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See, I have two issues with this passage. Firstly, the original text does not explicitly state that the punishment they received was for "lying with other men".

In fact, if you examine the context of those passages (From roughly 1:18) when directly translated, it could easily be argued that the aforementioned "error" was that of turning their backs on God, not that of sleeping with men. In fact, God made men sleep with other men.

So yeah, God basically forced homosexuality on them. And who are we to question God's will, right?

The cool thing about the Bible is that you can interpret it pretty much however the dick you want.

Those in question were given a reprobate mind as their punishment, and it's an ironic punishment. They turned around the natural order of worship by using idols and such, so God turned around the natural order of man and woman for them. He didn't force them to sin, they chose to in the first place and received a punishment that made them more likely to do so. To say the New Testament never condemns homosexuality is absurd.

Doubting the power of the Bible, however, is dangerous. You will never be able to stand at the final judgement and say that nobody told you. "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin." James 4:17.
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Sorry, Romans 1:26-27.

That translation is blatantly about homosexuality. Also, I didn't mention whether or not it was about marriage or not. I'm just addressing your claim that the New Testament says nothing about gays being together.

Also, the Bible defines marriage as being between a man and woman, and also that any sexual relationship outside of marriage as immoral, which automatically makes it impossible for homosexuality not to be sinful.
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I can't stand the bible, it's not a blind hate. It's just a fact that the bible is wrong.

Regardless the only way to talk to devout Christians is in their language. So...

By what right do you use the bible to tell other people that their choices are wrong? Only god can sit in the seat of judgment. Do you presume to try to occupy this seat?

God told you to keep YOUR bed pure. He did not tell you to mind the bed of others but told you to love and show hospitality toward strangers.

It is not for you to judge whether same sex marriage is wrong. It is for god. You have the right to say that you will not join yourself in marriage to someone of the same sex but you have not been granted any special rights by god to proclaim that none others should be allowed to do so nor to judge whether it is indeed a sin.

Do what you think is best of you. Let others choose what they think is best for them. Don't inhibit their freedoms and don't let them inhibit yours. Love your neighbour and let god sort it out at the end.

Besides, whose to say that god won't change his mind about same sex marriage? He changed his mind about a whole bunch of old testament stuff didn't he? Do you do grocery shopping on the Sabbath? Do you paint the fence, chop firewood, or do any chores on the Sabbath? If so that was a pretty big one. It was punishable by death and actually one of the big commandments, it may even have made the stone tablets. Same sex marriage on the other hand was more of a byline. Or has that commandment now been updated? Is it now okay to work on the Sabbath?

In other words. You have no religious justification for claiming knowledge about the legitimacy of anyone else's marriage but your own. Mind your own bed and don't presume to know god's will, love, or acceptance for anyone else's choices but your own.

I vote for any kind of wedding. Traditional, non traditional or whatever. It is a lot of fun, but I'm a very family oriented person and love getting together with my friends and family to have a big feast, drinks, and dancing. It doesn't have to break the bank but if you are creative and thoughtful you can create an amazing day where everyone has fun and celebrates love and your commitment to each other on a minimal budget.

It's not necessary, it's just nice.

More ignorance on the part of those that don't understand. It's not picking and choosing what does or doesn't apply anymore, the Bible is very clear on what is and isn't in effect. Mosaic Law was done away with because of Christ, so all the stoning talk and punishments everyone here loves to quote have no bearing. From my earlier post I should clarify that not specifically the Old Testament, but that the Mosaic Law doesn't apply. My quote from Isaiah is still a prophetic vision to come, repeated again in the Revelation.

As far as judgement, it is actually a Christian's duty to judge. Most people take a scripture such as Matthew 7:1 (Judge not, lest ye be judged) out of context as their evidence (which is also why people erroneously think the Bible is contradictory). These verses mostly say the same thing: don't be a hypocrite. I don't pick and choose what is right and wrong, I understand that polyamorous relationships and homosexuality is wrong (both views supported by the New Testament), and I am supposed to show people that. How can I be credible to judge by the Bible's teachings if I didn't follow all of them myself? (To the best of my abilities, of course, which will still fall short sometimes.)

