I don't get. the hate.

why not get a real guitar? well

Maybe cos you can't get high scores or play along with the TV or those interactive stuff. It's just a game and it has its appeal. Besides, as others said, it's not really like playing a real guitar. It just gets closer. Of course it's nice to get closer in a game. Like a car racing game, you want the pedals, the steering wheel, etc cos it's fun to play a game yet somehow keep some realism. It's a game, a different appeal than driving a real car. Same thing here.

Just IMO.
someone said this already but,

you can just see kobe's frustration how he was channeling his inner Jordan and all the other guys were committing turnovers, missing defensive assignments, and throwing terrible passes. If LA loses game 6, it will be the championship kobe's teammates lost. At least with reference to the pivotal 5th game.
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I literally screamed at half of Artest and Kobe's fouls. Like that ridiculous 'push' on the Rondo dive out of bounds and when Pierce spun, tripped over his own feet and got bailed out by the whistle. It looked like the 2002 WCF's all over again

even if the call's in favor of the team I'm against, I still hate it. It stops the game and ARGH

the refs should know when a flop is a flop, it isn't that hard.
interesting turn of events. everyone at school thought it was LA easily after game 1. now it's 1-1 and even if LA steals one in Boston, they'll still be trailing in the series. not that the Lakers aren't capable of winning more in Boston, but they've got their work cut out for them. and I hate flop calls. a part of me screams when someone flops and the whistle blows.
the suns have been my team forever, steve nash is one amazing player. and grant hill could have been as big as he wanted to be if it weren't for injuries. but it was inevitable, and I always liked LA too. I say LA in 6, and Phoenix for 2011 NBA Champs
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Artest just ruined my night. I was excited all game, on the edge of my seat, and then in the last three seconds I was geared up for a good overtime session, and he just ruined it all

I'm still rooting for Phoenix but realistically it's so not going to happen. Sad times.

a bit late but, you took the words right out of my mouth
nice story it might be to be beaten in the finals, come back next year and sweep the first two rounds, then look like they were gonna be swept by Boston, but then to finally be the first ever to come back from a 3-0 series, sending them back to the finals!

then the lakers beat them again lol

well, finally it's a series. must say, the Magic are crammers :p
saw this on the YLYL thread

*I didn't watch the game so only now do I share in this lol*

wow, Phoenix is in business! this a bit unexpected after it looked like it was next to impossible to beat LA in the first two games.
didn't get to watch the game orlando in 7!

just kidding
it's 37.5 Celsius here in the Philippines, which is roughly 99.5 Fahrenheit. you can fry an egg--in the shade.
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I love those commercials.

For NBA fans: The Most Ridiculous Man in the World (I love steve nash)

EDIT: Another steve nash commercial:

damn, I love it steve nash is awesome. I wish he'd win a championship.
I'm a bit frustrated today and I thought I'd share it with the car thread.

I've never been into cars. Even at 16 (here in the Philippines 17 is the driving age) I wasn't like everyone else, dying to finally get to drive. I'm 17 now and some time ago my dad finally started teaching me how to drive (read: let me drive his car). BOOM. I want a car now. lol.

I've been to the LTO (basically the office where you get a license around here) for 3 straight days and the system or computers or whatever is down. I should've had my license 3 days ago but, well as they say about a lot of stuff here, "only in the Philippines..." something's going wrong with the printer or something; the point is they can't issue new licenses as of yet. This is the first time, according to the people I talked to, that this has happened. I was so excited to get my license but now I have to wait the whole weekend for next monday to return to the office.

anyway my dad won't let me drive because my student's permit just expired 2 days ago. This is the first time I've experienced "GAS-ing" for my own car, and to get my frikin license already. I guess I now understand all my buddies talking about cars like I talk about guitars. well I just wanted to get it all out here, in the Pit's car thread, where I'm SURE to be accepted by everyone

I'm looking to buy a new/used car and I have no idea where to look, I'm like a new guitarist who's gonna be eventually mislead to a Spider III (I was, actually). "what's the point of this post man" I hear you say
maybe you guys could share in my excitement of something as simple as driving freedom
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been a boring playoffs so far..

kind of agree. a whole bunch of sweeps, not too many playoff-worthy games (comebacks/gamewinners/nailbiters/epic fistfights/etc).

