I still wish he had added dunkelheit type synths in. If there were synths near the end of Glemselens Elv it could possibly be the one of the best Burzum songs.
Vargs vocals are actually quite good. Less unique and more classic BM though.
Glemselens Elv is amazing
On My Profile, Thanks.

Drums- FL Studio
Bass - Amplitube 2
Guitar - Guitar Rig
Try FL Studio...its not free though.
8 Bit song. On my profile. Made in FL Studio.
That was great. I don't even know how it could be improved. Then again I don't really listen to this type of music. You should definatley add this to your playing skills as well.
Reminds me alot of the band "Sleep" and ofcourse black sabbath abit as well. Both guitar tones are really good. Pretty Psychedelic. c4c?
Awesome, The drums sound really good with the reverb. Also the way the guitar sort of builds up and down is good. It improves alot around the 50 second mark. I would say make it longer and more spaced out for a hypnotic effect.
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pretty good, I could see it being a intro song to a movie as well as an outro

Thanks, need me to crit anything?
Hey, New and Improved version of the previous Dark Ambient song on my profile page. Replaced guitar with some drums and um, generally better. I can do C4C, but I wont be able to Crit til tomorrow. On my Page.
Thanks! Yeah i didn't add bass. And, yeah the part after the beat sucks abit...
Thats pretty good. I love minimal BTW. Can you send me the songs? Especially Ketamusik 2. I have some Dark Ambient up btw. Thanks.
This is like Dark Ambient only using Guitars, Instead of Synths. I also used some Hip Hop Beats. You may need to turn up your volume, its alot quieter on UG for some reason. In my Profile BTW. C4C
This looks awesome...Apparently the "Lords of Chaos" movie is going to be a "Psychological Thriller". RIP Black Metal. That's all I have to say...
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Can't Stand making tabs in that thing. Hey, BTW, Someone did a Burzum cover of "The Crying Orc", and their YouTube name was "ChristGrind" or something similiar. Is it you?
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the come pre-programed but depending on the software your running it through you can edit it. I know cubase has this option but i have yet to figure out how to do it through acidpro

Ah Thanks. I have Cubase anyway so I might get. Probably end up Warezing it.
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Hmmm...I think I might have tried it. Can you make you own beats using a midi editor?...Or are they all pre programmed?
Anyone know what I should use for programming black metal drums? I have Fl Studio...but, quite frankly I want something else.
Anyone else think that "Strange Old Brew"by Carpathian Forest sucks? I just sounds like thrash or something with black metal vocals...
Lawl! Look at that Crazy Fenriz go...
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You might like Drudkh, they have a very Slavic feeling to them. Blood In Our Wells is my personal favorite album from them.

Thanks, I'm Listening to Microcosmos on at the minute, cos it's the only one on spotify...
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Hvis Lyset Tar Oss is just an amazing album full stop.

Burzum are insane. HVIS is probably the best. Can't Wait for the new album.

What would be a similiar band? Drudkh?
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Sounds good, funny you covered this just when he got released from prison :p. The new album sounds promising.
Riff tone sounds really heavy and fits the song well. I'm not crazy about the drumming, do you use Drum kit from hell? You could get a much better sound using that.


Na, I'm using FL Studio, I had EZDrummer but I didn't like it much. I crited yours BTW.
I haven't listened to this song before, so i can't really compare it. Sounds alright. You should get some recording equipment.
Awesome, what are you using for the intro, the organ or whatever it is? Maybe the guitars could be panned more.
Nice, Haha I like the Scream at the start. The Rhythm guitar could be abit more bassier though.
Sweet. I love this song, and you made a good job of it! I actually don't have any idea's on how you could improve. Can you link me the tab your using? <-- that's mine. Please Crit. Thanks
SICK!!! that's all I can honestly say! Very good. Especially the recording quality and Intro Solo. What are you using for recording? An amp or one of the Virtual ones. <-- Mine. Please Crit.
mmmkay...thanks anyway. I'll probably learn it in standard even if its in a different tuning. Just wondering for recording purposes.
Anyone like Black Metal? I've got a Burzum recorded with everything thing but the vocals (It's in the this part of the Forum). Or I could record guitar for another song (Mayhem maybe) and let someone do bass, drums, or vocals.
Awesome cover! Going from the clean to distortion was pretty good, some of the pinch harmonics were a bit dodgy but other than that great. Here's Mine:
Thats pretty good man, erm maybe less reverb? If its just your mic then thats not your fault.
Thanks! I'll Crit yours now..
Hey, Does anyone know the tuning for the song "Opening of the Gate" by Morbid Angel. It's on the Gateways to Annihilation Album. There's a Power Tab for it and it says its in Standard tuning, but I thought they used 7 strings. Thanks.
Hey Hey! I haven't recorded anything in a while, so I decided to do a cover to get used to it again.

Fl Studio's for Drums
Guitar Rig and Cubase to record guitars.

Oh and I'll do C4C
Dude that's pretty insane in the membrane...Would it be ok if i recorded a cover of it?
yeah i listen to some trance...
Any chance i could help Judge?