The screw on the input on my new telecaster is loose - help?

I am buying my first electric guitar, and am wondering what sort of things I should look for when I go to test them out. I already play acoustic guitar, so I am looking forward to it!

I am thinking about a Fender Tele, so any feedback on them would be good. I like the music of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, YES, Franz Ferdinand and the Velvet Underground if that helps in any way

Creative Zen definatly. I have a stone and it rawks!!!
Hey, some of you will have seen my other thread on Danos so if anyone answered, thankyou!! I am defo going to buy one now - but the problem is - where? I don't wanna buy of the net because I want to see and touch and play it b4 I buy. I need somewhere in Scotland or the North of England who stocks Danelectro 59 DCs. Please help me xxx
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Strangly my dad really likes these guys, especially there song "electric feel", because he says it sounds sorta seventies? I love the album, especially electric feel and the handshake!!!

MGMT = <3
Just to say that there new website is open - I am going to join the old school fan club is anyone with me? just talk about the franz here!!!
Thanks for all your advice, and yeah i actually hate thrash metal so the guitars like me lol!!!
Hey, I am going to be buying a new electric in the next couple of months but i need to know - are Danelectro guitars any good? I am thinking about buying a '59 Danelectro, the same sort as Syd Barrett played on some early Pink Floyd songs. Plz help me!!!!