Without any judgement, including self judgement, nobody would care right from wrong and nobody would be saved. Even those who have been baptized into Christ can fall away if they turn towards sinful nature. It helps to have someone point out the faults to encourage repentence again. For current non-believers, they must know that what they are doing is wrong and without being told, they claim ignorance.

The problem stems from the fact that when the world has no other excuses, they claim a Christian's own teaching says not to judge, which is a lie. The Bible never ONCE contradicts its own teachings once you learn the meaning behind why everything happens/happened. No man on Earth has the authority to have the final judgement on where another man goes after death. The Christian's job is to teach the truth, if the world rejects it, then they had better be prepared for the consequences.
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The bible also says you should stone anyone who masturbates or has sex before marriage and kill anyone of a different religion than you. I don't have a problem with you being religious but the bible says a lot of stupid stuff and im pretty sure youre not supposed to take it literally (unless you believe penguins walked to the middle east to get on a boat)

Anal sex is no more likely to get you STD's, having unprotected sex with someone who already has one does, regardless of which hole youre ****ing. Also gays are no more or less likely than straight people to use condoms or be polygamous, don't know where you got that idea from

Old Testament law no longer applies, if people actually understood what the Bible says, your argument would never stand.

The bold part isn't correct either, I could probably find 100 sources showing anal sex has a higher HIV transmission rate. It also increases the chances of a condom breaking compared to any other method of sex.

My argument wasn't 'gays are polyamorous', but rather showing that both are wrong for legitimate reasons.

Those that reject God fear the truth. To quote the Old Testament, Isaiah 63:3 and 4 "I have trodden the winepress alone; and of the people there was none with me: for I will tread them in mine anger, and trample them in my fury; and their blood shall be sprinkled upon my garments, and I will stain all my raiment. For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come."
The most obvious would be the biblical perspective about it.

That aside, I would also compare it similarly to polyamorous relationships (not necessarily a relationship, per se, but having multiple sexual partners), which I also view as being wrong. Without polyamory, the spread of disease would be immensely inhibited, as would gay sex between men due to the high risk of disease transmission through anal sex. That's also combined with the likelihood that most homosexuals probably practice polyamory in some form. Recipes for failure I guess.

Kind of pulling the thread off topic, though.
^ Definitely agree on the expense portion. There is no need to spend that much on a wedding, especially when that money can be much more wisely invested.

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Regardless that it's not an "actual" marriage, does it bother you when homosexuals get "married"?

Nah. This is prob almost as popular a belief as those that support gay marriage. It's not even an offensive, hateful one either.

Yes, the entire homosexual relationship is bothersome. And it is a very common view, but the media doesn't make it seem like that anymore. Do understand, though, that it isn't simply a pure hatred towards it, just a view that it is wrong. I just left a job where one of my coworkers was gay. She was well aware I was against it, but we both enjoyed each others' company and worked well together. I would choose to work with her over most others there.
My fiancee and I plan to get married either early 2016 or late 2015. It mostly depends on how my new job works out/pays by then. Already have about 8 acres of land picked out to move a small camper/trailer on while we build our house, and we both refuse to get married if we can't support a family.

We're both very 'religious' Christians, but are not getting married in a church building, as the building has zero to do with the church itself. Our views on marriage are straight from the Bible, and I know a lot of my views about things are very world-contradictory. For example, no matter what the law may say, a homosexual marriage will never ACTUALLY be a real marriage, there's no way to change it. Pretty normal views where I live, but not in the rest of the world.
His music is amazing, and very diverse. It's hard to tell you where to start if you want to hear some of it and it really depends on what style you like.

The Inbred Mountain trio are some offbeat, wacky songs, while Soothsayer is a more soulful song. A short heavy metal but still strange song would be one like Bloody Rainbow Spiraling Sherbet Scoop. Most people are fans of his albums Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell, Albino Slug, Decoding the Tomb of Bansheebot, Colma, Electric Tears, and Crime Slunk Scene, but I don't think you can go wrong.