I'm dying to see just how the Lakers will carry out their long-awaited revenge on Boston. with that in mind I hope for two more sweeps in these playoffs so we can get these finals started just kidding I love both Orlando and Phoenix I hope they do something.
strange turn of events. I wouldn't have predicted this at the start of the playoffs, would you? Then again, Boston hasn't been amazing at home, and Orlando is still a helluva team. The Magic are definitely not out of it yet, but they gotta do something quick. Lakers-Celtics rematch would be beyond amazing though.
on the other end, Bernice is a name I'd never imagine of a hot girl.

maybe it's just me or the shows I watch or I dunno
hard to see the Eastern finals going anywhere but 7 games. Should be helluva series.

I'd go with either Western team, I like both. Though I wish Nash could win a championship, that guy is an amazing basketball player. and Grant Hill too, that guy was robbed by injuries of a possibly legendary career. and Kobe and co. have already had their glory.
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Lebron (during post-game conference): "I spoil a lot of people with my play. When you have 3 bad games in a 7-year career, it's easy to point that out."

...oh jeez...

Lebron's got to stop making excuses. "When I lose I don't shake hands."
"My elbow. it's painful. I'll just shoot with my left I guess, even if we're only up 4. and while we're at it let's get an MRI to make it look serious"

then this. does this mean all his other games in his 7 year career were all good?

sorry, it just kinda pisses me off when people compare this guy to the greats. I think he's a great athlete but not a great basketball player, sportsman, or competitor.

just IMO.
a bit off topic, but let me say that there's a wonderful feeling of buying a cd album and taking it home, pulling it out of the plastic bag, reading all the literature, and listening it through. doesn't mean I still buy CD's more than I download free music, but I'm just saying I kind of miss buying CD's.

some thoughts:
1. you can't change the fact that the Internet will always find a way to allow for free downloading of music. The industry needs to adjust.
2. of course some artists love how downloading gets their music out, but you can't deny the fact that there is some income lost. And of course that's harder on those who only make music for a living. It's all about the music, sure, but I have bills to pay and stomachs to fill.

just thoughts. feel free to comment/criticize/react violently
Quote by Orlando01

This is the best playoff performance by a totally random player in a LOOOONG time.

I was waiting for the commentator to go "this is amazing--this is Jordanesque!" like what Kerr said in Lebron's game vs. Detroit in the 2007 East Finals Dragic is the man!

Quote by Alexishxc1337
That's the biggest difference between LBJ and Kobe.

One whines and over dramatizes an injury, the other plays through it makes any adjustment necessary to be able to do so.

TOTALLY AGREED. He said he shot it with his left since the game was already out of reach. at 4 points. wat. Lebron might be the best athlete in the NBA, but he's far from the top of the Best Basketball Player list.

Edit: since this is my first time posting here in a long time, might I just backtrack a bit and add about Dallas: it must suck to be them. 2006 coming so close to the championship, half a quarter worth of defense away from a 3-0 lead. the very next year they get 67 wins and are the top team in the NBA, only to be on the losing end of the biggest playoff upset ever, c/o the Warriors. This year they're the 2nd seed and people were saying it's their best chance at the title (as if '06 wasn't), and wow, how luck turns against them, giving them the Spurs at 7th seed. I feel bad for them, though I never liked the Mavs
fellow Filipino here, so I know what TS is talking about. The two best candidates here (in most people's eyes, in terms of credentials, track record, platform that kind of stuff) are not the always-in-the-media, survey leading top 2 candidates. so there's been a lot of talk about the idea of voting for the lesser evil.

My opinion is that if I don't like anyone running, I'll vote for the lesser evil. OTHERWISE, I'll vote for the one I believe is right for the position. An election result should be a reflection of which candidate the majority wants to put in a certain position, not a reaction to popularity or surveys (which is what causes this idea of voting for the lesser winnable evil, especially here in the present Philippine situation).

for the TS FYI, I'm supporting Gordon.
This saddens me a lot. As someone above said, I am a Christian myself and I respect the beliefs of others and it is a shame that these kind of people are claiming to be a Bible-believing church, when what they do suggests otherwise.

