not funny...just gay
the registered user on here vote if it gets accepted or rejected, so that's probably why it was rejected. People either felt it was no better than the other versions on here, or didn't think there should be a 6th version at all.

Other than that it might have been because it was too wide to fit on the site. This happened to me for one of the tabs I submitted. Even though it doesn't wrap around it might be too wide for how the site is formatted so what you can do to check is go to the submit tab page and click on guitar tab template. Then copy and paste a bar from that under you tab and make sure none of your tab is wider than that.
+1 to Layla's_Daddy...bought my wah and was very easy to work with....quick payment, gerat communication, definitely recommend him as a good buyer
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I'm interested in the BBE and the Distortion Factory.

I have a few pedals I never use and I could use some money for the upcoming summer..

BBE Sonic Stomp - good condition, works great - $40 shipped

Digitech Distortion Factory - almost mint condition, with box - $30 shipped

Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah - great condition, only used a handful of times - $40 shipped

I might have another....if I do I'll throw it up here too

I think I have pics on my flashdrive so if you need them I'll try to get them up

Prices are negotiable so give me offers...I'm not really looking to trade

I only ship to continental US

I'll take paypal or money order...I'll ship when I receive payment, I'm trustworthy, listed in good trader thread

Any questions or anything feel free to pm or post here

Damn its not even possible to do that in the state...or at least around me..

In order to pump the gas you have to pre-pay inside or swipe your credit card...there aren't any places that I know of that even have pumps that dispense without prior payment
Alright I'm trying to sell some stuff to get extra cash to buy a new guitar so I'm not really interested in trades...

Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah - great condition, no box, only used a few times - $50 shipped

Digitech Distortion Factory - only used a couple times, with box - $40 shipped

BBE Sonic Stomp - good condition with box - $50 shipped

I'm located right outside philly...I'll take money order or paypal

pics on request

prices are negotiable

I'm considering selling my ESP EC100QM see-thru black cherry finish anyone interested in buying an inexpensive lefty?
I'm one of the oldest people on here I guess (in UG years...)

I was surprised to see a couple '02ers but it always seems like they come out of the wood works when of of these nostalgic threads comes up

I definitely remember that there was more of a community vibe back in the day like almost like the people behind the usernames were real and you might know them :0 lol
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This. Seriously.


I concur
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yeah it's the same here it's odd. Technically if you made a sex tape at 16 ypu couldn't watch it till you were 18 even though you're in it

actually if you did this you would go to jail...

since you made the tape while you were underage, when you watched it later youd be guilty of possesion of child pornography so you'd go to jail and register as a sex offender
I had dreams like that a lot...I'd be totally whomping somebody but my strike would be dealing no damage I was fighting the Terminator...but from what I remember one time I was fighting my german teacher and another time it was like an 8 year old
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I personally think that most Brits (who the FUCK says UKers?!) think you yanks should have shops in the suburbs that you can walk to.

obviously I just said it you dumbass f*uckin cares about that anyway
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Lots? I'm not sure what you're hinting at.

not really...there aren't as many affordable fuel efficient cars as you think there are...especially when compared to the number of cars that are NOT fuel efficient
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Not really. You just need to look in the right places and have the right mindset.

Agreed, but that will be changing very soon.

do you know the availability and the level of access the ordinary person has to get those types of cars?

plus from what I've been seeing, the vast majority of new hybrid, electric, and high fuel efficiency cars that are soon to come out are somewhere around the $30,000 price range...not exactly affordable for the average american
I love how UKers are saying stop buying stupid cars with low gas mileage.

Thats so easy to say...but when it comes down to it buying fuel efficient cars is fairly expensive especially since you can go out and buy a 10 year old used car for about a grand.

I hate people blaming everything on the bad economy over here but in reality the economy is bad over here and things are hard...a lot of people dont have the money at a given moment to go out and buy a new hybrid car or something very fuel efficient.

EDIT: plus when the majority of car manufacturers in the country are pushing cars with bad fuel efficiency it makes it a little hard. The US isn't really known for its attitude toward conservation or fuel efficiency. It's easy to blame all of the people, but a lot of times they don't really have a great choice in the matter
nose, throat, and groin. Aim your strikes there. If you can breathe, or your nuts are in your throat you can't fight.

edit: oh and dont forget to circle...if your getting charged at or advanced on side step and circle and you should get a small time frame where the person will be open
Someone was telling me the other day that a friend had a program that allowed him to plug his keyboard (piano keyboard, not computer keyboard ) into his computer and whatever he played was transposed into sheet music.

something kind of like this was in the movie Drumline too, obviously for drums tho.


my question is...

