?

The legs are in unison, that third "leg" is the tail. Obviously centaurs do not run like that, but alas...oh well!
Here is the updated board I was wiring up earlier today.

Guitar > Cmatmods Compressor > Fulltone '70 > Dano Trans. OD V1 > Luther Drive > OLER Audio Klon(e) > Fulltone Supa Trem > Amp

The Cmatmods Analog Chorus > MXR Carbon Copy are in the loop.

Everything is still wired with George L cable, and power by a ModTone Power Plant.

I think I may exchange the Compressor for the "Deluxe" model, which has a attack control. It will give me more versatility for that pedal.

I got my Trad. 212 for $175 with a fair amount of tolex dings. Mint speakers however, which were sold to buy exactly the speakers I wanted, which is what you could do if the price on the cab is right.
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Theres some really nice stuff on there^ Loving the cmatmods

Thank you sir. It's all wired with George L's, and powered with a ModTone Power Plant. Great unit!
Hello regulars. Here is my humble pedalboard I've been digging right now. Want to add a fuzz. Maybe a Fulltone 70. Not sure.

Everything here is self explanatory, minus the engraved centaur skeleton box in the bottom left. It's a Klon(e) made by one of my good friends on another forum.
Very cool idea! I'd love to take part on something like this down the road or the next time it is decided to do something similar.
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I'll see what I can do. The monster rack rig sits in a studio practice space and is a bitch to move. The RSA and all my guitars live at home with me.

Thanks Colin! Cheers.
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I'm trying so hard, dammit!

PS I am working out a part two to my Things I've Learned thread from a year ago. My first year as a professional musician has been eye opening. I'm doing well enough to be buying /13 and CAA!

Can't wait to see your next bits of advice!

Any family pictures of all the rigs soon?
Happy new amp day Colin! I haven't ever been able to try any /13 stuff, but I've heard great things about them. And judging by that gutshot, they are built to high spec with really neat wiring!
Some reviews for this stuff, so I suppose this thread doesn't get closed.

Ceriatone 2550: This amp definitely has that Marshall grind I've been looking for. I can get a vast array of tones out of this via the clean channel, and the dirty channel by adjusting the master and channel volumes/gains. It does everything that I wanted it too. I can get good classic rock, blues, rock, and even some heavier tones out of it.

Avatar 212 (with Weber Michigans): The Michigans are a very neutral speaker modeled after the EV 12L. They sound fantastic, and despite the rough appearance of my pawn shop cab purchase, it sounds great, just like my other Avatar.

OLER Audio Klon(e): Right now I'm using this as a lead boost. It really makes this amp sing. Very versatile pedal. I put it through my Tweed Deluxe I built, and it's a great OD box for a Fender style amp too.

X2 Wireless: Believe the hype. These things are fantastic. I've owned the lowest model, and this rack model, and I've never had any dropouts or failures with it. Despite the fact that it is discontinued, try to find one. They are great reliable units. I scored mine for super cheap on The Gear Page. They are out there, and some in mint, just like this one. The tone is essentially just like using a cable to my ears. There is not a very audible difference, if any compared to cable.
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DAMN! Hot new stuff day!!


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Dude, you have a Godly setup! the pic of the tele next to the amp is amazing.

It's only going to get better as soon as I get the remaining pieces. Perfect for my weekend warrior status.
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I have a blanket with the exact same pattern fabric as your curtains.
That's a beautiful bunch of stuff you've got yourself there, HNGD!

That is actually at my tech's house. He's got a sweet new shop he just built with an amp room and stuff. I work part time for him, so I get to play his Victoria Regal II a lot!

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H O L Y C R A P !!

looks awesome....the whole thing

yummy :licklip:

I took the Avatar 212 idea from you. The 412 was too heavy. This this is super light by comparison! Just wait until I get the other amp, and switching system. No tap dancing for this guy.

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that. is. b.e.autiful

nice set up there, looking forward to seeing the rest :P

Me too! I work my butt off during the summers when I'm not in college roughly 60+ hours a week at a manual labor job. I work for every ounce of my gear!