No wonder everyone's mad at "Christians."
Hi, I have a tonelab le myself. I didn't read the whole thread but +1 on the Power Engine suggestion. I have a tube combo myself and for now I use the Tonelab through the fx return, bypassing the amp's pre-amp. Thing is, I don't need the extra weight of the tube pre-amp, so I (and you) would be better off with the lighter Power Engine, a transparent power amp with an active EQ and XLR out.
I used a piece of Lego to block off my floating trem

it fit just right for mine. I tried paper but the thing is the paper gets compressed/flattened over time, you want something that will hold its shape. like wood, or Lego

seriously though, I used Lego, it fit on my Ibanez. I don't know what kind of floating trem I have though (Edge III, etc).
sorry I can't help, but I'm also interested in this. I have the same guitar, love it, but am always wanting that single coil tone. Is it really possible to install a push-pull coil tap on a PRS SE?

hope you get some helpful answers!
hey guys, apparently, 8 other people have discovered the bargain, and are potential buyers. (she's selling it through facebook)

I think I should offer to buy it for 200 bucks
thanks guys for your elaborate replies

anyone else have comments. experience with MIM's, etc. ???
A friend of a friend of mine is selling her Mexican Tele for the equivalent of $150 (7500 Philippine Pesos here). Should I spring for it?

I always wanted to save up for a Strat (and an American Strat for that) but this is pretty cheap to pass up, don't you think? Is it worth it? I could always change the pickups. Are there any other problems you guys foresee?

Some pictures here:

It's not fake or anything is it? if she wasn't being suspicious enough, she giving her case and stand for free. haha.

TLDR I can get Mexican Tele for 150 bucks, go or no go?
I saw Paramore, finally, this week. I can die happy now.

The new album had to grow on me, you have to understand what hayley's writing about for you to appreciate it. she gets real personal and honest. I love it.

I'm dying to find a video of em doing All I Wanted live. Will she reach the note?
I would interest you with a barely used Peavey Triple XXX 40 Combo, but we live pretty far apart.
I have the Tonelab LE and I think it's absolutely perfect for rock, blues, and jazz, among the processors. Things like the Boss and Line 6 units are for those who need TONS of effects and layer them on top of one another. The Tonelab is more straightforward, has a great warm sound (I suppose the tube helps in some way), and again, great for your genres.

My .02
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all i can say is my god

but, the cyrus family do pretty much suck

billy ray - one hit wonder
Miley - Disney channel, need i say more?
trace (or whatever) - crap band that wouldnt be famous if it wasnt for his sis n dad

why not have the next kid relese some clothes that will anoy us? we already have TV and Radio spammed by the family

*not really related, but it's sad how Disney's reputation has turned out. I loved Disney. Lion King, the old cartoons. Disney had a great name. but these days, it's a negative association with Disney. Very sad. Just a thought.*

On topic, well. This is just wrong.
>don't turn this into a religion/is God real thread. I'm a Christian and I stand by my beliefs but no one's ever changed someone's mind about God *positively or negatively* on an internet forum.<

and on topic,
If you don't dream big, what is there to live for?
If you aim for 100% but miss, you'll end up better than if you didn't try.
and you never know until you try.
what will you do with your one chance at life if you don't try to realize dreams?
you'll either
1. realize them or
2. not.
If you don't try, you
1. won't realize them. or
2. won't realize them.

Y'all probably gonna flame me but that's just my opinion.

I know you're gonna say, it's better not to try than to try but then fail. I'm of the opinion that it's better to try for something as big as your life's dreams.

/personal opinion
I'm a Christian. There are a lot of great Christian bands coming out recently. To me, it looks like there are two kinds of these,
1. the ones that really explicitly praise and/or worship God i.e. Hillsong, Chris Tomlin


2. the ones that sing about God, but are not really meant to be sung TO God i.e. Skillet, Decyfer Down, etc.

just giving some points to discussion. don't turn this into the religion thread.

I also play in a worship band, by the way.
Yeah man, the PRS is a lot more versatile, as great as Strats are. I have a PRS SE right now and it does all those well; I'm looking at a Strat though as my next guitar purchase for those great Strat bluesy tones.

Get the PRS.
I blocked off my floyd rose with Lego. Worked like a charm, never have to think of it again.

Although I would suggest wood. :p

point is, it's MUCH LESS riskier to block it off rather than replace it, especially since a fender and prs trem aren't exactly the same, sizewise and what else.
I had idea with one of my friends. she posted


so other girls were commenting on how boys don't know what they're talking about, how "foxy" the hot pink bra'd girl was, etc.

so I first commented


She said I don't even know what that was.


I said something like, "actually, that e-mail was created by boys to make girls tell them what they want to hear. "

All the girls panicked and crap. All I did was

I thought it was a grand idea.

You guys should do it, the girls will feel all stupid and panic. But don't give it away so much that they'll all stop.

it's the tubes?

I have the same amp btw. just a random fact. :p
my condolences man.