Good point I will definitly look into that
I think it only wants an image of the student card or whatever. I just wanna make sure before I blow 300 on nothing well there is the eligibilty page and here is the message that it says befor buying: "** Important Notice Regarding Avid Pro Tools 10 Student Products **
ONLY FOR QUALIFIED HIGHER EDUCATION STUDENTS can register and use this software. Before the software can be installed, students must obtain a serial number by submitting proof of eligibility for this program to Avid. If you cannot provide proof of eligibility, you will not be able to use this product. If you cannot pass the validation process you will be unable to return the product or receive a refund. Unfortunately, no exceptions can be made to this policy."
Hey I am currently not In school but would like to buy pro tools for the student price that is now available. Can I use a friends ID to register it when it comes in the mail? Or is there more then just sending a scanned image of a student card
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You mad bro? Sure looks like you're mad! An amazing song, but there is only bass tabs on here, can anyone cook up a guitar please?
I'm putting a seminar together with the topic "Battle of the plains of Abraham; General Wolfe and the Highlanders at Quebec 1795" and there is only a few pages where we actually see the battle in the book, or that its brought up. I need some help putting together ideas about the battles effect on the MacDonalds, such as culture and whatnot. Can anyone help out?
Progressive rock and metal
personally I think they are just for looks. Don't really see them to be any more diffrent then other headphones.
Anything by Attack Attack... they seem to have a lot to cut themselfs and cry about
its 10:30 pm haha
So I put down a deposit on a game for a pre order not to long ago but Ive decided I dont want the game can I cancel the pre order and get the money back? I put down half as the deposit. Thanks
I once saw a guy stuff a alan key into that hole... he could never get it out
Start working tommorow... there goes my sleeping in. :/
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your ****ing songs suck
are you ****ing kidding me
1 note in a song?
**** you waste of ****ing time

these are all great suggestions, the only thing is that I have to prove something in my thesis statement, its not just a research topic I have to prove that a band did something that affected history
So ive got a history essay coming up and it can be on anything that happened in the past so I decided I want to do it on a band that a huge impact. I was going to do something like Metallica and how they were one of the leaders in the rise of Thrash and how that impacted the people of that time who were most likely into glam music and whatnot but I dont think its specific enough to write on. The essay can only be 8 pages long. So what i'm basically asking is does anyone have any ideas on what I can write my essay on? Any band would do I just need a pretty specific thing to proof about them. Thanks alot! what is that sign called that is right behind the head? The shape inside the circle. Thanks alot!
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Porcupine Tree or gtfo.

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Cowboys From Hell.


This man is a genius!
A mic and Audacity is all you need.
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Lift weights, drink. Follow a team that never wins.

just sit down with him and be like, this is whats up. And see where that goes. Ask him if he takes the band as seriously as everyone else does.
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it's now integrated with the .NET framework. Visual Basic 6 was the last version to be separate from it.

Looks like VB 2010 is the latest.

Oh sweet thanks! I saw this yesterday but wasnt a hundered percent sure it was the right thing.
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VB turned into VB.NET long ago. You can still use the olders ones if you want but...


so where can I find VB.NET?
Hey I was looking for the latest version of Visual basic. Visual studio keeps coming up and I was wondering if Visual basic is now part of Visual studio? or is the latest version Visual basic 6? :S Thanks!
You should try some Tool, its fun to learn
Hey Im looking for bands that have lyrics that are based on like nature, spiritual stuff, tribal things along those lines. Like bands that are kinda like Tool I guess but more tribal themed. Like maybe with wooden flutes? One band ive been listening to thats like this is Dead Soul Tribe but I was wondering if there is more like them out there. Thanks
well its just late right now and Im changing strings so I want to clean it now
Hey my fretBoard is pretty dirty and whatnot and I was wondering whats the best way to clean it other then going out and getting a proper thing? can I use pledge on it? will that have a bad effect?
all the time music community is huge where I live
Do you have physical proof that the Pit Does not like it?
The tab that im requesting is Cadence of The Dirge by Exhorder


Thanks in advance
try checking out some Dimished stuff, especially for Death metal
I love TSO, def my favorite besides the traditionals