Some of my favorite songs are King James, The Android of Notre Dame, Droid Assembly, Spokes for the Wheel of Torment, Electric Tears, Hall of Scalding Vats, Killing Cone, etc. I could go on all day about the songs I like from Buckethead, but I would end up naming them all.

I thought with all his Pikes series albums there would be tons of rehashed material, but a lot of it is fresh with a great sound to it.
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Umm, is there some muricahn difference between primary and elementary school that I don't get because I'm not murrrrricahn! I mean, both mean first, and in Canada we use them as synomes.

But I mean you mericahns don't seperate university from college, so I guess anything is possible.

Apparently everyone chose to ignore you I suppose.

You probably know the grade system runs from kindergarten then first through twelfth grade. First through third grade is considered primary, fourth through sixth is elementary (or middle school), seventh and eighth are junior high and ninth through twelfth are high school. When I went, our school considered 7-12 high school and was all in the same building (our entire K-12 is one campus), but they split junior and high school and added a building for it during my senior year, another school nearby shut down and had to consolidate with us, adding about 300 students overall K-12.

I remember the static or snowy screen as ants vs. termites, and the ants always won in the end. I used pretty much all of that technology at one point or another except beta max, and I'm 19, 20 in a week.
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Fucking hell, man. Why are you still on dialup?

DSL and still that slow.
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It would be a hassle and safety hazard at work. Electricity and welding and moving parts don't mix well with jewelry and such.

I probably wouldn't wear the stuff anyhow.

Loose jewelery, bracelets, and the like are really bad ideas around most machinery. Even long sleeve shirts and gloves, you should see all the videos of people getting sucked into lathes because they wear stuff like that.

Once you get a real job you have to give the childish stuff up and be a man. Wedding band and a watch if you can only, and maybe one necklace. No more.
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To be fair, we were all on the internet all day when we were 12 because it took shit half a bloody day to load up Ask Jeeves on a 56k line. Interspersed with mothers all over the world yelling about 'these stupid f*cking beeps on the phone line, why is someone trying to fax to a telephone?'

I have a GB/GBA emulator on my iPad. I've just been owning the shit out of Harvest Moon.

To be completely honest, to this day, I'm lucky if my internet connection here gets to 25k. I almost cried when it downloaded something at 60k one day, but that's never happened since.

I loved the original Gameboy, I didn't have many games, Kirby's Dream Land sticks out and borrowing my friend's Blue version. I remember the Advance for Firered and Emerald mainly. There was even a time I said that they're running out of gems, all they have left is diamond, and Diamond and Pearl came out maybe a year later.

I can still enjoy a Gameboy, just like I love playing through the Jak and Daxter trilogy on PS2, or Mega Man 8 on PS1.

Super Nintendo was one of the greats for me though with Mortal Kombat 3, Mega Man X, Donkey Kong, Super Mario World, and now that I have an emulator because my sister has my SNES, I can play them all for free and more.
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I want to dive in to the world of home recording, and I have a few questions (although from reading the sticky I can almost tell what you guys are gonna say)

I'm torn about which audio interface to buy, it's either the scarlett 2i4, the roland duo capture ex, or the line 6 pod ux2.

The roland and focusrite are superior quality to the line 6, but they don't come with amp software like Pod Farm. If I go this route I'll be looking at basically getting Pod Farm, Guitar Rig Pro or Revalver, does anyone have an opinion on these? If I go the line 6 route I'll just purchase the metal expansion after downloading Pod Farm.

As a hobbyist who really just wants to have fun and blow off some steam by writing songs, which of these would you suggest?

I'm a super noob when it comes to computers and programs and all that, so essentially "user friendly" is very important to me haha

I have a Scarlett 2i2, and it sounds decent plugging straight into it, but sounds much better if I mic up my amp with it (no surprise there, though).

I also use Sonar Home 7, which has served me fairly well once you get past a couple of small kinks.

