anyone show me where i can see this video?...
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I've never lived anywhere else other than in a small town, my advice is don't live in a small town, theres nothing to do jobs arent the best, but the cost of living isn't too high. I really like the U.S, there are lots of good things about it fast food, obese people and outrageous gas prices? If that's what you want, feel free to come over here....

your gas prices are cheap...seriously
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Iceland definitely. Calm and peaceful, with almost no pollution. One of the best economies in the world. Average lifespan is 80 years old. Can't lose

2 hours of sunlight in the winter. im in scotland and like 5 hours of sunlight is really depressing. also too much sunlight in summer is also depressing IDK why
If the american civil war happened today who would win?
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According to scientific studies it's Iceland or Greenland I forgot which one. But if you want quiet go to one of the flat states. Such as Indiana nothing ever happens.

what flat as in no hills?
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southern california. hot girls. best weather. good paying jobs. no place beats it.

hard to get in tho. i have a criminal record
overrated band, 30% of their success is due to his hair
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United Kingdom, France, Portugal or Italy.

Eh well i live in the UK and i want to move somewhere with better weather and nicer culture. Just been in the canary islands and its like always between 20 and 30 degrees all year, there are no chavs and the food is great but the jobs are tough.

My inlaws just moved to halifax canada 6 months ago but they are having to move back because of job problems as well and they dont like it that you dont have pubs lulz
Wheres the best place to live in terms of climate, cheapest places/ most well paid jobs, culture, etc?

apart from all you tourist ****ers ****ing up **** for us
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Nice but frigid, then cheat on her with an easy skank

cake + eat it too = tehwin

jesus that is like einsteins theory of relativity there. Good work.
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Here come the virgins...

i saw women at a necrophast gig or whatever they are called
Do you prefer going with easy skanks or nice girls who think sex is an annual event
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I think both groups need to smarten the f*ck up. The isrealis need to learn that their religion's history doesn't give them any right to disregard the fact that both of their cultures started there. The palestinians need to recognize that sometimes, other people like the same thing they like as well.

Or, as Robin Williams once said, "It's a time-share, like florida. The Jews can Hanukkah and Passover, the Christians can have Christmas and Easter, the muslims get Ramadan and that other holiday." missed out the punchline probably because you didnt understand what he said

"It's a time-share, like florida. The Jews can Hanukkah and Passover, the Christians can have Christmas and Easter, the muslims get Ramadan and that other holiday KABOOM."
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Where do you work?

Burger King for me.

oh noes i remember those days. we used to steal hundreds out the till..what you do is when someone orders 2 whopper meals you charge them for 2 but put 1 through the this like 10 times and then take a couple of 20s and fold them up into squares and put them into your hat.
yeah i agree you actually probably get a more one sided view being in Israel rather than seeing it from a neutral perspective. Also regardless of how much palestinians hate jews they are still being oppressed.
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that doesnt really help

i could have dreamed it or not
thats not very helpful go get an idea
Is that wolfmother on that citroen (it could be another car company) ad? its a rocky bit of rocking even tho the guys voice is lame
'Black Sabbath'


Celtic Frost (yeah they are metal **** off)

god of emptiness morbid angel

support to the palestinians.
im having a birds eye roast dinner. they are actually very good.
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No he's just such a fat bastard that he eats so much and has to puke.

na he was he said the stress of the job made him bulimic. he said he would drink a whole tin or carnation milk.
american psycho, fear and loathing las vegas, pulp fiction, trainspotting, withnail and i, monty pythons life or brian, taxi driver, the machinist, as good as it gets, sin city, clockwork orange, beverly hills cop 2,
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You sound awfully authoritative, I like your style!

im just sick fed up of working all week so some chavvy git can enjoy their life of luxury.
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This thread needs to be revived. Today I'm making garlic bread, found an easy receipt on ExpertVillage . Can't wait to see how it turns out.

wow thats difficult..bread with garlic and butter.
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Even John Prescot? who would bankrupt the nation with his midafternoon snack bills.

wasnt he like bulimic or something? i went out with a girl who was bulimic but she didnt eat massive sausage suppers and pies lol
i need some info from him
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I know where you're coming from, but you can't say that about everyone on benefits. Some people need it. The government just need to make sure all this money is going to the right place, not "crazy lazy lay-abouts" as you put it.

i dont understand how someone with a bad back can get away with not working. they could like do an admin job from their bedroom. round here the majority of folk are on the fiddle.
Anyone know what the username of the guy from tenerife is?
what chav would want a bike? thats like exercise!

this country is going to hell because of the benefit get these benefit cheat lazy layabouts who have kids so they dont have to work and end up having one every other year to make sure they stay out of work so that means the kids are unwanted and live in poverty so they turn to crime.
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the 5th string on a banjo starts on the 5th fret. So it has no 2nd 4th or 5th fret. It has open, 6th, 7th etc. I think.

oh okay. someone asked me to give them some tips but it ill need to learn it myself first
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Banjos are tuned to open G.

but it literally wouldnt let me type in a fret 2 or 4 or 5. It is also blocked out on the fretboard thing.
I was just trying to transcribe something on gp5 from guitar to banjo and everytime i type fret 5 it comes up with fret 7 being like fret 2 etc. WTF?!?
write generic metal riffs that are the same as every other metalcore band that way you wont need to because you will be ****
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You sir get the

virgin& no life. spend time on something more constructive eh?
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And Hitler didn't actually murder the Jews by himself. What is your point?

exactly. its partially scary to see all these american right wing brainwashed kids and i feel partially sorry for them because they are so ignorant because of the rubbish that your media feeds you.
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Like him or not i don't get what "war crimes" is all about. Even if you want to believe he lied to get us into the war, that isn't a war crime.

i can hear banjos

Bush should be tried and hung for warcrimes. I love how McCain of whatever the guys name is said we will leave iraq when we have won the war...obviously bred from the same genepool as his predecessor.