Just started getting really into my playing again after a years without running my hands over any frets and just trying to freshen up with new equipment, anything from capos to paint/varnish and cleaner to the silly gear we all love?

Any and all suggestions appreciated!
I always love to find new relatively unknown bands before everyone else does and sure others do too.

Post opinions suggestions and feedback!

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"You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up"
Just a wee note first that i've had a fairly dark 6 months so none of my recent stuff is exactly positive and cheery and may be more of a rant but please give your honest opinions anyway.

The Blessed

A world decreasing in purity,
No longer joining hands in unity,
Hope escapes. As does fate.
We live in a world that everyone hates.

Never has corruption been so easy,
We're all going to die yes,
There's just no pleasing in reality.

Living at the top, we're outpaced,
They have came, we forever replaced.

They are not who you think they are,
the Humble, the Blessed, the Divine ones.

Actions scourge out world deep within,
they are not righteous like they seem.
Cursed blood flows through their veins,
Invading one peaceful, no longer sane.

They or not who or what they may seem.

Infiltrated from all sides,
Nobody lives, Humanity hides.
The Blessed fall, the Sacred rise,
No smiles at all, God even sighs.
Sinners forever in control,
Wanting our world, they got it all.

Incurable from this disease.
Humanity beckons on its knees,
Damnation of all will soon begin,
Nobody loses, nobody wins.

Nobody wins,

Nobody wins,

Nobody ever wins,

And Nobody ever wins again.
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The meaning of life is to give your life meaning.

Meaning(ception) then?
Quote by blake1221
Well it is, obviously. It's merely existence. Chemistry and physics.

Science, possibly the only thing more pointless than life itself. Haters' gonna hate on me for saying that
Quote by blake1221
The meaning of life is whatever you want it to be. Pretty bitchin.

To me that just makes it pointless haha, thanks for the pretty bitchin' help
Salamanders are vulnerable themselves to their own poison, how sensible.
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Well...think about it this way, why not work to make the world better?

Work to decrease war, poverty, relieve suffering, etc.

To be as blunt and honest as i can be, i think our world is past saving (how positive i know). Our race has dug holes too deep and we are past the point of completely climbing out of it.
Quote by Wolfinator-x
- Nihilism
- Existentialism
- Religion
- Solipsism
- The Matrix
- We don't actually exist
- It doesn't matter

Choose at least one.

I've actually been existentially challenged these past few months too, to be honest.

Think i'll go for The Matrix then.
The thing is though im genuinely at the point where a lot of the time im thinking i'd choose not to be here at all rather than find a purpose. WHY CANT THE WORLD BE PERFECT AHH?
So i've been in a bit of a puzzled and fairly crappy state over one fairly simple question. What is this meaning to life, if anything? I am slowly moving towards the conclusion that life is pointless and hoping someone can change my mind about this. All help is appreciated
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I like maths!

I'm doing a physics degree

Honestly though, I'd say it's worth taking the time to try and understand maths whilst you're in high school, if you struggle with it - it's useful in and of itself, and the skills you learn from it will help you in other areas, too. No need to enjoy it (although it is very neat if you do), just appreciate its usefulness in other areas, and get the basics down. (Same could be said for any subject, to be fair, but maths is used so often in so many ways...)

is there something wrong with you....

liking math :O!!!
hello all, just a quick introduction to say that i will be available to give you advice and help you through rough times if you need it. just got to my group and i will be at your assistance in no time
simply nothing other than the fact i have always been very good at this with my friends and they suggested i start doing it on UG
hello all, just an introduction to say that i will be available to give you advice and help you through tough times if you need it. just got to and i will be at your assistance
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Strong and black. I also like it with Tia Maria or Whiskey.

yass!! mon the whiskey!
u need to check this band out:
death metal
from scotland
they rule!!!!
about to start death metal band need help finding covers to play

bet you nobody else has heard of them
"what subject are we in"

and school hadnt even started yet

yeah, but they wont

should i go to school today (i should already be there)
its boring

will i straighten my hair 2morrow?
Quote by zchavez09
in a sense

doesnt everyone hat haircuts?

by saying hat i think you mean hate and i dont really remember its been like 2 years since it was last cut

should i straighten my hair 2morrow
ok so far

should i try and put on weight this year(im very slim)?
not looked at it yet

should i get drunk 2night?
Pergamum - Classical Metal X

probably wont have heard of them - theyre unsigned. Type (Pergamum - Classical Metal X) in on Youtube if u want to watch it promise you will enjoy it

why am i so sad that im off school?
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"I gotta feeling" is a good song.

i gotta feeling - u r crazy
so what is ur question - i'll make one up them

Between 1 and 10 how big a douche is this guy?
earlier 2day when i logged on to my profile to find it said i had 0 friends this doesnt make any sense as when i click on it it links me to a page where it saya i have 190 friends and 9 close friends

how can this b fixed as now i apparently have no friends on ug when i do
i made a mistake with other site only had 190(exactly)

but can this problem b solved

any explanation for my 240+friends dissapearing overnight?????
im not trying to get friends here but i logged on to my profile and my friends had went from 240 roughly to zero

i dont know what has happened here but can someone explain this
has this happened to anyone b4