I have this algebra question that I can't seem to answer.
On a football field, (0,00 is the goal line and (50,0) is the 50 yard line. A ball was kicked off the ground at the 5 yard line and it traveled 40 yards. The max height was 200 feet. What is the quadratic equation for this situation?
Chris Stein, American guitarist (Blondie)
Phil Thornalley, bass guitarist (The Cure)
Phil Joel, bass guitar (Newsboys)
Matt Wachter, bass guitar (30 Seconds to Mars)
Marilyn Manson (he can play guitar)
1. Age? 15
2. In school - what grade? 9th
3. What instruments do you play? guitar viola learning bass
4. If any, how long? guitar almost 3 years, viola almost 2 years
5. Are you male or female? female
6. Virgin? yes
7. How often do you masturbate a week? 0 times
8. Do you drive?no
9. Have both parents? yes
10. Do any drugs? not the illegal kinds
11. How often do you do them? when im sick
12. How long have you been doing them? idk since the fist time i got sick
13. Ever been in trouble with the law? no
14. If so, what for?no
15. Single or taken? single
16. Pregnant, or have any kids? no
17. What would you do if you were super admin for a day? idk
18. Do you ride dirt-bikes or motorcycles? no
19. Ride minibikes? no
20. Skateboard? no
21. When's your birthday? january
22. Where were you born? california
23. Favorite game system? ds
24. Favorite genre's of music? not sure
25. Least favorite UG'er? everyone
26. Ugliest UG'er?everyone
27. Favorite UG'er?no one
28. Hottest UG'er? no one
29. Any siblings? yes
30. How many, if any?2
31. Do you wipe your butt standing up, or sitting? sitting
32. Do you use a washcloth, or just soap while showering? wash cloth
33. What's your hairstyle? curly or straight hair
34. Have a myspace, what is it? have one, don't use it
35. Are you in a band?no
37. Buttsecks? thats gay
38. What's your favorite holiday? christmas
39. Favorite time of year? never
40. Favorite food? food makes me sad
41. Do you have a job? i wish
42. Do you want a job? see last question
43. If you have a job, do you like it? no
44. Ever been fired? no
45. If so, what for? i said no
46. Did you noticed that I missed #36? yes
47. Did you check to see if I actually did? no
48. Did you noticed I missed #16? no you didn't u liar
49. If you could go ANYWHERE in the universe, where would you go? my house
50. If I paid you $450.00, would you suck on my biggest toe? depends on how clean it is
band name: Foster Memorial AME Zion Church
album: drink the wild air
single: the government
Gay people suck lol
larry the cable guy
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His name is kisses


and your point is?
Quote by Masamune

kisses told me that he finds that comment rude to his manhood
kisses is a tough man and he is going to start getting ready for his debut

its not his fault thats his name
hes getting ready for his close up
would anybody take a tv show seriosly about a male dog named kisses who played guitar and was a superhero? me and a friends are thinking of doing this and putting it on youtube

he's hardcore, isnt he?
im half mexican and then like half some white race thing... its no big deal
I hate les pauls since they are heavy and the neck is too thick
you don't need a musical degree to make it in the business, so stick with what you are doing just in case a career in music does'nt work out
i had a dream that i was a guitarist for marilyn manson, and whenever i wasnt around he was stalking me. it was creepy
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This. Kramer, EBMM, Peavey, and now Fender??

i see so many kids waering fender shirts now, and most of them cant even play the guitar or bass
most of the bands coming out lately arent that great. most bands dont seem too talented, and their music talks about the same things.
says i look like britanny snow and gisele bundchen.
well that song "stay" and "the world is ugly" are supposed to be on it, and they sound more my chemical romanceish. i think their new stuff is cool. better then black parade.
i have been practising with the metronome for a while now, but i cant get past 90bpm doing a notes per beat. i alternate pick, and have read the lessons on the site, but dont know how to increase my goal is to eventually get to at leat 150 bpm doing 4 per beat, but am not sure what to do because i havent had any progress. what else can i do to increase my speed, since i have been at around 90bpm for about 2 monthes now
i used to like panic at the disco
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To be honest, I really think that is a stupid reason for him to be so famous

If you want people to stop thinking your race is different, stop pointing out the damn fact that you're black, and people won't notice it.


he keeps saying it's not about race and all that, but he keeps bringing up the fact thats he's black and about his black family. When does he talk about his white mom? He grew up with his white family, but he doesnt seem to acknowlegde that. H
gerard way
jimmy urine: god his voice gets high for a dude
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The part scholarship is probably worth as much as a Jonas Brothers CD.

i hate the jonas brothers with intensity
hey, before ug was having this contest for free pca thing right? well, i got this email saying that i was eligible for like a part scholarship because of being a runner up. did they just send that to everyone who didnt win to get $$
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im not gonna spare you just because your a girl. you have just posted up a video that has wrong written all over it inside the pit. have fun

o and btw just put down the guitar

thanks for the advice... tried to suck on purpose
hey a couple days ago a saw afi was doing this video contest, so i watched some of them. the ones i saw kind of made me fall asleep. so, i tried to make my own. what do you think? its k=not amazing, but can i get an opinion
i have a pc, but i used to use mac at school for photoshop classes and such...
i think macs are cooler
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I think it has a lot to do with mitosis.

sounds like someones taking biology
i cant ever figure out try the garage
hey right now i have an amp from a squir strat pack, so i want something new. i asked for a 15 watt vox valvetronics amp for christmas, but my dad says it is too expensive. i want to be able to play punk/metal/blues/other rock music, but it has got to be like uder 200 so im not sure
im looking for blood, are there any other vampires?