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Could anyone suggest some good Jazz songs and link their tabs? I was speaking with my guitar teacher about college music courses (he's currently enrolled for Classical Guitar), and he said that the only things you could take were Jazz and Classical, and we began to talk about Jazz guitar. It seemed really interesting, albeit extremely hard, so I was hoping someone could suggest me some songs to get into jazz with I guess.
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Are your strings buzzing in the higher frets?

Not really. Maybe it's the pickups. I've been planning to swap them out anyway, so I hopefully that will do it.
So I recently bought a Peavey Valveking, and after having it a few weeks I've begun to experience a problem. I just got my Squire Strat (Yes, Squire, I still use it, long story short, I just wanted something I could go to drop-c in a hurry with since my other guitar has a Floyd) re-set-up with heavier gauge strings, 11-52 I believe. However, whenever I play anything higher-up on the fretboard, ie around the 15 fret and up, the sound from the amp beings to, well I really don't know any better explanation, but it sounds like it's warbling, like the signal is breaking up I guess. This isn't so much an issue with my other guitar, but I really don't think this should be happening. This doesn't even just occur at high volumes on the amp, it occurs at very low practice levels as well.

Does anyone have a reason this could be happening?
I use my Bad Monkey to push my VK into metal, and for a classic rock tone when I put it in front of my clean signal.

Compared to other OD's? I like it better than the ZW OD and the other cheap Boss OD.

I didn't think it made too much of a difference on clean signal when I turn it off, so it should be fine.
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Its probably a cheaply made turd trying to make money off dimebags name
just like every other dean dime sig in the range
really every dean in the range

Buddy, don't just jump on the bandwagon until you have actually tried one. It makes you sound uneducated, honestly, because you have not even stated that you even tried one. I have a DFH and I love it (No I'm not a Dime fanboy). I have never tried the Black Bolt, but I do really like Deans, and I would recommend them.
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Temperature should always be a nice and comfortable 60F degrees in the summer and hot days and in the winter keep the heat at around 70ish as well as a humidifier in the winter.

Keep the guitars in cases INSIDE The room until you need them

If you're telling him that the temperature needs to be 60-70 degrees, and TS has already stated that the room will be 30 degrees in the winter and close to 100 in the summer when not in use, why are you telling him to store his instruments inside the room?
The peaks in temperature will effect your instruments. 100 degrees is definitely not going to treat your instruments well, and I hardly think temperatures in the 30s will be good for them either. I'd suggest keeping the instruments out of the room until you're practicing.
You can't with the RP150 because it does not have a USB interface. That's why I sprung the extra $50 to get the 250, because of the metal housing and the USB interface. The only way you can record with the 150 is to hook it up to your amp and mic it.

Edit: Apologies, I mixed up the RP90 and the RP 150. The 150 does have a USB interface. Just follow what pinguinpanic said.
I totally forgot I had some Lamb of God playing through my speakers when I clicked on the link,and I'm like, holy ****, is that kid really trying to play along to a double-bass drum Lamb of God song? Lamb of God is in DDR? Then I realized, oh wait, I still have the music on, so I turned it off. The kid still ****ing sucked.
One time me and a few friends went to a local pizza place. We called first, and they're like, no, there's no wait whatsoever, so we went there, and, of course, there was a LOT of people waiting. So it's about an hour long wait. We finally get our table, and the food comes quick enough, 20 minutes, not great time, but w/e. Now, we finish, and we ask for the check. Half an hour passes. We ask again. Another half hour passes. We ask 3 different people, and one of them finally gives us the check, because our waiter left, and because we were teenagers, and obviously the scourge of society, they ignored us. We gave our server the money, and we began to decide what the tip should be. Most of us decided that we shouldn't leave a tip at all because they treated us like ****, but since we had 3 pennies left, we left that as a tip. All of us left except for 2, because they were putting on their coats, and some random waitress tries to swoop in and steal the waitress who left's tip. The bitch then proceeds to flip out on them for leaving them 3 pennies, and the bitch throws the pennies in their face.

tl;dr they treated us like ****, we left them a 3 penny tip, and they threw it in our face
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Where in that comment did I say I was crying about or supporting cutting at all.

