hey just askin could you put some on single coil pickups and how much do they cost
i like blues/rock probably goin to have like 130 dollars to spend but my dad will pay for most of the guitar if i get it
I have an Indiana $100 starter guitar which is a good guitar should i switch pups in that to somethin better or buy a Vox Pathfinder 15w amp( i have an MG10CD marshall now) or buy a Mexican Strat
anybody know or have any expierience with it. good for blues/rock
ehemm now that i have your attention i need to know if a Fender Frontman 25R is a good amp or is their better for the money. I play bluesy rock and stuff like that
I have an MG10CD already and want more power(MG=first amp........ so shut up)
I dont want 5w though (i am expierienced in wiring and all that too)
would it be cheaper to build an amp or buy a Fender 25w Frontman. dont want to spend too much
My fretting arm unfortunatly Is all hope lost
I broke my arm and i need some riffs chords anything to play im so bored. Preferebly on 1st through 4th strings thanks
what about using a slide
hey just seein if you could possibly play like lap steel style guitar on a strat. I fractured my arm and cant really bend my wrist to play(can only reach high E). still really wanna play!
iforgot539 was mentioning that on his custom Ibanez he had pots that could push and pull up to activate and kill. Just wondreing what kind of pots those were and where I could get some thanks
Just checkin to see if anybody knew of a good eplorer copy for 350 o less. I am willing t go to ebay too.
Okay now i like the dot. I think I'll just have a sit down session with them and others like it to compare tones to. I have a little marshall practice amp to go on right now.
good I was leaning towards ebay to get one , thinking of a heritage cherry finish though if possible brown to mabey
are hagstroms out of my price range?
but i was really leaning towards an sg got any of those?
I need to find a good quiality blues/rock guitar for 350 or less. I was thinking of a n Epiphone g-400 or possibly even a dot 335. I like the sg bodystyle but I am willing to open up to more possibilities. got anything?