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I hate to be ~that~ guy but some of the picks are pretty hipster

It's... Pitchfork. PITCHFORK!

You don't need to be that guy, everyone knows.
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Something of a base breaker, that, but I always spent at least half of my savegame on it.

I take it you didn't find that chocobo racing minigame one needed to go through to get that one super-special-up-the-arse weapon all that hard, either? Never got the hate for it.

Dodging lightning for 2500 times in a row, on the other hand...

The chocobo game was pretty easy, after a few tries I could usually get it.

**** the bolts though. **** them for thinking that is an appropriate thing to put into any videogame. I never actually did this, I could never bring myself to (and never used Lulu much anyway, so why bother).
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Sell me on that game for DS Sam, and maybe I'll hunt it down

Awesome unique battle system where you fight on both screens of the DS simultaneously.

Incredibly in-depth and quite emotionally moving plot, including unlockables which allow you to read more into it.

Not-at-all cliched character development, and generally cool characters (though you'll have to wait a while before you like them).

Cool levelling system which allows you to change your level at any time, but you sacrifice the loot you get from it.
'sall about the blitzball mate.
I figured you'd say that, but VII, VIII and X all have obscene amounts of game time.

Must be a re-release because I had it on PS1.

THough I remember playing a FF game on SNES too, but I have no idea which one.
PS: All of you who have a DS should realy play The World Ends WIth You because it is an AMAZING game.
Darn, I've only played II, and VII+
Bro, Chrono Trigger is top tier stuff, probably one of my all time favorites along with Lufia II and Secret Of Mana (SoM probably being my favorite due to the hundreds of hours and associated good memories with my sister playing it). But KH is there too, because it's really a fantastic game (you may be right about that sg-man, but the problem is it required more than the game offered to actually understand what was happening, you NEEDED to have played other games first to appreciate it fully).

I don't even know what your second screen cap is :S
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Oh god, I love KH. <3 Played all the games but BBS since I have no PSP.

Same brah.

Seriously, from the first moments of KH1 ("I've been having strange thoughts lately...") I just knew that game was going to be awesome and special.
I'm glad that it was a positive first response and not me being called a flaming homosexual. But that game really is something else.
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For those who say games aren't art...give Shadow of The Colossus a go and it'll change yer mind.

Nailed it.

Also Okami, The World Ends With You and Kingdom Hearts.
that's ****ing great.
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Unsuitable for mass spec detectors, or capillary columns for that matter. Average linear velocity is too low, analyses would take far too long with N2.

Makes sense.
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I laughed out loud, haha

Anyone ever altered their voice with SF6? I haven't, but the effect is quite funny.

Imagine Barry White using that.

The earth would crumble from the booming bass tones produced.
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Agilent 7890 GC. That's not our one, our one is fitted with a TOF MS detector, basically brand new. Runs like a dream most of the time. Software is headwrecking though, so needlessly complicated.

Why can't you use Nitrogen gas?
What is it?
The salt is really damn cold (probably <-1ºC), and I think that the waters underneath ice sheets are relatively less salt saturated than other parts of the ocean (could be wrong about this) meaning the freezing point of water isn't pushed too far below 0.
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After about 30 seconds I was no longer taking any information in. Jesus christ.
Have you heard their early stuff? It's pretty dull... Stick with the more recent albums.

Cool you get to see them, seems like a nice guy:
Disc 3 of the new album is so goddamn amazing.
Clyde! How's life man?
I really am loving this thread right now hah.
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Mdma would indeed be tough to synthesise. Lots of steps, and some stinky alkylamine work involved. But not too bad for an experienced chemist. You could start with safrole, which is what drug chemists traditionally started with. Bitta oxidation, bitta imine formation/reduction, and bam! Watery jaws all round.

Most of the o-chem synthesis books I know don't have problems, but the analysis based ones do. Once you get past a certain level, the books cater for postgrads more than anyone else, so there aren't too many problems and solutions in them. I've been looking for a few myself for tutoring purposes, but I find I generally have to make up my own questions.

mergh, fair enough.
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I'd love to attempt to synthesize it, purely out of scientific curiosity. Love me some o-chem. Not as much as other stuff, but all the drugs are o-chem so, what the hell.

It doesn't look TOO hard to make (one stereocentre, and both isomers are (apparently) biologically active), I'm pretty sure if you could get any precursor that has the benzodioxol group in it already it would be really easy*.

*In a university lab, not so much a public toilet.

Also on the topic of O-chem, do you (or Strangles) know of a big book of Organic chemistry problems (that also have solutions)? Online resources are fine too I guess, I know a fair bit already (beginner/intermediate) but I'd like to move on and start looking at some more complex problems.
MDMA is indeed the active ingredient in ecstasy. I think the two terms are used to make the distinction between pure MDMA and the insanely impure shit you'd get in a tablet of ecstasy (though this argument really means we should have two names for every drug...). Just a street name I s'pose.
The sandwich was a vegetable though.
Yeah, I will still listen, I'll just make sure that the cover art on my ipod is the CD art.
Void Meditation Cult demo sounds deadly, it's like a mix between old and new Beherit.
Yeah, it is, erghhh.

The CD cover is awesome dammit.
What the ****?

Are there any samples of the new album floating around?
I find it to be poorly written, boring and relying on stereotypes too much (as with most sitcoms).

That laugh track is just awful, if any of them say anything remotely related to science/nerd culture it goes off I'm talking "Physics", "Super Nintendo", not actual jokes.
This guy is being ironic right?
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I can never tell whether Lulzcifer is trolling or is actually retarded

Yeah, he's a bit odd, that one.
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I've been skipping over this thread for months thinking it was just some tech death band, I finally had to see what was so great about it.

It took some regular forum users who would post in the OT thread MONTHS before they realised.
Holy shit there are some amazing bands littere- ICP

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This. Soft Black Stars is also an alright album. And for the lulz, here is a song by Current 93 and Sasha Grey

What the ****, it's not THAT Sasha Grey is it?
Jesus christ, reeks of 13 year old "toughguy".
Look, if it is, then it's an acceptable drink, but they need to be more specific!
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No bodily excretions or desecrated religious texts? This site is bullshit.