I'm so ****ing sick of people with their damn suicide jokes. You are the people that cause suicide. When someone makes jokes like that... How do you think it effects people contimplating suicide?

Someday someone you know might take their own life. It's not as ****ing hilarious as you all play it out to be... It's not "Hahahaha billy was found dead in his room hahahaha what a douche"

And no I'm not talking about whiney douche bags who want attention. I'm talking about people who sincerely have a hard life. People who sincerely are depressed and want a way to stop it.

I realize this won't effect anyone... But when that day comes that someone you know, possibly a friend or a family member takes their own life....I hope you think about how ****ing hilarious you thought it was.

This man has himself a point. Suicide jokes are tasteless, just like jokes about 9/11.
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Fast food sucks. Cook your own food and rejoice a healthy and hearty meal.

^What he said. Though if I had to choose, I'd choose chic-fil-a. Only fast food restaurant that's remotely healthy.
So the general consensus is that a Bad Monkey OD is the way to go?
Well, I'm looking for an OD pedal as I'm going to be getting a new tube amp soon (dunno which yet, possibly a Valveking as I tried out both the VK and B-52 and I personally like the cleans, reverb, and just classic rock tone more on the VK). However, seeing as the VK is known more as a versatile amp than a metal amp (versatility is my thing ^.^), I'm looking for a reasonably priced OD with a lot of bang for the buck. I've been looking into both the Digitech Bad Monkey and the MXR Wylde Overdrive.

tl;dr I wanna get a good OD pedal that can easily push an amp into metal.
Schecter. I love my Dean, but when I played a Schecter Hellraiser this past saturday, I was like O.o, then I was like , then I was like . Yeah, it's pretty good. Not the best neck I've ever played, but still, a great sounding guitar and feels pretty good to boot.
I do heavy stuff mostly, but I still want it to be versatile. I don't want an amp that can only do Cannibal Corpse, but that doesn't mean I want an amp that can't do it at all. So basically, I'm looking towards something versatile but with the right tweaking is more biased to metal.
I've only tried the Vk, as my guitar center didn't have the B-52, unfortunately. The only thing about the B-52 is that I've heard things about it's reliability, and I'm just curious about how well it can do things other than metal, for instance, classical (Paganini) and alt rock (RHCP)
So it's about time I chose a new amp, and I've narrowed it down to these two, the B-52 and the Peavey, as they are both great amps for my limited price range. I play everything from RHCP to Cannibal Corpse to Paganini inspired licks, so basically everything. If I got the Peavey, I'd probably get a booster pedal, like the Rocktron Nitro to push the VK to do metal.

tl;dr Peavey VK 112 w/ Rocktron Nitro Pedal or a B-52 AT112?
Scarified-Paul Gilbert
Afterlife-Avenged Sevenfold
Bloodmeat-Protest the Hero
Crossroads guitar duel.

The Crossroads guitar duel is from the movie Crossroads when it's Steve Vai vs the character played by Ralph Macchio (sp?). It's incredibly hard, and my guitar teacher has been busting my ass to learn it haha.
[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']The only reason you're paying half the price of a 212 for a 112 of because you have one less speaker, dude. How did you miss that?

One speaker and the little bit of wood and wiring needed to accommodate that one extra speaker shouldn't cause an almost $700 price difference. The street price for the combo is less then half the price of the 212. Peavey is always reliable, but still, I'm wary.
Anyone else? I'm going to Guitar Center tomorrow and I'm hoping that someone could give me some suggestions. How about B-52s? I've heard they're good but unreliable.
I love how this turned into a "Lets Bash America thread" to "Kentucky fried Apache" hahaha.