Is there a program that you can do this with a guitar and produce tabs?
I have a Weeping Demon I'm trying to sell
I already got the words True Till Death tattooed in script across my chest.

right now the only other lyrics that come to mind that I would think about getting are:

"I will never falter, I'll stand my ground"
nice legs for a homo ahaha

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Phillies, I want another parade.


especially since I missed the one last year because I couldnt skip class
as a CJ major I must say that you PRESS CHARGES....since he stole from you without caring it just shows that he would do it to anyone save someone from having something stolen and actually NOT being able to get it back wouldn't be ruining his life by pressing charges, he ruined his own life by choosing to break the law
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my whole building is rooting for Philly. And they are winning so I'm going with them

baseball < football (not soccer)



soccer > baseball + football

EDIT: wait a min...shit I mean DISAGREED
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Nein. Das ist sehr langweilig. Es ist ein ziemlich.

Ja, ich stimme zu. Ich habe Deutsch gelernt und es war nicht so schwer. Jetzt studiere ich Russisch ein. Bislang, es ist nur ein bisschen schwer.

Меня зовут Матфей и я живу в красном доме :/

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I suggest doing spanish, and if you want to do another language at the same time, try a language with a different script such as arabic or mandarin. OR possibly just a few different significant characters such as russian.

just a few????????

try all but 11 out of 33 are different and out of those 11 that are the same looking as our alphabet, 6 are associated with totally different sounds hahaha

plus with russian you have to learn cursive, where half of the letters in cursive are totally different from those in block and some of them resemble both other letters in Cyrillic and other letters in our alphabet

So basically, to learn russian you have to learn TWO new alphabets lol
Can you do $60 shipped?
I have an Ibanez Weeping Demon wah
this test is very innaccurate. It said I have a 98 but I took a legit IQ test to get into the gifted program at my school and the results said I had a 128
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Band of Brothers!!


you beat me to it...I actually knew that one right away
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ш лтщц ф ише ьщку щк дуыы утщгпр ещ пуе ьу иге шт сщтмукыешщт пкфтеув ш цщгдв ТЩЕ кшпре ф еруышы шт ше

cool story, bro

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i've always wanted to learn russian... and german, i'm really hoping to be multi-lingual at some stage of my life

Ironically, those are the two languages I've studied
Quote by justinb904
well, if i could type russian characters, yeah

russian can click the letters on the screen or use your own keyboard, looking at the screen to see where the letters match up
I'm in a Russian 101 class starting out learning Russian...anyone in Russian too, or a native speaker?
TS that sounds like the worst pit ever lol I've been to a ton of shows and I've never seen anything like that with so many people gettin f'ed up bad hahaha

I only ever got forreal hurt in a pit twice...The first was on my 18th birthday at a show my friends band was playing at...there was 15 bands and the 3rd one in some asshole just came up and punched me in the face for no reason then tried to kick me in the head...My nose was broken and there was the most blood I have ever seen in my life. Like it really looked like someone dumped a gallon of red paint on me. but I cleaned myself up and stayed for the rest of the show

the second time was right before my 19th birthday and I had a bad feeling about the pit but went in anyway and within 2 min of being in there I got hit by something and knocked out colddddddd. Like I dont remember anything but standing there and a split second later I was 20 feet away and I didnt know where I was. I didn't feel gettin hit or anything it was weird. I stayed for the rest of the show but when I got home I saw my nose was mad crooked and my lip was sliced bad and swollen up so bad you couldnt see me teeth and the inside was just black and green.

So I went to the hospital ad I had a mild concussion and a badly broken nose....a week later I had to get legit surgery so they could fix it...they had to put me to sleep and everything.
Watching a lot of MMA can actually help you if you pay attention to the details and techniques...I've never been in a gym or had any training at all but just using techniques shown on The Ultimate Fighter and just regular UFC bouts has helped me out in a few situations

EDIT: but still...doesnt mean you can go around whomping might end up getting whomped yourself...I'd say leave the whomping to the professionals...

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What should I do, he has challenged me again, since then, I agree'd, and my friend was know where to be seen. I want to blast Daniel so bad. I know I shouldn't but It's been damn close. What should I do if he asks again?

Hey, I still have 3 pedals for sale...a lil change in the prices

Digitech Distortion Factory - $55 shipped

BBE Sonic Stomp - $70 shipped

Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah - $60 shipped


The Ibanez was on hold for someone but they had to back out so its back up for grabs.

Also, I'm thinking about selling my...
ESP EC100QM left handed guitar - its in pretty good condition except its missing both volume knobs (which can easily be replaced but thats up to you) but both controls still work fine. and maybe a couple scratches on the headstock

For the ESP I'm trying to get a feel for what it would go for and to see if anyone would be interested...I'd like to get at least $200 for it (it was $300 when I first got it about 4 years ago) but I'm open to hear all offers. If you like then throw out some offers and lets see what happens

"No I am not of the homosexual variety, but perhaps my butler Jeeves has a bit of knowledge on that matter. Cheerio"
+1 to blandguitar...the deal was made quick and easy and he sent out the payment quick and communicated great the whole time...definitely recommend
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Seeing this band in DE with Born of Osiris, After The Burial and All Shall Perish.

goddammit....I wanna go to that show so bad...I've never been to the Grange before either, but I'm stuck going up to NY to see my gf...

another show missed for boobs