As far as amp sims and stuff go, if it's beyond a Peavey Vypyr, especially if it's on a computer, I know little about it and couldn't offer much help.
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98% of the characters in Adventure Time. Mike from Breaking Bad. Spike from Cowboy Bebop. Rick from Rick and Morty. Tina and Louise from Bob's Burgers. Bender from Futurama. Cartman and Butters from South Park. Gir from Invader Zim. Toki from Metalocalypse. Brak and his dad from The Brak Show. Ed from Ed, Edd, n Eddy. The Joker from Batman: The Animated Series. The 10th Doctor from Doctor Who. Muscle Man from Regular Show. Patrick from Spongebob. Agumon from Digimon. Courage from Courage the Cowardly Dog. Archer from Archer. Fluttershy and Spike from MLP. Drake from Drake & Josh. Phil from Modern Family. Spencer from iCarly. Why did I list so many animated shows.

Because you say you're 19, but have the maturity of a 12 year old.
So my Blaze pickup came in, but the back of it says DP702 in white, indicating that it's a bridge, not a neck pickup. I contacted the seller (it was a third-party seller through Amazon), and he apologized and offered a refund if I return it (not a replacement). My question is whether or not I should do that. Since it isn't designed for the neck position, I assume its not worth putting there, but if it is, I would like to know. Should I use it as a bridge and just get a Liquifire or something for the neck, or just return it and start all over? I just hate to get it so cheap (almost half price) and have to return it because it wasn't as advertised.

EDIT: I'll stick it into the bridge for now, if I decide not to keep it, I'll probably just sell it, after seeing some videos with it in the bridge, it seems good enough for me, at least for now.
I ordered the Blaze already, it seems like it should do all right, and yes, I could sell it and maybe even turn a small profit on it.

Bareknuckle is out of my price range right now, if I thought i might have the money anytime soon I might have went for them, but I don't think I will have it.

I was trying to decide between the Crunch Lab and D Activator, the former being a little more money, but nothing unreasonable at all. I'll probably hold off a little bit longer before I decide for sure which one to go with.

EDIT: Seems like most people that have tried both prefer the Crunch Lab over the D Activator, and it seems to have a warmer tone that some like and others dislike. I'll most likely end up getting that.
I just got my first 7 string for Christmas, just a Schecter C-7 SGR. I noticed that it just sounds muddy on mid to low notes and I'm pretty sure it's just the stock pickups (I've heard they aren't that great anyway, so it was expected).

I'm looking to replace both the bridge and neck pups, and I think I've decided on a Dimarzio Blaze for the neck and possibly a D Activator for the bridge. Any thoughts on this? Budget is not very high, Christmas kind of cleaned me out, so I can't get too expensive with this, and I found a good deal on the Blaze (nearly half price).

I play a lot of progressive stuff, Dream Theater mainly, and I've always played heavy metal in general, so muddy pickups that I have now are not doing the job. I just want to make sure these pickups are worth getting before I spend the money on them.

This looks to be a wonderful thread for advice on 7 strings, if you are willing to help me of course.
It's been a long time with plenty of distractions, but my Model 74 .22 is almost finished. The bluing stuck pretty good and I think the finish looks great, with some character flaws left intentionally (deeper dings and scratches, stuff that would destroy the wood to be sanded out). The trigger guard didn't want to blue right, so I re-stripped it and it will be blued soon and that is the final piece of it all. Once it's together and shot a few times, I will post some before and after pictures.
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Anyone know of an automatic pistol or compact SMG that fires cheap ammo and costs under $500?

If you aren't properly certified to own one, that's an expensive part in itself.

Ammo itself almost doesn't exist (.22 in particular), especially cheap ammo.

However, technically the Glock 18 only costs the government about $507, as shown here.
Someone beat me to the salmon one and Flea Market Montgomery, but I still like this.
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That's what I meant. I was going to edit it, but I went to do something and it slipped my mind.

It still took me a ridiculous amount of time to figure it out. So a Desert Eagle is making a half-inch wide hole in you?