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nice. i do a similar thing you are planning to do with multiple amps/different effects. it really comes in handy.

i am glad you like your cieratone. i hear mixed things about them. just an FYI though is that that is not PTP. that is turret board construction.

i use a couple of AB/Y's and a dual output pedal to arrange my different amps. i run my Lee Jackson Ampeg and the splawns on an a/b with the splawns in stereo (although i can A/B them) and do for side to side variation (like you hear when some bands play a riff with one guitarist solo than the other after), and run a switch seperating the splawns from the 1968 Fender bassman (for cleans). the bassman has pedals before it, and the lee Jackson has pedals in the loop. all tied up on the board.

By PTP I mean handwired.

Here's a teaser photo of the custom aged Tele that will be here soon. Two pedals from Cmatmods here tomorrow, and a Cordoba Fusion Orchestra Pro with spruce top on Wednesday. I'll make a "take 2" thread when it's all here.

Specs: One piece pine body, butterscotch blonde, vintage tinted neck, D. Allen pickups, whole guitar has a medium-light aged look, basically a 50's Tele. Nice step up from a Squier Tele huh?

This guitar will be arriving in a couple weeks. Just got finished up today, but it's going to the Dallas Guitar show along with 29 other guitars from this custom builder. Builder texted me this picture today. He's getting me more pictures soon.

Oh, then I got a custom Klon(e) pedal from a buddy of mine who builds pedals in his spare time.

Pedalboard. Some new pedals coming tomorrow. Different chorus pedal, and a compressor. Eventually I'm getting the pedals in a rack switched with a RJM Effects Gizmo and Mastermind.

Then I found a mint (guy only took it out once) X2 Rack Wireless, and bought it. Made a new cable for it with a 1/8" locking pin, a Neutrik Silent plug, and Mogami cable.

The start of the rack where the pedals will go.

The amp and cab. Using an Auralex Great GRAMMA for isolation from hollow stages.
So it's been a crazy month for me gear wise. I'm pretty much setting up a whole new rig for myself. Almost my dream rig. I still have some pedals I need to get, and some on the way. Also, a classical guitar I've been wanting is coming this week, and an aged Tele custom built for me before Easter. This summer, when I have more funds, I'm going to nab a Ceriatone HRM50 and a RJM Effects Gizmo and Mastermind.

Basically the goal is to layer the amps, and assign different pedals to different amps. Super versatile, covering all the kinds of music and tones I'm going for.

So first thing that arrived was a Ceriatone 2550 (Marshall Silver Jubilee clone). I plan to run a multi-amp setup up with this and a Ceriatone HRM50 when I get that amp this summer. Essentially a low budget mini "Joe Bonamassa/Eric Johnson"-esque rig.

This is what she looks like inside. Came with JJ's in perfect bias. Who knew a budget hand-wired PTP amp company in Malaysia would do that? Not I.

Tasty PTP eh?

Next I ditched my Avatar 412 and found a cheap beat up Avatar 212 at a pawnshop.

Then I took out the Eminence Tonespotters, and put in some Ted Weber Michigans (Ceramics, 100 watt rating, EV style speaker).

Then I decided since I'll be running two 50 watt amps through one 212, I need to rewire is in stereo/mono. I drilled a few more holes into the Avatar backplate. 16 ohms in mono (both speakers) and 8 ohms each side in stereo.

Here's the rig, minus some Tele coming before Easter..custom built.
Three amps sold elsewhere. Just the Line 6 X2 XDR95 Receiver left.

Price on that reduced to $140 shipped.
Not particularly, but what do you have to offer?
All purchases through Paypal. CONUS. All this gear has been treated well inside my home only and in a smoke free environment. All prices are fairly firm, prices I feel aren't too stingy. Shipped prices are shown.