TBH, most Americans only eat 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Most don't each brunch or a 4 o clock meal. I only eat 6 meals a day because of weightlifting, and my 4 o clock meal is a Protein Shake and oats.
Knock your dad out, then have sex with your girlfriend on his back. Next, right an autobiography about your terrible childhood and exaggerate and perhaps make up some bs about your dad. Make sure you're 18th birthday is a chapter.

Happy birthday ^.^
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Oh wow, that's a pretty good deal. I've never tried a Peavey XXX though, so since the auction lasts till Sunday I'll try to go Saturday to try out the head version at a music store, but I doubt I'll be able to.

Still looking for suggestions ^.^
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Sell it to TS

Too bad it isn't a combo =(
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you can find one with a tad of patience. i got my 120w head for 400 us
now im trying to sell it though lol

True, but I'm not exactly a huge Ebay/Craigslist person tbh haha
The XXX is a little pricey, even on ebay. $600 is the absolute most I can really dish out.
Ok, so, it's about time I get a new amp, cause the one I've got is just not cutting it for me. I play mostly metal (Trivium to Iron Maiden to Metallica to Pantera), though I'd rather not completely sacrifice versatility, as I still do play some softer stuff (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Radiohead, etc).

So, basically what I'm trying to say is that I'm looking for an amp that can do the br00talz, but not just the br00talz. My budge is $500, $600 max. I'm well aware that Peavey is coming out with the 6505+ 112, but I'm A. Slightly wary of reliability due to it being 1/2 the price of the 212 combo and B. Not really in the mood to wait till potentially August. Yeah, I've heard anywhere from April to August. And Sam Ash customer support sucks, so, yeah, I'm still waiting to hear from them >.>
That is the most absolutely biased article I've ever read in my life. That is the stupidest, however, most typical, right-wing response ever. He didn't "command" anybody. He didn't go "Listen to Rush Limbaugh and I'll have you removed from office". No. He didn't do anything like that. And God forbid our new Democratic president makes a suggestion. I mean, God forbid. But last time I checked, our last President sort of, you know, breached the Constitution *coughcough*PatriotAct*Coughcough*, and you had the right-wing nutjobs praising him.

Our country makes perfect sense.....
I don't think your mom was pissed at you because you had a chick in your bed, but because you had a drunk, passed out chick in your bed and you didn't do anything. Shame shame.
Well, I looked, and there were no Celtic Legacy tabs whatsoever, unless I spelled it wrong when I was searching, so I was hoping someone could tab this song for me.

There's the link, thank you very much to anyone who can do this for me ^.^
That's aweful. RIP
Hahaha, that's great. Poor dog though, he looked so sad =(
Before I answer, let me just point something out. Guess what guys? You're all paying their salary. If you said yes, they are, then why do you keep going to see the games, buying their merchandise? I said no, because they get paid what the people are willing to pay to see them play. Remember, all this money comes from us, the fans. It's not like they're pulling this money out of thin air. It has to go somewhere, and into their salaries it goes.

On another note, most baseball players either started life off extremely dirt poor (ie many of the Dominican players sent straight to the majors) or they stayed in the minor leagues for a considerable amount of time. Believe me, minor leagues athletes don't earn ****. I know a bunch of former minor league players, one of whom actually made it to the Majors during the strike, and a current minor league player, and believe me, they earn less than the rest of us. The players in the majors worked their asses off in the minors to get where they are, they made themselves better than the millions of others who wanted to make it. The work it takes to make it is beyond extreme. Same goes with professional musicians. They work unbelievably hard to make it where they do, and by making a big deal of overpaid or not undermines the extreme amount of effort they put into their career. It's one thing if just anyone could make it big, but only the most dedicated can, and they're rewarded for it. Do I believe that *some* players are disgustingly overpaid? Yes, I certainly do. There are some players that are no way in hell worth what they're being paid. However, most earn what they make.

Now, I think you guys should be going after the people who win the lottery. By your standards, where's the hard work in winning that?

Please email it to me ^.^
To whoever pre-ordered it, where did you order it from? I can't find it anywhere. That thing looks perfect for me.
Crap...I should have stayed a pedo.