In addition to what Skynyrd said, which is true, you also need to take into account the effects of hydrostatic shock, which can either manifest itself internally so you don't just see it, or, in the case of something like a Barrett M107, also .50 caliber, it can completely separate the torso from a person.

Imagine this. Another version of that video said that that guy cracked a rib while firing it.

EDIT: Seem like everyone gets to work with guns this summer, and I just work in a diamond mine.
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Totally agree, but, as 1/3 =0.3r and 3/3=1, logically one must infer that 3(0.3r)=1

No, logically one must infer that 3(0.3r)=.9r, which doesn't actually exist as you could never have .9r of anything, to call it 1 is nothing short of being incorrect.
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Just figured it out: bullet calibers are written as fractions of inches. It took me way too long to figure that out.

Decimals of inches, not fractions of inches, or else we would be shooting 11/500 instead of .22's.

The NATO measurements, however, are written in millimeters, such as 5.56.
Fast doesn't necessarily mean difficult or even good. I'll brag a little and say that I'm one of those that could easily shred out most Buckethead, Paul Gilbert, and almost any solo I wanted to, but I'm not how I want to be exactly.

A good example is with triface's post. I am used to picking as it suits me, and never really bothered learning alternate picking, which made certain runs for me next to impossible, while at the same time, I could sweep Robert Marcello's "Old School" with relative ease. I struggle with certain techniques, and even things I feel like I'm good at, I don't play anywhere near as cleanly as I'd like.

As long as I'm still amazed (or a similar suitable word) at certain solos, I'll work hard to get to that level, but not stop, I'll keep going and try to rethink my way around things to turn it into my own creation. Take others' work as motivation, regardless of skill level or difficulty, don't forget to think about it musically as well.
Math is flawed and is too heavily relied on. We created it, although it really doesn't exist. Math, in essence, is a convenient way we made to view the world, with crap like this we just find neat coincidences with our numbers.

We find the coincidence of pi with putting our circles into numbers.

Apparently, we get -1 1/2 with adding to infinity.

At some point, it all got out of hand and people started accepting it as 'absolute truth'. The problem with it is that it has NO significance whatsoever, and will NEVER have any real meaning associated with it.

.9999 does not equal 1, ask any machinist and they will tell you that's true. If you do something else to it, like multiplying it, it might be, but you might as well say 2+2=5 if you add 1 to it.

We know all the math we need to, we will gain absolutely nothing else from 'new' discoveries of numerical coincidences, it's pointless.
To be completely honest, I won't be doing a whole lot of the work. I will for sure remove as much rust as possible, and then only assist in the staining and bluing. We're going to try cold blue and if it doesn't look right or doesn't stick, we'll remove it and have a pro give it a blue job. lol.
Read about the deaf kid at school, our teacher was pretty much outraged, as, living in Arkansas, she, like most of our population, is an avid hunter and gun supporter.

My girlfriend's dad is going to help me restore my grandpa's Winchester Model 74 semi-auto .22 he gave me. He bought in the 50's with a week's pay of $30 with a box of ammo, and has taken down squirrels, rabbits, and deer with it, and it passed on to me. We plan to strip down the wood, fill in a crack in the stock, re-stain it with something like black walnut and attempt to re-blue the rusted barrel as best we can and if that fails, send it off to be professionally blued.

Shot it for the first time last night (had it for like 2 years), works ok, but needs oiled up, rounds aren't chambering properly yet. Hopefully I'll have some good before and after pictures to show and keep for the future.
Talking about clays makes me want to mention that a kid I work with (19 or 20) is going to an Olympic tryout for trap shooting in about a week, thought that was pretty cool.
The only real tea is sweet iced tea.
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ASIO drivers make suer you using them.

if your computer done it all fine before and now your having problems?
DO a format & reinstall of windows. if you have enough USB drive backup space you could be done in afew hours

if you try to fix windows you could take days and still have issues.

I never try to record more than one instrument at once.

Recently I had to install some ASIO drivers, but I can't remember what it was for, I just know I did it.

