I've never played it but I heard it isn't very good
although its not a hollowbody you might want to look into jazzmasters nad jaguars for that alternative sound
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2 post, like a tune-o-matic?

For a 25.5 scale length (most strats):

25.562" (±0.030") from nut to center of treble-side post. Mount bass-side post 1/16"-1/8" further from the nut.

Stewmac fret calc.

I'm pretty sure he means a 2 point trem, like on an american strat
on the description it says that there is a crack in the headstock...
the bd-2 is ok but I don't really like the other dis/od pedals
hahaha I think I saw your ad on you live in Sacramento?
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this. What do you think?

that might not work very well for the higher gain genres...
depending on what you play you might want to look at vader cabs too
I liked the 60s alot better than I liked the 50s but thats just my own opinion.
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I'm siding with that 1963 ES-125TDC that EpiHummingbird linked above.

I did something useful
for the eq you might want to look at a MXR 10-band eq and for the delay maybe a MXR carbon copy
soviet muff is more like a distortion while the us muff is more like a fuzz
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I never said that but Fenders ARE better than Squiers.

not the me it sucks
I think that most people use either slinkys or d'addarios
I like slinkys
how does it play?
you might as well wait for the combo
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Are the cubes modeling amps?

I think so
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SO i should get the Roland Cube 20x, but then what kinda of effects should i get?

In my opinion I think that most modling amps with effect pedals sound lame...
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Get a Vypyr with the switching pedal.

I agree
I was wondering how a 70s classic series strat plays...
anyone have any experience with one?
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Are we mining?

yes we are mining
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work on fluidity and timing

yeah try practicing with a metronome
I heard that the OCD sounds good only with certain amps...
any idea what kinds of effects you want?
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Edit: have you checked Craigs List for deals in your area?

yeah I checked around on craigslist but I'm not quite sure what is and isn't a good deal...
So I have been saving up money for a while and I now want to buy a new guitar.
After going to guitar center to try out some guitars I found out that I prefer the looks and overall playability of a strat

I was wondering in your guy's opinion which is the best stratocaster for the following
I have $1000 USD to spend
I play blues/rock like Cream, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, SRV, etc...
My amp is a fender hot rod deluxe
ummm I'm willing to buy used and I live near Sacramento, CA
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