I love ray ban
Im going to buy them soon
Skriva massa roliga saker
Write fun things
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^ I might swing by there later this week.

Singoalla har jag inte hört talas om. Men arraksbollar, that's where it's at.

blått paket me röd gägga i inte brun som ballerina
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Själv föredrar jag ballerina nuförtiden .

aa dom e också goa o singoalla eller va dom heter gillar ja också
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Jaa, jag är svensk, från norrland, varifrån kommer alla andra då?

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Never been to sweden but i looks like a very nice place...the taxes are really high though right?

Although i guess its ok because the Government really helps out the people

I don't pay taxes I'm only 14 so I really like it
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MMm... får mig att tänka på mariekex

nice d har man inte ätit på ett tag
I love Sweden
really good band and they are from gothenburg
In a Suburb in gothenburg
Lillis December 14
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I like your logic!

None is better than Gary Moore though.

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One bend(undefined number of pitches) > A gazilion notes

B.B. King is the best shredder!

Your welcome
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Not related to something you can play, but is related to your 'boredom' :

EDIT: i made this btw

Nice video
OK tanx everyone

Oh does anyone know were i can find tab for scales
Anyone knows somthing good to play on guitar I'm not very good I play metallica and stuff like that
Any ideas for something I can play?
I was looking at Epiphones Inveder e-guitar pack
anyone tryed it?Or know something about it?
Happy Birthday UG.
I'm from Swden
Jag var där och såg honom också
It worked for me
Does anyone know the tab to this year by happypill?
You can download the song for free at their myspace.