I would try the rest of this post, but it's a family computer, so the reinstall of Windows and backup stuff isn't really possible for me, and not worth it at the moment, I can live with it for now.

I guess I was just hoping a new soundcard would be the solution, but if not, I'll wait to buy a higher end PC and set up my own personal studio properly with it. I'll have some decent money soon so I can get it all done right the first time now.
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If you're plugging your guitar directly into your PC soundcard then yes... that's the problem. You need a purpose made recording interface.

I've got a Pod XT I use, and it still does it.

The biggest issue to me is the keyboard. It's only a MIDI controller, I can't plug it into the Pod, only to the computer via USB, which causes latency.
I have a sound card question, I think.

My PC here at home has a severe latency with anything I plug in (mics, guitars, keyboards, even through interfaces), it's almost a full second, making recording all but impossible. I have heard this is probably an issue with the sound card (it's whatever came with this desktop, so not really ideal for recording anyway).

Would this problem likely be fixed with a new external sound card? I have around a $200 budget, which, from what I've seen, is more than enough. If it is, what card should I get? I run Windows 7 by the way.

On a similar note, I use Sonar Home Studio 7, and in the past few months, I've had major issues with it. No matter what I have recorded, usually MIDI tracks, it almost always starts skipping and stops playing, with a message saying something like the audio engine has stopped running or something. Any help there?
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no you didn't

He said how, but it doesn't work.

It at least brought me to this thread. Then to Shoops Like Jagger and Bat Man.
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Was jerking in the shower, and my sister walked in to get a comb, and saw through the shower curtains.

Never understood why people don't seem to know how to lock doors, especially Pitgoers.
I can't watch it, I don't do Facebook.

I think I'll try Point to Point by Animals As Leaders for advanced guitar. I would like to do another longer one, but this is one of the few I can do without a 7-string, and I won't be bothered to just retune my guitar to do it. I may have another submission, we'll see if I even do this one.
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On another serious note, abusing kids builds character.

No, digging holes builds character.
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People who look down on others because they're on benefits.

I think that they don't look down on those on benefits just because they are on benefits, buy WHY they are.

I can't stand people on the welfare system when they obviously don't deserve it.

I hate it when I see people around here (literally 65-70% of our school) getting free lunches, welfare checks, and Medicaid, while at the same time, just got a brand new car, are using an Iphone 5, and have name brand $100 jeans. That's not an exaggeration either, that is EXACTLY how it is here. If they can't afford basic necessities such as food and need assistance, they shouldn't be able to afford luxuries that I can't because my family makes enough money to provide for us comfortably, but not so little that I can get benefits.

So far in this country, being dirt poor is about as luxurious as being upper middle class with all the free crap you get.

Now, that doesn't mean that nobody needs those benefits. The welfare system had good intentions, and can be properly utilized, but with the amount of people on and abusing the system, it's only a drain on society. Those I know that are on welfare don't even bother to look for a job, and my friend just told me he won't go to college; if he can't get in the Air-Force, he'll just live off of welfare checks. That's what I hate, the ones that choose to be a drain on everyone else and contribute nothing but kids that grow up the same way.

And gays.
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Greetings earthlings
Do men actually get it better in the workplace?
The girls who work at my job do absolutely nothing but waste time, talk, ask me to do their shit, complain, and get to do the easist tasks all because theyre girls and we dont eant them doing any tough work that would cuz a broken nail. well **** you iv ripped my nails off doing shit there, gotton hella bad burn wounds that still wont go away and a bunch of other shit. Same with my last job. Womon in the work place actually make me hate women in general. They cant get anything important accomplished. Woman have no disadvantages. If anything they are being treated way better than men are.

Having men stare at you isnt a fun thing. Its creepy and its gross and **** you have no idea. Think of you gf being stared at by creepy people all day, and multiply that feeling you get by two. Then take the anti derivitave and add it to your original number and bam. But being stared at sexually isnt enough to make me feel bad that you are a girl.

Whether or not there's some trolling in this, it's pretty much all true. Not in all cases of course, but in general this is correct.