Jet City JC100H. - Great amp for blues, rock, metal, and hard rock. Loads of gain on tap. Less than 3 hours of playing. Includes original box, footswitch, manual, and sticker. 100% mint. $525 Shipped

Next up is an Orange Thunder 30 combo. - Includes the original box and manual. Less than 2 hours on this amp. The classic Orange tone really. Lots of gain. Very versatile. Blues to metal and everything in between. 100% mint. $1100 Shipped

And finally an Orange Tiny Terror head.- Great little amp for blues and rock. Includes Orange 'purse' carrying case, and original box.$400 Shipped

Also, a Line 6 X2 XDR95 Rackmount Receiver. Just the receiver, no transmitter. Looking for $150 shipped. Buy this if yours is broke. Great unit, but I have no use since my transmitter went faulty. These units rock, probably going to buy a whole new one, but I can't find a cheap transmitter so I mine as well sell the receiver and start fresh. No picture of this as it's at not at my apartment right now, it's in storage. I can try to get one up soon.
I want an Orange cab. They are sexy. HNGD!

A "5E3" Tweed Deluxe built by myself with the help of an amp tech.
Awesome! I'd like to see your opinions on a Class 5, but I know where I live, no one has them yet!
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wow, some crazy stuff going on here while im gone.

In the tuner wars, the pitch black won against the tc electronic poly tune and has replace my old tuner.sorry poly tune, great idea, doesn't work to well in the real world though.

I love how you guys can buy macbook pros but cant retube your tiny terrors. haha wtf? I want one so bad so its just the jealousy talking

Well not only couldn't I afford it after that, I don't know if I really want to retube it. It's not really floating my boat. I'll probably retube it and see what happens, but if I don't fall back in love...I think I want to sell it, get a Class 5 for practice (and my college dorm room this fall), and I'm also selling my Classic 30 for a higher wattage head for at home with my 412 and gigs. Most likely EL34 or 6V6. Maybe Rockerverb, maybe Thunderverb. I don't know yet though. I kind of want to build a Ceriatone 2550 Silver Jubilee clone. And then pair it with a Ceriatone HRM I will build later down the road. I will I have a summer job, and need to reward myself for graduating somehow! And on top of that - I work part time for an amp tech helping him with crap so I get to play sweet amps all summer. Two weeks ago I played a Two-Rock and a Vibro-King belonging to some local blues guy.

A demo I watched showed inconsistency between tuning modes on the Polytune. I need to scrap my TU-2 and get a Pitchblack, btw.

I'll also throw the Bad Monkey in for some more OD variety, as well as when I need a wah I'll put it in the chain. Should be getting a Pedaltrain eventually to make it all neat and such.
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i could only afford the 13, but it's still rather amazing.

shouldn't be too much to retube a TT.

Yeah I love mine. It does everything I need and more.

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you can retube a TT for under 50 bucks at home smoking a bowl on the toilet with one hand

edit: oh yeah, and a phillips head screwdriver for the screws

Yeah I and broke right now. However I'm graduating next weekend and should get some money for that. Plus I have a summer job to reel in the cash. Probably just going to get all JJ's. Should be around $45.
Long story short, my iBook died, and I got a new MacBook Pro - and I have brought clips!

Just recorded a little ditty of my Tweed Deluxe to show how it sounds.

Settings -
Rhythm tracks: Volumes on 2, Tone on 7
Lead tracks: Volumes on 3, Tone on 7

I double tracked the rhythm with the Les Paul on the left, and the Telecaster on the right. The lead line was done with a Telecaster and is panned right, with a delayed/slapped back lead on the left. Don't know if that was a good way to do it or not, but oh well. Mic was placed about an inch away from the grill, and between the cone and the edge of the speaker.

My playing isn't the greatest so please don't insult me on that.

Attachment won't work, but you can listen to it here:

It's the clip called Tweed Deluxe.

Should have video soon. I'm hopefully getting a Creative Vado HD for graduation next Saturday. I'll post up a link when it's up.
I got the 15" MacBook Pro like a month or two ago. It rocks.

My Tiny Terror needs a retube. I am a poor student. Damn.
Thanks dude. Sounds good - great for blues. Definitely. I'll get some clips and video up this weekend.
First mod - 90 degree rotation.

