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Btw, don't think you'll know what to expect. Easiest tests without reagent kits are blacklights and the taste test. If it's bitter and/or numbs your tongue, it's not acid. If it doesn't glow under a blacklight, it's not acid.

Well if its on white blotter it will glow regardless because it's white.
Im in the Title this is straight up the happiest day of my life...word
hey guys what can i do with alot of damiana
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I feel bad for the guy

ya know i do now but i was high at the moment so it was like.dude. throwup every wehere
yo i just got out of hte shower, and last night i toked about a qaurter with a bunch of people out of this bangin perc, then after this one kid ripped it , he threw up every where and then passed out. it was so funny. i dont remember much else of the night, now im sober...

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Do your guys parents know that you smoke weed at all? My mom knows and just lets me do what I want but whenever she sees things about teens and doing hard drugs on tv she always tells me she hopes I dont get into those things..

just cause I smoke bowls doesnt mean Im going to do heroin. :/

my parents are supa suspicious cuz im all like i get home from my friends house after smokin like 80000 bowls and im like im gettin in the shower, every time immediatly after i get home cuz showers are the bizzle nizzle of the centurizzle
you should probably start building something easier that has a really easy to understand schematic and to build it out of the guitar first
yo guys does the ganja have to be dry to bake it into foods
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It's like a drinking game, but for smoking. Me and at least 2 other friends are going to do it this weekend.
Basically it's like a drinking game, except for smoking.

Step 1: Watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy (or just one movie w.e were doing all them)

Step 2: Every someone in the movie smokes or Gandalf takes out his pipe, we smoke a bowl

Step 3: Be blazed out of our minds by the end of it all and have memories to last a lifetime

EDIT: I said it's like a drinking game twice

i play a game like that except i get so burnt before we watch the movie and then watch it stoned and then laugh
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Someone Battle Me, Now!!!

EDIT: This thread needs to stop dying. Did we all get real lives recently or something?

i know a while ago poeple would be up till like 3 still posting now its like after 9 you have tp wait like a half an hour for people to post
personally i think its stupid to smoke to look cool but if you smoke it makes you cooler maybe
Yoooo DT how do i make weed tea easily and little smell like with a g
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Hey guys.It's VERY hard to find a job in this area these days, and he got screwed out of his job at Panera (aka Satan's Bakery. His manager fired him because he wasn't a cute 16 year old girl). So I would really like to see him get this job. Especially since it's always MY money that seems to pay for his cigarettes lol.

how long do the trip from shrooms last
ive eaten SSooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
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Your point? we talk about a lot of shit in here.

im well aware, im saying that he shouldnt ask me if i want a drug "education" or not if he's talking about how society values money

now someone tell me how to do cool smoke tricks
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This is a pretty tightly knit thread. Which you obviously don't know because you just came in here and started insulting me in our discussion.

Do you have any interest in drug education whatsoever? I've never seen you before.

i havent been in here for like a year, and i love to hear what you guys have to say about drugs and all, but you arent talking about drugs
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You can get out of our thread if you're going to have that attitude.

whos our, again, its the internet
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You don't even slightly understand what I'm trying to say. Why don't you read my posts over again.

Not the first. I don't think the currency system should be abolished at all. I'm just remarking at how odd it is, and how accustomed to it we are, that we don't think about it.

The second one is closer to home. Once you're past the point of survival; home, shelter, food... money can't help you be happy anymore. It's up to you, and your own attitude.

If you place less value upon your money in the first place, you will be happy.

no i do not, and that doesnt matter because its the ****ing internet, so talking about how society values shit is pointless, it only makes you look bad because you start talking about that shit in a drug thread
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How do you figure that you shouldn't listen to people who say money isn't all it's cracked up to be?

Other than the traditional things we're talking about here. Living space, food, survival; the bare essentials.

Don't get me wrong, I love buying things. I'm saving up for a new phone and maybe a 2nd monitor around black friday. But I acknowledge these things don't make me happy. They simply give me something to work towards. A short term goal that keeps me going.

and without money you would have none of that
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How do you figure?

how do i figure what
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Oversimplification. You can only buy shit with money because a certain institution recognizes it's value.

Which doesn't make sense anyway. People spend thousands on diamonds and all they do is sit there and look pretty. Same with WoW.

I don't know, I've just come to the realization that we are the ones who place value on things. They don't really have any value; value itself is a human made concept.

So, moral of the story; choose wisely what you wish to value in your life. And in today's economy, money certainly shouldn't be one of them.

moral of the story is value your money and dont listen to people who say money isnt important, itll get you alot further than alot of other shit
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Yeah dawg you chew it.

HAHA FUNNY, no but seriously, like weed

and di you guys know john lennons dead,.. WTF
has any one ever heard of this shit called bubblegum
yo DT whats good, well my summer has been great every week my schedule is
work get high
get high
work drink get high
work get high
work get high
work get high
work get high

i just got like 1.5 gs of some bubblegum
that does not look like a whale penis, i think a whale penis would be much bigger
is bubblegum an actual known name
i smoked 4 jays 3 bowls, and boy was i SUPER BAKED, and i ate pizzzzzzaaaaaa
i like weed, as a matter of fact, today, i got really high, and then i was hungry , and i ate a milkshake and some sugar wafers, then i bought a g so now i have 2, and2 days ago i had 4, then i have to wake up for work tomorrow and smoke more weed.
cool beans. does any one else feel like they cant tell if they like the song if you cant hear thy rhythm of it
yeah deism is what i was asking, thanks guys
like just a divine being no jesus or anything like that
hey im trying to figure out what beleif this is or like whats it called. like if you beleive in a greater being putting every thing one earth for a reason but doing it through evolution. any answers? ignore my grammar.
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You know, it would be easier if you answered the questions that were asked to you.

Just for being a douche.


there's already an iPod thread.

how am i a douche im not the one going into peoples threads trying to be funny NOT answering the orginal question.
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It's because utouch yourself at night.

oh so original, i wish i could be you
really dude just answer the question and stop wasting time
so i have an itouch and wanted to listen to it without headphones, so when i go hit the play button and change the volume, it still says headphones, i tried plugging headphones in and taking them out but it still says headphones. anyone know a quick solution. why is it still on headphones
2k *****, ya know how much weed that can get you. thatll by you like 5 days of pure bliss
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How often do you smoke and what is your preferred method of smoking?

we go ghetto and use a soda bottle and a bowl or a doobie

and i just started again in april but ive done it at least once a week
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Perhaps they don't have much of a tolerance, while you do?

dude that would ****ing blow but i dont know if its actually like good weed because my eyes dont get blood shot or dialated but it smells like mega weed

im definately not doing it wrong, its not hard to do right