Second mod - hard to see, but the cap (yellow) is off the board, and below those wires sort of in the center.

Preamp tubes to try. 8)

Shelves of tubes! Groove tubes, Tung Sol, Tube Amp Doctor, JAN, Ei, JJ's, Winged C's!

The Telecaster Warriors. 8) I actually want to start a blues jam band with him of that name. :lol:
Wired the filaments in. Not the neatest, but functional.

Power transformer all wired and ready to go!

Power cord.

Junk chinese tubes for testing purposes.

Everything done, right after testing.

Power tubes to try. Literally a shelf load of preamp tubes to try next week as well.

I got done wiring everything up, and I triple checked it all. Ran through all the test precautions with my mentor, and it passed it all, placed in the tubes, and fired her up - and we had life. Sounded a tad fizzy with the stock Chinese tubes that Weber provides, but next week I'm going to test through a boatload of tubes my mentor has sitting around. He has a whole shelf load of preamp tubes, and a few sets of power tubes. Probably going to change a few component values to get more high end. Going to try experiment with different combinations of 12AX7's, 12AY7s, and 5751s.

There was barely any added noise, even when standing right next to the chassis, which is great. It is very quiet. My wiring probably wasn't the neatest or nicest, but it was my first build, so it can only get better.

Placed the board.

Wiring the preamp tubes.

Wiring up the power tubes.

Finished preamp tubes minus the filaments.

Speaker jacks.

Flipped the input jacks back in to wire to the board.
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Here's a teaser...

those of you who already know what this is don't say anything!! I'm making an Epic thread for Friday.

I got some work accomplished today when I went to my mentors house - next Sunday i'm going to start nailing her all together. If I had all the tools my mentor has at my disposal anytime, I could probably have cranked this out in about a week. Such is not the case however. Probably going to get a job working for him this summer as well - so that should be an even better learning experience.

Soldered all the eyelets and clipped the leads on the reverse side.

Soldering more eyelets!

All the clipped leads on the backside of the board.

Putting in the leads that go to random places: tube sockets, etc.

More flying leads before fitting the board.

All of them done.


The four black leads are grounds.

The 0.0047 uF tone capacitor. Probably going to unsolder and heatshrink the top part next Sunday just to be safe.

Next Sunday i'm going to get the board placed, wire up the flying leads, probably wire up the filaments, and some transformer wires if time allows. It won't be long before she's finished. 8-)
HNAD! Post in the Orange Thread - i'm sure Mike will be happy to see another TV50 owner!
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I want a Rockeverb 50 so bad

I concur.
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**Just In: Thunder 30 head- Switchable power- 15/30, 2 channels, EL34.

I think they're EL84's if what Music Radar says is right.

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Maybe this means i can score an old rockerverb for cheap. Damn i allready made my mind up on amps. Screw you orange.

I agree! I've been wanting to get one for a while.
Mahoosive Castle

Thunder 30: "Thunder 30 New for 2010: the Rocker 30 meets the Thunderverb with 30-watts of EL84 power"
NAMM '10 -

Front control panel RV50 1x12 and 2x12

Control panel close up


TT 10" Combo
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Fail is that ajs19 is on here as well as the orange forum and I just now realized this.

Yup that's me!

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Looks like(for the tenth time) i'll be shedding myself of the trusty rockerverb next week, it's just not the right fit unfortunatly. I think im keeping the cab right now, I don't want vintage 30's anymore, but the cab really does rock so we'll see.

I'm definitley buying an old OR series somewhere down the line though, partly because I could feel all warm and fuzzy knowing I have one, and partly because they can make your nostrils flap.

Possibly pulling the trigger on a Reeves Custom 50 soon!

EDIT: Just scrolled up, drool, that thing is teh secks.

If I wasn't poor and had the money - i'd totally nab that from you. I got some hardcore RV50 GAS currently..
Did he say why he only gave you 3 of 4?

Your were going to have to buy a match quad anyway if you weren't expecting tubes. So do just that.
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Did you get a PedalTrain Mike?